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Bethany Hamilton is holding nothing back.
Soul Surfer hits the silver screen.
It looks like she has a real future.
Hear from the real life family of Bethany Hamilton.
My main concern was not whether she was going to surf again, but whether she was going to
And see what got her back on the board.
Something good is going to come out of this.
Well, welcome to this edition of The 700 Club. Our reporter actually first time out got up
on a surfboard and did a little . . . .
You didn't know that?
Yes. Well, you'll see that. We actually have it on film. She was never able to do it again.
Wow. But for that one moment.
She's for TV. All right. Well, once again the media drums are being beaten in defense
of global warming. A new special from PBS argues that climate change is a real danger.
However, some Christians and conservatives are questioning global warming in a new series
on DVD, and they say that many of the doomsday predictions by environmentalists have been
wrong in the past. Paul Strand has the story.
Earth: the Operators' Manual, big budget and beautiful, hits the airwaves Sunday night.
It makes bold statements that science proves CO2 is causing global warming and man's behind
much of it.
Put your thermometer in the ground, in the ocean, look down from satellites; they show
Climate change is happening, and there is very, very strong evidence that a large part
of this is in fact manmade.
The special puts the rise and fall of carbon dioxide levels across the ages on top of the
rise and fall of earth's warm and cold phases to show a near-perfect match.
Physics and chemistry show us carbon dioxide is at levels never seen in human history.
And the evidence says it's all of us burning fossil fuels that's driving the increase.
At a sneak preview in Washington, Alley told CBN News the program isn't political, but
pure truth.
This is what is. This is not what ought to be. This is not what should be. This is what
Skeptics, though, question global warming, and they say CO2 is getting an unnecessarily
bad rap.
The carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. It's a plant food. And higher carbon dioxide means,
yes, plants are bigger, which incidentally makes the earth cooler. And it means that
crop yields increase. I mean, in some ways it's a good thing.
Look what extra carbon dioxide does for these crustaceans on the right. Such points are
brought out by a large group of well-known Christian conservatives. They've gathered
with the climate change skeptics at Cornwall Alliance to say they have grave doubts about
the facts and the agenda of those who want to fight global warming. They've put out a
12-part DVD series called Resisting the Green Dragon. It argues bad decisions based on flimsy
science have caused horrible outcomes, like after the banning of DDT.
The ban caused over 50 million preventable malaria deaths and hundreds of millions of
cases of painful, debilitating, poverty-causing malaria in the developing world.
Scientists present charts that cast doubts on dire predictions of increased flooding
and drought and hurricanes.
The notion that there's this enormous consensus among scientists that manmade global warming
is catastrophic and destroying the world, there simply isn't a consensus.
Earth: the Operators' Manual tries to immunize itself against some of the political and religious
skepticism, having Alley point out right away . . . .
I'm a registered Republican, play soccer on Saturdays, and go to church on Sundays.
And the special's companion website boasts 150 pages of footnotes backing up the statements
made in the TV program. But Alley says he's not surprised many scientists are fighting
over the climate change controversies.
The best knowledge is the knowledge that has been beaten up the most and didn't break.
And so you can always find scientists on both sides.
Paul Strand, CBN News Washington.
I think we have to keep in mind what the sun does. We had a story just a few days ago about
the possibility of another global ice age, a little ice age coming. Of course, it was
some of the coldest weather on record in Europe. So it isn't all hot. So we have to be careful
we don't destroy our lives and bring about billions of dollars in damage to our economy
in order to chase an illusion. Let's just make sure that what they say is accurate and
correct. Lee Webb has the rest of our top stories from the CBN Newsroom. Lee, what do
you got?
Pat, congressional negotiators are still trying to work out a last minute budget deal to avoid
a government shutdown. After a late night meeting at the White House, talks continued
through the night, and both sides say they're making progress. Efrem Graham has the story.
President Obama called congressional leaders to the White House last night for last-minute
budget negotiations. The meeting lasted for hours, but still no deal.
