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Highlights of the news today Friday 25th January Serial Criminals Who Avoid Jail Outnumber
the Prison Population Uncovered, the ëToxicí Gene Hiding in GM
Crops German Economy, Europeís Last Hope, Begins
to Slump Austria Bucks Trend With Conscription Vote
Numbers rack up on attacks on Police in Italy Nick Griffin MEP ñOn Cameron and the EU Referendum
Brain scans could find out who is ëracistí! Hanged for 'waging war against God'
Thought for the Day ñ A short thought on Education!
And finally ñ It is all T & A down in the Valleys!
UK NEWS Serial Criminals Who Avoid Jail Outnumber
the Prison Population More than 90,000 burglars, muggers and other
serious criminals with ten or more convictions escaped with a slap on the wrist when they
committed another offence last year. Incredibly, the number of serial law-breakers who avoided
a jail sentence in this way is greater than the 83,000 inmates currently behind bars.
The hardened criminals instead received fines, community service or a fully suspended sentence
for crimes such as violence against the person, theft and sexual offences.
The analysis was produced by the newly-established Centre for Crime Prevention.
Peter Cuthbertson, the think-tankís chief executive, said: ëThese figures show the
appalling failure of soft sentencing.
Uncovered, The ëToxicí Gene Hiding in GM Crops: Revelation Throws New Doubt Over Safety
of Foods. A virus gene that could be poisonous to humans has been missed when GM food crops
have been assessed for safety. GM crops such as corn and soya, which are
being grown around the world for both human and farm animal consumption, include the gene.
A new study by the EUís official food watchdog, the European Food Safety Authority(EFSA),
has revealed that the international approval process for GM crops failed to identify the
gene. As a result, watchdogs have not investigated
its impact on human health and the plants themselves when assessing whether they were
safe. The findings are particularly powerful because
the work was carried out by independent experts, rather than GM critics
EUROPEAN NEWS German Economy, Europeís Last Hope, Begins
to Slump. Despite a drumbeat of optimistic forecasts
from economists and upbeat statements from various European leaders, the actual news
on the economy continues to be grim, with figures released Tuesday showing that Germany,
the continentís flagship economy, contracted by about 0.5% in the final months of last
year. Combined with a flurry of disappointing results
in other major economies, the stumble raised questions about Europeís ability to escape
recession. Portugalís central bank cut its economic
forecast for the year on Tuesday, saying its economy will contract more steeply than expected.
France said it was likely to miss its target for narrowing the budget deficit, raising
the prospects of deeper spending cuts and additional taxes. Last month, Britain said
its austerity budgets would extend three extra years, to 2018, because of weaker than expected
Austria Bucks Trend With Conscription Vote In a national referendum, Austrians have voted
to keep military conscription, bucking the trend towards professional armies in the rest
of Western Europe. In a referendum on Sunday, nearly 60 percent of Austrians voted to maintain
the status quo, where men have to serve in the army for six months or in the civilian
service for nine months when they reach the age of 18.
Some 22,000 young men are currently drafted into the military in this way every year.
This result makes Austria one of only a handful of European countries to maintain conscription.
Most Western European nations scrapped compulsory military service in the last two decades,
including France in 1996, Spain in 2001 and Germany in 2011. The United Kingdom abolished
military service back in 1960. Military service is still compulsory in five other European
Union countries: Denmark, Finland, Greece, Cyprus and Estonia.
Italian Police Attacked 2,290 Times in 2012. Police officers in Italy experienced 2,290
attacks in 2012, the Traffic Police Association said on Friday.
The figure was 2.7% more than in 2011 and refers to attacks perpetrated against street
police and other law officers. In 22.6% of cases the attack involved the use of a weapon
and in 35% of cases perpetrators were under the influence of alcohol or drugs, according
to the association that has monitored the phenomenon of violence directed at the police
for the last decade. In 43.9% of cases the attack was perpetrated by a non-Italian Aggressors
drunk or high 35% of the time
A gang of immigrants, who appeared to be Arabs, were roaming the streets of Eindhoven in the
Netherlands looking for people to beat up. They came upon a Dutch man and proceed to
beat him viciously. A video of the incident was leaked and uploaded to the internet, and
a massive backlash ensued on the social media. Now the police have ordered the video removed
from all news sites, and all required that all the faces of the perpetrators be blurred.
