Health Happens By Habit

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David Favor of Radical Health
Dr. Jasmine of Pure Wellness
Health Happens By Habit
Good morning Dr. Jasmine.
Few people know diabetes can many times reverse in 2-3 days.
Disease or Ease. Pain or Comfort. Illness or Wellness. Health Happens By Habit!
Health & Youthing, Sickness & Aging All happen by habit, rather than time passing.
Important health factors include your food
water, fresh air, exercise, rest
live where it's warm and get plenty of sun.
Myth, "It runs in my family".
Chronic sinus and respiratory congestion is first stage cancer
from eating grains, dairy and cooked, processed and animal foods.
True genetic anomalies, slight genetic mutations may provide huge benefits.
Imagine your body as a race car. Put Diesel your tank and you'll thrash your engine.
What you eat determines your health, longevity and performance.
Story #1 of reversed blindness.
Doctors who say anything is for life, they're stupid. Fire them and get someone competent.
Story #2 of reversed neuopathy.
Story #3 of reversed diabetes.
Health Happens By Habit.
Aging or Youthing happens by choice.
Reversing Diabetes should take 2-3 days for a few dollars.
Eating cardboard recipes fails too. Best learn to eat health, decadent, Raw Food Diet recipes. has articles, audios, recipes to keep your life easy.
Living on Chocolate Bliss is one easy way to get started with Raw Food Diet and Super Foods.
Choclate Bliss with Cacao Butter, Durian, Macadamia Nuts, Hazel Nuts and Bananas...
Given a choice of living on twigs and berries or Chocolate Bliss and Fiesta Mole, which is easier?
Faster and cheaper to have Real Food delivered to your door, than driving to buy fake food.
True cost of Real Food, Super Foods is very low because with real food you'll eat way less.
Cut your grocery bill in half by on decadent Super Foods?
Eat less, your grocery bill's less.
"You know how well your nourished by the number of hours you forget to eat."
If you're always hungry, what you're eating ain't food for you...
Eat foods where you eat a little and you're satisfied fast and for a long time.
Fatigue & Fog become Energy & Clarity eating Super Foods.
Boost your energy by rebooting your adrenals.
Once adrenals reboot weight loss is easy.
Optimal adrenal function produces optimal cash flow and performance.
How well you live at continuous peak energy, mood and attitude determines your income.
If you're awake longer, perform better and live longer than your competitors... You win!
Last one standing wins the cash!
Your food builds your quality of life, cashflow, relationships, service, contribution.
Sickness comes from choices that repel health.
Consciousness and Health attract like in each other.
Cooked, processed, dead, animal foods attract/create downscale health.
Bodies in fight or flight react, rather than respond from choice.
Vita D is stores or depletes based on eating habits.
Vita D deficieny & depression? Move where it's light and warm.
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