My expectation is that folks are going to work through the night.
Democrats are willing to cut $33 billion from spending for the final six months of the fiscal
year. Republicans in the House approved $61 billion in cuts. While there was slow movement
toward an agreement, the late-night session failed to break a stalemate over just how
much spending to cut.
I do think we made some progress. But I want to reiterate there's no agreement on a number,
and there is no agreement on the policy riders.
I have confidence that we can get this done. We're not there yet, but hope lies eternal.
If the government shuts down, national parks won't open, and thousands of federal workers
will not get paid, and tax refunds could be delayed.
It has real-life consequences for people like my family.
Perhaps the most controversial impact, a shutdown would stop paychecks to military personnel.
Service members would still be credited for the pay they would have received, but they
would not get that money during a shutdown. Meanwhile, House Republicans are moving ahead
with plans for an emergency stopgap measure that would extend military funding and remove
that issue from the equation. But Democrats don't want to give up that leverage, and they're
expected to oppose the Republican plan. Efrem Graham, CBN News.
Pat, who's going to blink?
I hope it's not the American people, Lee. Ladies and gentlemen, what are they talking
about? We go from 65- to say 35-billion. All right. The Democrats say, “You can cut 35.”
We're probably going to say, “We want 61.” So that is one and a half percent of the deficit.
It is miniscule in relation to the total number that we are spending and we are losing. And
you ask yourself, what is going wrong with either party that they can't see the magnitude
of this thing? Now, Paul Ryan has got it. He's got his budget all laid out. He's going
after Medicare. He wants to reform it. It's got to be reformed. He didn't touch Social
Security, but they should.
Well, they'll have to, won't they, to get the job done?
Of course, they have to.
I mean, they'll have to.
I mean, it'd be so simple. All they've got to do is move the retirement age. People are
living longer. They're living much – many, many more people in their 80s than there were
before. It used to be people died at 65. They don't do that any longer. We're living much,
much longer.
Well, they've talked about these reforms for a long time. It's just that nobody's wanted
it on the back of their political career. So right now we're at a crisis.
The person who proposes it, it becomes a target. And these demagogues are going to demagogue
this whole thing. But, ladies and gentlemen, the future of America is at stake. We're talking
about serious business here, and it looks like the people in Washington are temporizing.
And when you wake up one morning and find that prices are sky high, your dollars aren't
worth anything, nobody will loan us any money, and the United States is now in the same category
as Argentina, you'll wish that some wiser heads had prevailed. Lee.
Pat, you say it's a big deal, and here's why. Another European nation needs a financial
bailout. This time it's Portugal. The European Union and the International Monetary Fund
are working on a rescue package for that country. And by some estimates, it could cost around
$130 billion. Portugal's crisis came after its credit ratings were downgraded because
of its huge debt. Greece and Ireland have already gotten bailouts.
One economist for Wells Fargo Bank tells the London Guardian, “The plot in Greece and
Portugal sounds an awful lot like the same plot that's going on in the United States,
but the characters have different names.”
Rising oil prices are beginning to hurt the US economy. Oil is over $108 a barrel now,
and the average price for a gallon of gas, $3.69. That's nearly a dollar higher than
a year ago. Some economists are dealing back their growth predictions for the economy this
year. Companies are starting to hire again. But rising gas prices threaten to slow those
gains. Consumers are spending more on gas, and that leaves less money to spend on things
on clothes, furniture and dining out. Pat.