Two of the youths (who are from Belgium) are said to have given themselves up to the police.
I now hand you over to Nick Griffin MEP who talks about the EU Referendum
A combination of preparations for this weekendís BNP Organisersí conference, bad weather and
definitely having contracted the plague, kept me away from Brussels this week. But even
without having been there I can tell you exactly how much interest there was in Brussels over
David Cameronís referendum pledge: None. Zilch, nowt, nix, nothing. Itís business
as usual in the Belly of the Beast, grabbing and gulping fresh powers and more taxes.
Why? Donít the Eurocrats care that Britain may now be slipping down a greasy rubbish
chute out of their rose-tinted world? No, itís just that they donít believe a
word of it. With good reason, as it happens. First, whatever else these people are and
are not, they do have long experience of assessing the character of politicians. So they already
know what you and I already know: that David Cameron is a snake oil salesman. They will
remember that this is the very same man who ñ before the last election ñ gave us all
a ìcast iron guaranteeî of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, and then broke that
pledge. They know that Cameronís need and political
peril now is even graver than before he failed to win his first general election, so they
know that he can be relied upon to say whatever is necessary to placate his own back-benchers
and avoid him staggering out of a meeting with his loyal cabinet with his back full
of knives. They also know that Mr Cameron can promise
the moon to anyone daft enough to believe he can deliver it after the next general elections,
because he is not going to win the next general election. This pledge could well prevent the
Toriesí 2015 defeat from becoming a massacre, but even if it caused Ukip to implode and
vanish (which it will not), Cameronís pledge would not alter the basic pattern of the next
general election: The Tories will lose scores of seats; their LibDem coalition partners
face obliteration outside of a handful of seats in the south west. And Labour ñ despite
the Milliband impediment ñ will be the victors. Even if he meant it, therefore, Cameronís
referendum pledge is worthless, because he will be ex-Prime Minister, and ex leader of
the Conservative party, long before the 2017 deadline that he pulled out of his hat just
after that very porky referendum pig flew out.
If Cameron really meant what he said about renegotiating our membership, he would have
proved it by invoking The Article 50 on the Functioning of the Treaty of European Union.
This is the procedure by which a nation gives notice of its intention to leave and kick
starts the necessary negotiations. Under Article 50, such haggling would have to go on until
2016 in any case, so if we really are going to get the choice to leave in 2017, thereís
no time to lose. And if he really intended to renegotiate wonderful
new cherry-picked terms for Britain, heíd have gone about it that way ñ playing tough,
threatening a Samson in the temple riot of destruction and using such recklessness as
a bargaining tool. Instead, he asks us to believe that he intends to go to the negotiating
table having already told the other side that heís determined to stay in. Well, perhaps
he does, in which case the only question is who is the bigger fool ñ David Cameron, or
anyone who actually believes that his negotiations would produce anything of any value to Britain.
There is an even more important factor weighing on any informed judgement on Cameronís latest
bit of snake oil salesmanship: A little matter of temporal reality ñ to whit, four more
years of events. For, despite President Barossoís recent claim
that the Euro crisis is effectively over, the reality is that the economic and political
stormclouds still bearing down on the Bad Ship Europe are such that it is distinctly
questionable whether the Euro project will still even be there in 2017.
Spain and Italy may not be about to collapse into sovereign default, but the gap between
northern and southern Europe continues to grow. A fascinating study by Professor Paulo
Manasse of Bologna University, entitled ìEurozone crisis: it ainít over yetî, has just highlighted
some of the key problems. The divergence of GDP between Germany and
Italy since 2006 is now a whopping 14 per cent, and growing faster than ever. Spain
has just recorded another quarter of accelerating contraction and another year of declining
foreign investment. So many people have now been out of work for so long in Spain, Italy
and Greece that the damage to their skills base and human capital is now permanent.
