Read the Treble Clef - A How to Guide to the G Clef

Uploaded by VisionairesMusic on 03.04.2012

in the video I will show you how the treble clef,
this, and these go together
so that you can start reading music in less than five minutes
(jazz music playing)
Hi, I'm Jarrod Bell, Founder and professor of Visionaires Music Academy
and first of all let's look at the musical alphabet
there are seven letters in new musical alphabet a b c d e f and g
and when you've gone through the alphabet and
reached g, you start over again at A
and it just keeps on going and going and going and going
now for the matter of this
this is the staff
it's five lines and four spaces that help us determine the pitches we want to
to play
we read it up and down so as we go up
we go higher in pitch
and as we go down we go we lower in pitch
but for right now we can't read it because there are no pitches assigned to
we need this
the treble clef
the treble clef assigns pitches to the empty staff
how does it do this?
the treble clef is actually a very fancy 800 year old way of writing the
letter g
so that's one of our pitches
so let's put the treble clef on the staff
now the treble clef also called the g clef
is now assigning the pitch of g
to one of these lines of spaces
which is it?
do you see where the treble clef circles around the second line
that is g
the second line
is pitch G
(Alarm Sounds)
(Alarm Shutdown)
sorry about that that's our misconception alert
it alerts me when there is a concept that is often misunderstood
let's see here and uh...
okay it looks like alot of young musicians think that
notes like the quarter notes half notes uh... whole note are pitches instead of
rhythm they're not uh... return is where we get the quarter note, half note they tell
how long to play the pitches but the pitches actually come from the staff on
the line since space is so don't get the two confused
so if this line is now g we know treat the staff like up a ladder if we go up
we go higher in pitch and we go out alphabetically a b c d e f and g
if we go down we go lower in pitch and go through the alphabet backwards
g f e d c_b_a_
some people ask how does the treble clef work with the piano "how do they
line up how do they go together?" Well, that
lesson will be next week
i'm Jarrod Bell with Visionaires Music Academy and if you'd like more videos or
resources on music you can go to but until then
see you next week