The United States hasn't had an energy policy in years. We have not built a new refinery
since the days of Jimmy Carter. We have not built a new refinery. Why? Environmentalists
won't let us do it. We've got oil in the ANWR, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, but they
won't let us drill that. We've got oil off the coast. They won't let us drill that. They've
slowed down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, so we can't drill. So what are we going to
do? Well, we need to shift in. And they said, “Well, let's put in some café standards
and make the cars more efficient.” That takes years. We may have to have to start
thinking about bicycles. But there needs to be some kind of a crash program out of Washington
to get some substitutes, to get something that'll work. Instead of that, they're talking
about biomass. They're talking about wind farms and those big things flipping around
in the air that pollute the environment and kill a lot of birds. They don't like nuclear,
but nuclear is probably the answer to it. But something has got to be done. Someone
has got to sit down and say, “This is the way we have to go.” But we're not doing
it. And when it comes out, ladies and gentlemen, trust me, you heard it here, you'll be paying
$6 a gallon for regular gasoline. And it's going to come very soon. And the price of
oil is clearly going to go up to $150 a barrel. And then it's going to go ultimately, if they
have any crisis in Saudi Arabia, it'll go to $300 a barrel. It's going to be unsustainable.
It's happening.
So get used to it and prepare yourself for what you're going to do. But the way the cities
are laid out now, the distances, they're all based on a lot of travel with automobiles.
And that is going to sooner or later come to an end. Lee.
Pat, a bill to ban the Environmental Protection Agency from controlling greenhouse gases dies
in the Senate. Democrats there defeated the bill Wednesday. It was a Republican effort
to repeal findings that say greenhouse gases cause climate change and endanger human health.
It would prevent the EPA from regulating gases blamed for global warming. Today the House
is expected to pass an identical bill. It has little chance, though, of becoming law.
More than 1,500 churches around the country will be praying for efforts to wipe out AIDS
on the African continent. As Charlene Israel reports, they're calling it “Lazarus Sunday.”
Churches taking part in Lazarus Sunday are asked to play a clip from an HBO documentary
that points out a cheap and stunningly successful method to fight HIV/AIDS. It's become known
as the “Lazarus Effect,” caused by taking two little 20-cent pills a day.
For less than 40 cents and within 40 days, people literally bounce back from death's
door. And they call it the Lazarus Effect because it's a sort of resurrection.
At, Rev. Adam Phillips has been helping to lead this fight for years. He points back
in 2002, only 50,000 AIDS-afflicted Africans had these medicines. But because of a massive
move to fight back . . . .
We've been able to get those numbers up to four million.
But points out millions more Africans still need these drugs.
One's not looking for your money. We're looking for your voice.
In a hi-tech age, churches can get involved in the fight by just going to One's website
and downloading free resources to show on this Lazarus Sunday.
We've got a bulletin insert. We've got an exclusive 90-second clip that you can show
in your church. We've got worship slides, sermon helps.
AIDS has already claimed 20 million Africans' lives. One of the saddest facts is almost
200,000 tots and babies die of AIDS in Africa every year, compared to only about nine here
in the US. If the drugs could just be put in the hands of those with HIV, almost every
one of those young deaths could be prevented. Charlene Israel, CBN News.
A new study finds many of the nation's teens have no problem with heavy drinking.
It finds 45 percent of teenagers questioned say downing five or more alcoholic drinks
a day is not a big problem. One bright spot in the survey, though, by, the
number of teenagers drinking alcohol in the past has dropped down to 35 percent from a
high of 50 percent in 1998. The average age when they took their first drink, though,
was 14. According to the Centers for Disease Control, heavy drinking is more than one drink
per day on average for women and two for men. Heavy drinking can lead to heart disease,
obesity, brain damage, high blood pressure, stroke, reduced fertility, cancer and more.
Thanks, Lee. The young people are mortgaging their future. They say, “Well, we're indestructible.
We're going to live forever. We're young. We can take a chance.” Five shots of liquor
a day? What it'll do to your brain. These kids will have their brains addled, because
their brains are still forming. And to bring that kind of poison in, Terry, it's horrible.
Yes. There does seem to be such a major trend in the culture, the younger culture, today,
but also some of the older, to sort of medicate our way through reality. I don't know.
You need hope.
Yes. Yes.
There needs to be a belief in God, a belief in life after death, a belief in . . . .
Your purpose, the meaning of life.