Perhaps most telling of all are the shocking jumps of debt to GDP ratios of the last year,
as misguided austerity measures have starved the basket case countries of money. Irelandís
debt ratio mountain grew 13%, Spainís 10.7%, Portugalís 9.9% and Italyís 7.4%.
So, despite ñ or rather, because of ñ all the cuts and all the pain, those countries
are now even more in debt than they were before they started to take their austerity medicine.
All of which would be bad enough in a dictatorship but, fortunately, those countries are not
dictatorships, theyíre democracies. Flawed democracies, of course, but still places where
individual politicians and parties have an unavoidable rendezvous with the voters.
Most of them, it must be noted, well before 2017. So how many of todayís ruling politicians
and parties will still be there by then? And, if they are not, if they have been replaced
by anti-austerity parties who refuse to make their electors pay the price for the crisis
of the banksters and the single currency Utopians ñ what then?
The Spanish premier, for example, won a landslide just a year ago, yet his approval rate has
slumped to just 15%. Meanwhile, in Germany, the figure for those opposing the transfer
of further powers to Brussels will soon reach two thirds.
"No illusions that the storm is ending soon should be entertained,î warns Prof Manasse.
ìIndeed, we may well be in the eye of the hurricane. The longer-term prospects for the
survival of the euro not only are not improving, they are actually getting worse," he concludes.
So donít lose any sleep over the question of whether David Cameron can be trusted, of
course he canít. But whether or not we ever get that referendum, the present European
status quo cannot survive. The whole lot could collapse, rather as the Soviet Union did in
Or its bosses could try to avoid that fate by proposing a radical jump to immediate and
total economic and political union (that was, after all, their goal from the very start)
ñ only to find that no one is willing to jump just because they say jump.
The resulting crisis of legitimacy would almost immediately become a currency and banking
system crisis of shattering proportions, with national governments forced to run for the
exits or go down the same plughole.
All in all, then, David Cameronís pledge this week should enable him to hang on to
the loyalty of his own MPs. It might even help him to push the Ukip genie back in the
bottle, although with the BBC rubbing it ceaselessly even that isnít a foregone conclusion.
But not much else will change. In the end, if the pressure of public sentiment did indeed
force the entire political establishment to follow Cameronís reluctant lead and to give
us a referendum, you can absolutely guarantee that it wouldnít be a fair referendum.
Because weíve been here before. I was a young nationalist activist in 1975, when Harold
Wilson gave us the Common Market referendum that he (like Cameron, an ardent pro-Euro
traitor) had been forced to offer in order to preserve his party unity and cadge enough
votes to win the general election of the previous October.
And yes, we got our referendum, and we fought very hard to win it for British freedom and
a ëNoí vote. But the whole thing was rigged from the start. Every household got three
booklets; One giving the Yes case, one giving the No case, and one giving the governmentís
view ñ which was, of course, Yes.
Then, on top of that two to one bias in the official literature, for every pound that
the antiís had to spend, the big business backed Yes campaign had 11 pounds.
It wasnít a fair referendum, the Europhiles simply bought a Yes majority.
Thatís why, while the BNP supports the use of binding citizens initiative referenda,
we recognise also that such a reform, by itself, would not make Britain any more democratic
or better run. The questions of media control and the buying of influence through big money
also have to be addressed before any referendum even stands a chance of producing a genuine
In the meantime, we in the British National Party do not need any referendum result to
tell us what should be done with the EU and the question of British membership. A thousand
years of independence and hundreds of thousands of deaths in the cause of our national freedom
cannot in any case be undone by a plebiscite in which the short-term perceived interests
of the present generation are the deciding factor.
The nationalist principle doesnít need a vote of approval to make it right and true.
Britain should regain her freedom, and the political pygmies who sold it should face
trial for treason.
We donít need a referendum on Europe, we just need to take the treaties of Rome and
of Lisbon and tear them up. We donít need negotiations; we need a Unilateral Declaration
of Independence. We donít need anyoneís permission, we just need to keep our own money
and return to our own rules. We donít need a debate, we need a good old fashioned bonfire.
