MLK Day Legacy of Service PSA - 60 seconds

Uploaded by nationalservice on 15.12.2011


He was so inspiring (Lewis)
He took chances (Lowery)
He was so moving (Lewis)
He lived daringly (Lowery)
He piled into those 39 years...
a long life in terms of service. (Lowery)
Martin Luther King Jr. was a man of service
and his day should be a day of service. (Lewis)
We're asking people to do what
Martin Luther King would do. (Wofford)
...use our own talent and skill to make a difference. (Bridges)
He Inspired Us In Words. (Narrator)
Everybody Can Be Great, (Dr. King)
But He Led Us In Deeds. (Narrator)
Because Everybody Can Serve. (Dr. King)
To Honor Him, Let's Do The Same. (Narrator)
Go to and find out how to
volunteer on Martin Luther King Day and beyond.
This message is brought to you by the Corporation
for National and Community Service.