. . . . purpose, why you are here. And also the fact that there is a price to be paid
for foolish behavior, and it's built into the universe. But these kids aren't being
taught that. The law of crime and punishment, they aren't being taught that. They can get
away with everything. “Hey, so I get caught, and so I'll cop a plea and get a slap on the
wrist. And I'll be back with the same behavior again.” Folks, these are your children,
grandchildren. It's tragic. Terry.
Well, we have a young life that's very inspiring coming up, the story about the surfer who
survived a shark attack and got back on her board.
I think it's a metaphor for everyone's life: you get knocked down, you have a shot to get
back up.
Go behind the scenes for the new movie Soul Surfer. That's next. Plus, our chat room is
open, and we want to hear from you. Send us your questions and comments by logging on
Still ahead:
“Wow, your dad got a hit record.”
His father wrote the hits and he took them.
I woke up thinking about drugs. I went to sleep thinking about drugs.
Grammy-nominated singer Johnny Lee Hooker, Jr., behind the music, on today's 700 Club.
And you're like, “Oh, my God. What have I gotten myself into?”
Soul Surfer means trying your best and not giving up.
Being able to get back on her board after losing an arm in a shark attack, is just really
It is wonderfully acted, inspirational, terrific story.
Comes from your heart.
I'm still crying.
It's a really great movie and really inspirational.
Definitely a movie that everyone in the family should see.
Probably the best movie I've ever seen.
When you come back from a loss and never say never, you find a champion. Soul Surfer, rated
PG. In theaters Friday.
Call the code. Get a crash cart. We need epi now!
An artery bursts in his brain, twice, and his desperate wife takes desperate measures.
I just began to declare, “Life, Pritt, life! Live, Pritt, live!”
And I will never let them go!
Get a sneak peak at the latest episode of Superbook.
That's a whole lot better than my magic card shuffle.
Bethany Hamilton was a young surfer. She's been with us on this program. She's an inspiration
to everybody. She lost an arm in a shark attack. Now her story is being told in a new movie
called Soul Surfer. It tells about her amazing comeback and the Christian faith that helped
her become one of the top surfers in the world. Wendy Griffith tried it. Let's see if Wendy
can handle a surfboard in the Aloha State. Wendy.
Bethany Hamilton is holding nothing back.
It looks she has a real future.
Soul Surfer, starring Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt and AnnaSophia Robb as Bethany, hits
theaters April 8th. It's the true life story of Bethany Hamilton. The 20-year-old surfer
was only 13 when she lost her arm in a vicious shark attack off the coast of Kauai where
she grew up. It was a day her parents will never forget.
It was pretty traumatic. I didn't really know the condition she was in. But, obviously,
if she was coming to the hospital, she was still alive. But until I saw her face to face,
that's when I realized her arm was gone.
My main concern was not whether she was going to surf again, but whether she was going to
Tom and Cheri Hamilton were avid surfers themselves and spent their younger days on Kauai surfing
all day and waiting tables at night.
We were obsessed with surfing and addicted to it, and our whole lives revolved around
They found Jesus thanks to another surfing friend who invited them to dinner.
And it seemed like, “Wow. Jesus is real. He's real, and this is truth.” So we ended
up giving our hearts to the Lord pretty much at the same time.
Tom and Cheri raised their children in the church. And before the shark attack, Bethany
and her mom had been praying that Bethany would be in the center of God's will, especially
with her surfing.
We prayed that for two weeks, every day. So when it happened, I had peace. I had total
peace in God.
As Bethany healed, she longed to get back on her board. But would she be able to surf
with one arm?
There was times when I got frustrated, but for me it's just that I love surfing and I
was pretty determined. And I think God put that determination in my heart, and He knew
that I would be able to handle it through Him.
But learning to surf with one arm was no easy task.
It's like I knew how to surf. I just had to figure out how to do it with one arm instead
of two. And so I just had to use my brain a lot and just adjust and adapt to this new
way of living. But I figured it out, and I still am learning to this day.
Bethany's story of overcoming incredible odds captured the attention of Hollywood.