Thank you Nick, as ever extremely interesting.
WORLD NEWS How Scientists Could Use Brain Scans to Detect
Whether You Are a Racist Brain scans show differences in the way people
with negative racial attitudes perceive black and white faces. Brain scans could soon be
used to detect whether or not people are racist, scientists say. Researchers found that brain
scans were able to pick up on differences in the way that people with implicit negative
racial attitudes viewed black and white faces. Racial stereotypes have previously been shown
to have subtle and unintended consequences on how we treat members of different race
groups. But the new research published in Psychological
Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, shows race biases also
increase differences in the brainís representations of faces. Psychologists Tobias Brosch of the
University of Geneva in Switzerland and Eyal Bar-David and Elizabeth Phelps of New York
University examined activity in the brain while participants looked at pictures of White
and Black faces
Hanged for 'waging war against God': Iran publicly executes two men after they posted
a YouTube clip of themselves committing an armed robbery which ended up on Iranian state
television. It showed four masked men on motorbikes approaching their victim before assaulting
him with a machete and taking his bag and jacket.† Alireza Mafiha 23 and Mohammad
Ali Sarvari 20 , were executed in Tehran and though the deaths of Mafiha and Sarvari had
all the accoutrements of the 21st century, the essence of their executions was medieval.
The pair, executed for robbery, were paraded before a baying crowd of 300 in a public park
at the centre of the Iranian capital, Tehran then the pair were raised up by two extending
cranes to a height of around 15 feet. They were dead within seconds. They were tried
through YouTube and hanged by remote control as hundreds captured their agonising last
moments on mobile phones. The 2 accomplices were sentenced to 10 years in prison and 74
lashes. A W@8 reporter comments ëThe mind boggles, why did they take pictures of themselves
doing the crime? They live in a society that kills at a whim, they must have been slightly
ëchallengedí one has to think.í
Thought for the Day- the Negative reality of British education today.
Now I am not a qualified teacher but I did teach for 6 months at a time in 2 schools,
one at a private school and the other a very good village comp. Both classes were 12-13
years and I taught Art and free drawing which I was trained at Art school to do. So I would
never underestimate the power that teachers used to have in the futures of many of our
young in the 60ís thru to the 80ís. The picture nowadays is not so good or so simple.
Gone are the fairly straightforward rules of education in this country. In the good
bad old days, as I have said before on W@8, parents had more choices and unfortunately
most of those choices were down to finances. But that hasnít changed really, just the
question of how much If you are going to rely on state education,
then it would behove you to get into as good a cachement area as you can get, but with
house prices around London still rising and most of our large cities bulging with ethnic
communities, you have a very slim chance of getting a good cachement area and a school
that is not of the spot the white face variety. It depends on your cultural outlook and liberality.
In the past, many parents went without flash cars and homes and holidays to pay for their
children to attend either a Convent, Private School or if lucky and your offspring passed
the 11 plus a Grammar School. I am discarding the very lucky ones whose parents qualified
automatically for schools like the Haberdashers Askes and others founded by what was considered
in those days as ëTradeí. Public Schools have always had and always will have pride
of place and a waiting list of pupils, even though they might be mainly from abroad or
footballers brats, notwithstanding the odd Labour Prime Ministers offspring of course!
No village school for them and then down the pit!. Of course nowadays we also have the
Tiger Mothers who spend a fortune on their children with Mandarin lessons and £75 an
hour extra tuition. In my day we had extra tuition but in schools.
Now we have Michael Gove changing the exams and everyone up in arms about it. Well from
what I see we indigenous Brits have very little to worry about, because in the news and not
to be avoided, was the fact that of all the so called pupils pictured taking their final
exams judging by their ages, not one was white!
So why should teachers be upset by the changes? Well of course OFSTED judge a school and their
financial input into it by the pass rate of the students and if most if not all the students
are ethnically challenged ñ you have to make the exams as easy to pass as possible ñ it
ainít rocket science!
Personally I think the reverse thinking of bringing back the A levels is a good thing.
