Mango Chunda Recipe | Aam ka Chunda

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Today, we will prepare Aam Ka Chunda.
Aam Ka Chunda is a Gujarati recipe and it can be prepared in two ways.
These two types are Aam Ka Meetha Chunda and Aam Ka Chatpata Chunda.
Today, we will prepare Aam Ka Meetha Chunda.
Aam Ka Meetha Chunda is loved by kids since it is mouth-watering.
Let us see what all do we require to prepare Aam Ka Meetha Chunda.
Raw mango - 5 or 1 kg
Sugar - 1.5 kg or 7 cups.
Brown cardamom - 8 to 10
Almonds - 8 to 10.
Pistachio nuts - 1 tbsp
Raisins - 2 tbsp
We’ll have to peel mango first to take out the pulp and then grate it to prepare Aam Ka Chunda.
Peel the mangoes first.
We have peeled the raw mango first.
Take out the pulp from it now.
We can grate them directly also.
Here, we will grate them in a food processor.
Take out the pulp of the mango.
Now, we will grate them.
We have grated the mango now.
Take out grated mangoes in a bowl.
Mix sugar in it.
Keep it like this for 8 to 10 hours.
You should mix the mixture, if you feel that the juice of mango is coming up after three to four hours.
We will prepare Aam Ka Chunda by cooking the mixture with all
the ingredients when sugar in the mixture is mixed properly.
Traditionally, Aam Ka Chunda is prepared in Sun which takes about 8 to 10 days.
We will keep it like this for 10 hours and we will prepare Chunda after that.
The sugar has melted in it since 10 hours have passed.
Pour it in a Kadhai.
Cook it till it turns thick.
Stir it after every two minutes.
Cut the almonds and Pista and peel the cardamom till the time this cooks.
The mixture is becoming thick.
Add almonds, Pista and raisins in it.
It is boiling and bubbles are coming out of it.
Therefore, we have covered it with a lid.
Stir it after every 2 to 3 minutes.
We will cook it more since we have to make it thick.
The juice of mango has cooked now since it has turned thick.
We can check it by taking a drop in a bowl. It should stay at its place.
Turn off the gas.
Add powder of cardamom to it.
It should be golden in color and it will be ready once it cools down.
The drop in the bowl is viscous and is not flowing.
Take the Chunda out in the bowl.
The Meetha Chunda of mango is ready.
Kids love the sweet Chunda of Aam.
They love to eat it with bread as jam or with Parantha as a roll.
Aam Ka Chunda when stored can be eaten for 1 year.
Prepare and eat Aam Ka Chunda and share your experiences with us.
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