I think it's a metaphor for everyone's life. You get knocked down, whatever your “shark
attack” is or whatever happens to you. You have a shot to get back up. And Bethany shows
that not only can you get back up on the board, but you can excel at it.
Bethany's story also impressed actor Dennis Quaid, who first learned about Bethany while
watching the Today Show.
She was so inspiring. And the story so touched me that I wound up with just tears just streaming
down my face there at seven in the morning on the couch. And then it just so happened
two days later they offered me the part to play her father.
Actress AnnaSophia Robb, who learned to surf for the part, says hanging out with Bethany
was very inspiring.
You think, “Her arm's gone.” But after spending a couple days with her, I just totally
forgot that it wasn't there. It's just she goes on every day and lives life totally normally
and just trying to set a good example and just live a godly life. That's the most inspiring
thing about her.
And country singer Carrie Underwood makes her big screen debut as Bethany's youth pastor.
I don't know why terrible things happen to us sometimes, but I have to believe that something
good is going to come out of this.
Today, Bethany is among the top female surfers in the world. She graciously gave me a few
pointers during my first attempt at surfing. The waves were pretty choppy that day, but
Bethany had no problem popping right up on her board. And then, in my first attempt,
I stood up for about a second, but what a thrill that one second was. The Hamiltons
say, as painful and traumatic as this shark attack was for Bethany, they believe God has
a greater purpose in it. And they're hoping this movie will inspire others going through
tough times to trust God and never give up.
Life's not about like having all your limbs or just having everything perfect. Life's
not perfect, but through our imperfections is where we can bring beauty and good stuff
out of life and glorify God through with what we overcome.
Wendy Griffith, CBN News, Hawaii.
Now, don't ask for leave to go practice surfing so you can do the next shot in Hawaii. We
need you here.
I think I'll leave that to Wendy.
We need Wendy back. Okay.
But what a great message, through our imperfections we can glorify God.
Well, Soul Surfer opens tomorrow in movie theaters across the country. You don't want
to miss it. It's a very moving story. And Dennis Quaid, I understand, he said he was
raised Southern Baptist, so he's familiar with that. And what his religion is, I don't
have any idea. But he was comfortable in that . . . .
It looks like a wonderful, inspiring movie. I did see some people who had seen it in a
preview capacity and said it was just really fabulous. So looking forward to that coming
Well, he overdosed on drugs at least seven times and went to prison at least eight.
I have had uncles, parents tell me, “You're going to die from drugs. We already know you
will die from drugs.” I believed them. I believed them, and I said, “I know.” But
I didn't care.
Brenda, you gotta see the video I saw on The 700 Club. I pray God will do the same awesome
work in your life.
Go to to, “I saw it on The 700 Club,” for a fast, easy way to see and share your
favorite videos.
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In 2001, the music world mourned the passing of singer John Lee Hooker. The veteran blues
man had a storied career that lasted six decades. That same year, one of John Lee's former band
mates was in his own fight for his life: his son, Johnny Lee, Jr., who overdosed on drugs
on a street corner in San Francisco.
Find the perfect mix of rhythm and blues and jazz, add a little down-home feel, and you've
discovered the unique sound of John Lee Hooker, Jr. He's the son of the legendary blues musician
John Lee Hooker. John Lee, Jr. is a two-time Grammy nominee and has shared the red carpet
with the world's best musicians. And he's played alongside the likes of BB King, Lenny
Kravitz and Bo Diddley. John Lee, Jr. started playing at a young age. Even then, people
predicted that he would become another Hooker legend, just like his father.
My dad came out with a hit, “Boom Boom Boom.” And my peers' moms and dads knew what a hit
record was and explained it. “Wow, your dad got a hit record,” and that‘s what
was playing.
But John Lee, Jr. had a secret: he was addicted to drugs. He started using marijuana in middle
school, and the drugs got progressively stronger. In his early years in high school, he started
shooting heroin.
