SCANDAL SUMMIT 2012-07-11 part3

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Yes, then go. ready, start.
titleis "acoustic guitar"
guitar, guitar
pass, pass, pass
ah..... ah.....
wait a minute, ah..... title is "2700"(japanease comedian) wait a minute
2700 (Nisen Nanahyaku) OK!
title is "Queen ant" wait a minute
It is absolutely impossible!
what it is it? pass, pass, pass
this, this, you should know!
what it is it?
title is "Bactrian camel"
what is?, what is?
camel, camel
No, no...
horse, horse dig, dig it down. .horse, uh-oh
who is? dig, dig it down.
unicorn, unicorn
who is...
unicorn you said "unicorn"
Finally, what is it?
What is it, what? Such a thing; I can't know it
Camel is correct. No, no..
now, is it one correct answer?
What was a correct answer?
I am no use a while ago. "Pe-young"
it is not so. 2700 (Nisen nanahyaku)
2700, yes, yes, yes
first is "acoustic guitar"
electric guitar make a din,
acoustic guitar, it is such a feeling.
you were able to pass it. yes, ok...
then the next is a turn of Dobondobondo.
has become a good game.
I shall not look. I don't look.
Do we win if I answer this correctly? I see.
If it is only one, it follow forever
TIMO, a mike falls.
ah-h-h, I'm sorry
Is this all right? it is too much funny.
too poor thing
uh... let's do the best.
ready, go. game start
title is "Budokan".
turn a page quickly!
title is "Somen" (japanease fine noodle)
Nagashi somen (fine white noodles served flowing in a small flume)
title is "beach volleyball"
volley shoes
pass, pass, pass
title is "Kansouki" (drying machine)
mike, mike
a little more, a little more
I don't know
Kansouki (drying machine)
it is Washing dryer.
I knew
great, great
after all... as for the last game,
Dobondobondo won at 2:4
I was tired
what was this?
beach volleyball
sand have stuck
when it comes to this, let's go to the sea
it is such a thing
I feel like having left all of you watching it behind
do you came? all right?
Are you all right with this way? all right?
Budokan, great
I knew that in this. so, so, so. HARU did it in this way.
Even if I look at the left, even if I look at the right so, so, it, it, HARU, nice, nice.
Gee, but correct answer of a dryer is great
this, I knew it in this.
Yes, yes, yes, TOMO, a hat flies
At first Dobondobondo performed one win and I want to go to the next game
the next game is table tennis rally confrontation
It is a howler if I think that a table tennis stand comes out
this and this, there are only.
in the air where is nothing,
it continue the rally with two.
I see
I agree. do rally like Hanetuki (battledore and shuttlecock)
decide a game at the number of times that have done until a ball fall into the ground.
do on each team,
the total with much number of times is a victory
I want to make such a rule
then this time again, play Janken (rock-paper-scissors)
Do you select a team doing it first?
saisyo ha guu (first is rock), Janken hoi
aiko de syo ( draw, again )
do we first it?
do we second it?
Then I thought. I was robbed of physical strength by the present game
Is too funny; is serious
unexpectedly, I entirely use the physical strength than I have of live performance
we will count it
it is so
Are you good at this.
entirely, I am no good.
How will do?
Even if any ball comes, I pick it up
cool, you are former tennis club member
begin in your timings, please.
yes, let's go.
one, two, three..
I'm sorry, sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
you were disappointing and were over
five? five times.
is it five times?
in first, the first is five times.
then next is turn of Dobondobondo
Is this added? yes, this is added.
how meny times? do three times, and add them up.
I go!
ready, go. one, two, three, ...
14 times.
you are great!
you show power for a public performance
in first, 14 times. they had a lead in one go.
oh, wow, wow
sorry, do the best.
second times
Though there is not BGM, are you all right?
If there is not BGM, I feel something is missing slightly
I do strange strain, today
Do you count this from 1 again?
I go. one, two, three, ...
sorry, it was short
it was short
you are too dynamic
mike, mike
Gee, the table tennis was impossible
please. I get it.
it is 14 vs 14.
yes. Bene!
can't be over in the once; think commonly.
what do you mean? now, it is 14 vs 14. do not know what happens.
I go. second time start. one, twe, three, ...
15 times.
why are you so stable?
it was no so.
you would have practiced.
I am strong in a public performance.
as for such, now, 14 vs 29.
we should show seriousness.
It will be "The third time pays for all".
Why are you tense that much?, really.
How many times should we do it?
30 times
awful, if you do so.
I go. one, two, three, ...
uh... sorry, sorry, uhhh, sorry.
It will be all my fault.
how many times is it? 7 times. and then it is 21 times in total.
we have already lost.
already lost
How becomes this?
Tentatively , let's do.
do it to be able to do it
hang in there
I go.
do by red side. I go. one, two, three,...
8 times threfore, is it 37 times in total? 47 times.
37 vs 21
Dobondobondo won the second round too.
Because, as a senior of the units, they have a longtime career
we don't have a longtime career in particular.
yeah yeah
finished two rounds, breath breaks out very much.
Because I'm serious at any time
I exercise
exercise How will I do tomorrow if I have a muscular pain?
I am entirely different from the part which I usually use
Is there still it? I want to go for a last decisive battle
next battle is Jenga
It's quiet
Because it is a last battle,
if it is usual, Dobondobondo win.
Because there are only three rounds
Team won the final battle will get 3 points.
Because it is such a thing, we may still win
I have not done Jenga
Then let's try Jenga at once
then please prepare
we should not have done it seriously
we should give seriousness now
In fact, this confrontation have been the most important
Let's keep straight it properly
You have the hand which seems to do Jenga well
what, what do you mean?
This was also becoming quiet sight
do Jenga in turn
team by team, one by one
The team of the person who defeated it loses
Do you decide a turn by Janken (rock, paper, scissors)?
saisyo ha guu (first is rock), Janken hoi
Then I do it first
Then let's do this how
do from Tomo?
by turns
all right, I go Jenga, start
have already changed
TIMO, do it.
please come out