In my day we didnít have ëcourse workí all through the terms, we just had swotting
time before the end of term exams and of course the lead up to the last two exams before leaving
school and entering college if wanted, culminating in the old A levels. They got an opinion from
an African girl,mainly because there was no one else to ask, and she could barely speak
English and her patios was encapsulated, ëto ave to remember 2 years of study is too hard
innit?í and I had the most uncharitable thought of ëgo home mateyí or thoughts to that effect!
So once again, the establishement is re-structuring our childrenís education systems and it will
not suit the ethnically challenged or the non English speaking pupils and that is why
it will not go ahead. The reason they killed off Grammar schools was that they could choose
who they took in and some might not have welcomed the influx of a virtual tribe of Asians or
Muslims who do not want anything more than the basic English education or Africans who
in some cases do not want to be educated at all! In my last small private school after
my Convent which was lovely, we didnít get past the industrial revolution because every
time a new pupil came in we had to go back to sodding 1066 ñ I was so sick of Harold
and William the Conqueror by the time I left that I went onto further education and got
taught the rest! God only knows what happens in state funded schools where they have to
accept hundred of non English speaking children to whom teaching English must be a priority
let alone actually teaching subjects in that language.
This is where the teachers and the state are at odds although united in their mantra of
all inclusivity and the School of Common Purpose, which consists of putting all their efforts
into educating the ethnics, white girls to some extent and ignoring the young white youths.
The England they foresee for tomorrow doesnít need white men, it just needs white girls
for some jobs and the ethnics for the professional jobs and the unskilled immigrant workers to
keep the house prices up and the basic rate of pay down and going down further.
So you can say that the State education system is again trying to accommodate our ever growing
immigrant population at the expense of our own youth. They have made entry exams into
so called ëuniversitiesí made over from Polytechnics and Art Colleges - so easy that
you have to be pretty thick not to pass. In fact it has been reported that 95% of parents
were stumped by sums set for 8 year old pupils ñ not that is indicative of the third generation
of ëprobably state educated adults today, who for the most part have been the recipients
of the ëoverhauled state system of comprehensive schooling ñ says a lot doesnít it?
In the good old days Oxbridge was just that, Oxford and Cambridge with a very few other
proper Universities spread around the UK . Nowadays practically every town has a ëuniversityí
full of progressives of all ethnicities and shades of pink ñ most of which would have
been better of taking an apprentiship or going to a good old fashioned Polytechnic or College
of Further Education ñ but that of course, was when we only had to consider our childrenís
future not the entire third world and their generations to come!
So you know where I stand, make the exams in the future less in number and raise the
standard on them ñ so if youngsters do not pass into a well funded and totally unnecessary
ëunií tough! Like shopping I prefer to get an item from a shop that stocks that item
and not all items ñ take away ëunií status from frankly undeserving colleges who only
exist because of the foreign students anyway, turn them back into technical colleges for
a new manufacturing base in this country and re-start Medical facilities just for medical
students, Farming colleges for farmers and start looking after our own childrenís futures.
Build up a knowledge base for our youngsters and sod the rest, if they do not have all
the advantages they have now it might discourage a good few from coming over here in the first
place and being a drain on our society, country and culture.
We are the only country in the world that lies on its back with its paws in the air
whilst facing huge changes and challenges which will affect all of us and our children
in the future and which need not be changed for Johnny foreigner! Most of our immigrants
come from countries that take our foreign aid, let them build their schools over there
not re-draw ours to accommodate them. Surely we cannot go on being so stupid for so long
And finally. A councillor for Caerwys in North Wales woke
up to find someone had spray painted an 8 foot drawing of a penis on the side of his
house. The Flintshire police have been called in to investigate the obscenity on Cllr. Jim
Falshaw's house. He commented that he is disgusted and said it has never happened before! The
image was painted at night time right underneath his bedroom window and his neighbours car
had a large set of breasts spray painted on the windscreen in orange paint. Apparently
it is said that his neighbours in the village saw nothing but the local police are looking
closely into these drawings. This presenter says I wonder what the underlying message
is to this man?
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I and the team at W@8 and Radio
Britain wish you all a very happy and safe weekend.