I woke up thinking about drugs I went to sleep thinking about drugs. At lunch periods in
school, after school was over, I thought about drugs. Drugs was the thing.
John was constantly in and out of county jail on drug-related crimes. During one stay, his
cellmate wanted to teach John how to defend himself if he ever had to go to the penitentiary.
So they started boxing.
He would stand right in the cell door and say, “Now, get out of here if you can.”
And I'd box my way out. And after I'd box my way out, he'd say, “Good work. I'm just
getting you ready.”
And just as his cellmate predicted, when John Lee, Jr. turned 18, he was moved to adult
You're a kid, and you've got guys in there who's 30 and 40, and “Who is this little
young boy that's coming in here?” And you're like, “Oh, my God. What have I gotten myself
John quickly learned about the dark side of prison life after his friend was raped by
a cellmate.
And, of course, as a youngster, you say to yourself, “Dang, that could happen to me
as well.”
The day that same inmate tried to rape John Lee, Jr., John had to rely on every boxing
lesson his former cellmate had ever taught him.
And I grabbed him and threw him up against the bars, and threw him and punched him, and
I beat him up.
You're not going to get me like you got my friend!
When John Lee got out of prison, he went right back to using drugs, and his music career
ended. He was homeless, living on the streets, and overdosed so many times, he lost count.
I have had uncles, parents tell me, “You're going to die from drugs. We already know you
will die from drugs.” I believed them. I believed them. And I said, “I know.” But
I didn't care.
By the time John Lee, Jr. reached his 40s, he was shooting heroin into his neck, because
the veins in his arms had collapsed. He developed a severe infection. And when he went to the
hospital, he faced up to the possibility he could die.
The doctor looked at my neck and said, “We need to get that infection out, or you will
die.” Instantly I broke out crying. And he says, “You can die any minute.” And
laying on my hospital bed, I just basically said, “Lord Jesus, I need you to walk me
through with this ordeal.” I said, “Please help me. Have mercy on me. Help me.” And
He helped me. He helped me.
At that moment, John Lee prayed to become a Christian. But when he recovered from the
surgery he still faced more drug-related charges. His mother came to the sentencing to pray
for her son.
And as I was standing there and they were reading off the charges, I knew, I knew, just
like I know that this handkerchief is white, “They are going to send me to prison.”
And I saw my mom out in the audience with her head bowed, and she was praying. And the
judge said, “You're worth salvaging. I'm not going to send you to jail.” And in my
heart I know that the Lord Jesus Christ heard my mama's prayers in my behalf.
The judge sent John Lee to a drug rehab program which he successfully completed. He re-launched
his music career with three new albums, received two Grammy nominations, and walked the red
carpet drug-free. And everyone who knows him will tell you that something remarkable has
happened in his life.
Jesus is my good friend. He's a star that shines in the darkness when I don't know which
way to go. When I'm lonely, I can speak with Him. He's my hope and He's my joy. And He
has caused my name that people didn't trust, now I have a good name. And not because of
celebrity, but because of what He has done for me.
When you listen to that testimony, something that came to me is, if the average person
was God and he had an habitual drug user who's a junkie, you'd just say, “He isn't worth
saving. Let him go.” And you just think, why wouldn't God just turn him lose? But it
shows the love of God. God loved Johnny Lee. He loved him. And He saw beyond the fault,
and He saw what was beautiful. “He's going to be something beautiful,” and God would
make something beautiful out of him. He sees the finished product, and He doesn't see the
things you've done. Some of you right now, you've been taking drugs and you've wasted
your life, and you say, “I am a hopeless addict. I'm a hopeless thief. I'm a hopeless
philanderer. Nothing's going to help me.” But Johnny Lee called out to Jesus and he
said, “Jesus, help me.” And when he cried out to the Lord, the Lord heard and answered
and changed his life. You are not beyond hope. You may think you are sometimes. You may think
you're worthless. You may have been told by your parents or some advisor that you were
worthless. The cops may have said you were worthless. But you are worth so much that
Jesus Christ would have died just for you. If you were the only person alive on the face
of the earth, He still would have died for you. Now, right now, I want to ask you, would
you do what Johnny Lee Hooker did and call on the name of the Lord? If you will call
on Him now, He'll hear and answer. You have not sinned away your chances. You have not
sinned away your chances. There's still hope. Call upon the name of the Lord right now.
