Inquisition en entrevista por Canal Capital, Rock Al Parque 2012

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>> INTERVIEWER: We are in the Bio stage, in Simon Bolivar Plaza. And I'm with one of our
international guests of this year It's the group "Kirium", and they are a Brazilian
>> INTERVIEWER: An'd I'm here with the band members...
First of all, I want to congratulate you for umm.. the great show you guys had
umm.. is this the first time you come to Colombia?
>> Dagon: No, no... To correct you, I found the group in Cali in 1989
and in '96 I went to the US and kept up the group with the new drummer
which has been with me since '96 And we've been here couple of times
but what makes this night interesting is that we showed it on a much bigger level...
>> INTERVIEWER: Well, I want you to... umm.. for all the viewers, present us the band...
>> Dagon:My name is Jason, known as Dagon founder of the band, and here next to me is
Thomas Stevens drummer for Inquisition since 1996, he's American
and I'm Colombo-American, Colombian mother and well
this is it this is the chemistry since '96
>> FEMALE INTERVIEWER: Ok, we have a curious question
are you two brothers? Are you two siblings?
>> Dagon: No
>> FEMALE INTERVIEWER: oK, they aren't siblings, "ALL" the TV viewers were asking us this via
Twitter. Ok, Inquisition, tell us a little bit about
the process in Poland regarding the DVD recording
[Vader was in Rock al parque too, so they confused them with Vader as well]
What is Inquisition's "bet" on this part of South America?
What is Inquisition's "bet" on this part of South America?
>> INTERVIEWER: What is the scene that KRISIUN has in here in this side of South America?
>> Dagon: ...Inquisition...
>> Dagon: ...Inquisition...
>> INTERVIWER: What is the scene that you guys have in here...?
>> Dagon: Make that clear for me, "scene" as in what?
>> INTERVIWER: What are you guys contributing to humanity with your lyrics?
>>Dagon: Lot's of exiantencialist spirituality... Lot's of cosmic and anti-cosmic phylosophies.
I'm very inspider by Mr. Crowley... Pretty much that, cosmic magic and anti-cosmic,
it's a very deep topic It is linked a lot with existencialism, and
we denominate is Satanism, Luciferianism Something very ineresting, also very different
to what most of the people usually think
>> INTERVIWER: Ok, let's greet the people who are watching us at the moment
>> FEMALE INTERVIWER: Say hi, say hi to the people watching us
[to incubus]
>> Dagon: I also would like to thank everyone who came here
for supporting this genre, Black Metal, THE CULT
And thanks to Bogotá for inviting us it was excelent and a very spiritual journey
Thank you very much! Cut.
>> INTERVIWER: Well yeah, this is it... our... guest band..