167 VL Christian & Oliver - (2012-01-13)

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Spin, globe. Spin. - Be quiet now!
Spin for Christian. And now find... - Stop!
It's so small. I can't read it.
Oh, come on; that's flyspeck. I want to do it again.
Spin. Spin. Spin, globe. - And stop!
Hey! Do you still not know where to go on honeymoon?
No! - No!
And stop!
Windhoek, Namibia. I always wanted to go there!
Endless savanna; the Kalahari Desert! Awesome!
Yeah, I'm sure there's a lot going on there.
The two of you; two camels; the sunrise...Really epic.
Just like our performance tomorrow, Mr. INCEST!
My toe has healed! No more orthotic shoes. - Oooh!
The two of us will rock the Fashion Days!
Yep. Now come on; once again.
What? The globe has made the decision. We'll go to Namibia.
Oh, come on; I want to relax and have fun.
Yeah, you just want to spin it until it points to Ibiza.
What's so bad about Ibiza?
I have an idea! You'll chill by the pool. And you'll ride through the desert.
Yeah, exactly. We'll go on separate honeymoons. That's a great idea.
No. Just let yourselves be surprised.
Come on. - No!
One more time.
From Durban to Walvis Bay in 24 days.
2 pools. Shore excursion with camel safari.
A cruise? - Mhm. - Mhm.
And all day long, stylish, bare-chested waiters will scurry around you and bring you cocktails.
Well, I'd quickly snatch myself a smart officer and then there'd be a heavy swell in the pool.
It's a nice ship.
You guys really deserve it.
There's exactly one ocean view cabin left. I made reservations for you right away.
With an extra sports program for retirees. Exactly the right thing for you.
Curb your enthusiasm. I'm getting all embarrassed.
Thank you, J.
And what's this?
Uh-uh. With a 25% discount because it's last minute.
6800 euros? - Per person.
This is your honeymoon!
Yeah, but we're pretty broke right now. All the money goes into renovation of the house.
Say stop.
Spin, spin, spin. And stop!
Against misery! For more justice! Every contribution will help.
Since when do you care about other people?
This is not about me or you or others.
It's about the people who share their love with the whole world.
Ah, you joined a sex cult.
Andi, I'm raising money for Africa!
You joined an African sex cult?
Just wait. It will be a huge charity thing.
And you can help, too, if only you wanted to.
So, what's it to be, Fritzsche?
What will happen with the money?
Yeah...they'll dig water wells and stuff. And buy new sneakers for the children.
Well, I think it's a great idea.
Yeah, I wouldn't have thought she was capable of it.
Yeah, you know, if you're as famous as I am, you have to set a good example.
From now on, we'll call you Angelina.
That's funny. I've very often heard that I look a lot like her.
Who told you? The association for blind people of Düsseldorf?
Except for the hair color, of course.
Andi, the people over there are starving.
I saw how you threw away half of your sandwich earlier. Shame on you!
Thank you.
Come here; it's for a good cause.
People! Africa needs you!
That woman is totally crazy. She thinks she's a Hollywood star. She really creeps me out.
You can help Africa, too!
We don't always see eye to eye, but I have to say, 'this' here...? Hats off!
I wouldn't have thought you were capable of that much commitment.
I think when it's for a good cause, you can't commit yourself anywhere near enough.
You'll turn into a right philanthropist.
I also think that the idea about the wedding party, later on, is great.
Yeah, that's why I'm doing all of this. Thank you.
Oooh! Thank you. - Say, where's Charlie?
She called and sends her love. Something very urgent came up.
What?! More important than the two of us? - Yeah, apparently.
Dear homos; dear heteros!
Today, we're celebrating the second wedding of Christian and Olli.
So let's all toast to the best and sweetest married couple I know.
To Christian and Olli! - Yay!
And now we have a very special surprise for you.
Africa needs us.
That's why it would be great if you all would give generously.
Yep! Don't be cheap. There's a double good cause. - Exactly.
The organization I'm working for on a voluntary basis
was looking for two ambassadors who would take the money to Africa.
And I suggested...the two of you.
So you'll get a honeymoon after all!
And you could see Lilly. - Yes.
The money is for some villages in Cameroon. And in one of them lives Lilly!
Hey, you're the best!
Thank you.
That's unreal. We'll see Lilly again! - Yeah.
I had no idea you were doing voluntary work.
Well, I don't.
I'm doing this for you two bunnies... because you deserve it.
Now don't be so slow on the uptake.
There's obviously no village in Cameroon.
The luxury cruise!
The reservation is still good. And if we keep on collecting at the Fashion Days tomorrow,
we'll easily have the money in the bag.
Say, have you lost it?! Everybody thinks the money is for the people in Africa!
But it is!
You'll do shore excursions in Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town. So blow the lot!
My boss.
Well, you guys can thank me later.
It's somehow sweet of her.
Man, Olli, this is totally stupid. Do you know what'll happen if it comes out?
Now, wait. Why don't we just do it?
Forget about the cruise.
We'll somehow get the money for the flights, and then we'll take the money to Lilly and her father in Africa.
Come on!
Okay. There's no desert...but they have the Takamanda National Park. And there...they have gorillas!
Yeah, and I'm totally into gorillas.
You can have him.
I tried everything yesterday, but no chance.
Too much passion?
Too much bad timing.
He obviously has someone else on his mind.
Africa, here we come!
Hi. - Well, princess? Are you in a better mood again?
Oh yeah, I heard that you passed the driving test. Congratulations.
Yes, of course.
So our driving lessons helped.
You could say that.
What was going on earlier?
I was just a bit...nervous.
Oh, that's happened to a number of people. No reason to feel embarrassed.
How can a person be so damned conceited?
Thank you.
What's happened?
Yeah, what's going on?
That was the hospital in Meppen.
My mother wanted to hang up curtains and fell off the ladder.
Now don't look like at me that.
She's got a hip fracture. The doctor says it'll be alright.
What about the honeymoon?
Like we planned. We'll fly to Africa; dig a well... Play with cute little gorillas.
And what will your mother say if you won't go to visit her?
You know her. "Don't come. I'll manage on my own. Stay away." I...
It's not a problem. We'll stay, and we'll transfer the money directly to Lilly's father.
I could take care of that.
Yeah, and I'll take care of No Limits.
Yeah, and I can help every now and then.
Yeah, and I'll watch over the renovations.
Have fun in wild Meppen!
What's the point of this?! She said "Go on your honeymoon." She wants it!
And who will take care of the household when she gets released?
Yeah, a hip fracture takes a lot of time to heal.
She'll go crazy if she can't clean in every nook and cranny every day.
Man, Olli, there's no need to feel awkward about this.
Who wants to walk through Africa when his mother needs help? Hm?