I'm going to pray with you. I'm going to lead you in a prayer. If you'll just say these
words and mean them from your heart, God will hear and He'll answer. Bow your head and pray
these words right now, “Jesus.” That's right. Say it. “Jesus, you know me, Lord.
You know what I've done. You know what I've become. You know the sin in my life. But,
Lord, at this moment I call upon you, and I say be merciful to me, a sinner. Hear me,
Lord. Hear my prayer and come into my heart. Forgive my sin and live your life in me. I
give myself to you, Lord. From this moment on, I am yours. Thank you, Jesus, that you've
heard my prayer. And thank you, Lord, that you've come into my heart.” Now, for those
who prayed with me, begin to praise God. He heard you. He'll answer you. He'll be with
you day by day. But you need to kind of be established. You're starting out. And I have
something for those of you just starting out. It's a little CD. You can pop it into your
car or wherever you've got a CD player. And it's 73 minutes. And it'll tell you what just
happened to you, what God has said, what He said in his Word. And to back it up, I've
got a little packet of Bible verses that were taken from this teaching, so you can have
it in print. Call now and say, “I prayed with Pat. I've given my heart to the Lord.
And I believe for me there's hope. I believe Jesus has heard and He's answered.” And
the angels of Heaven are rejoicing with you. 1-800-759-0700. Hey, there's no money involved,
no finances, nothing. Just call in and let one of these counselors know what you've just
done. Well, we'll be back with more of The 700 Club right after this.
Got a question for Pat? Send us yours now on We'll Bring It Online with your
questions from our live chat room, later on today's 700 Club.
Your doing a great job training her, brother Tom.
It's Bethany!
For all of us who've lost what we care about . . . .
When can I surf again?
. . . . only to discover . . . .
I can't even paddle out past the big waves.
. . . . what we love.
It's not going to be easy.
I don't need easy; I just need possible.
The greatest surfers know when the best waves are coming. You have that gift too. Go get
Soul Surfer, starts tomorrow. Rated PG.
Welcome to Washington for this CBN Newsbreak. Pro-family groups accuse the Obama Administration
of dragging its feet when it comes to what your kids watch on TV. The charge centers
on indecent broadcast material broadcast several years ago on ABC and FOX TV stations. The
Federal Communications Commission issued fines, but New York Circuit 2nd Court of Appeals
ruled that the FCC's broadcast policy was unconstitutionally vague and would create
a chilling effect on speech. Pro-family groups Concerned Women for America believe the administration
is trying to run the clock so that it won't have to enforce decency standards.
If the Department of Justice does not appeal this ruling from the 2nd Circuit, that means
that American families will be undefended against F-bombs being thrown at them by television
networks. And that's simply unacceptable.
The Parents Television Council warns that inaction could make broadcast TV look a lot
like programming on premium channels.
Liberal Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg has declared victory in the race for the Wisconsin Supreme
Court seat. Unofficial results show Kloppenburg beating incumbent conservative Justice David
Prosser by just 204 votes, an amount so small, a recount is almost certain before an official
winner is announced. The race received nationwide attention after Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
passed a law ending collective bargaining rights for public workers. Whoever wins the
Supreme Court seat will likely play a key role in determining if the law is upheld.
Prosser did not immediately request a recount, but has until April 20th to do so. You can
always get the latest from CBN News by going to our website at Pat and Terry
will be back with more of The 700 Club right after this.
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Don't run from who you are.
Follow your dreams. Trust your heart. Find your destiny. Narnia awaits, tomorrow.
Well, many of you have submitted questions in our chat room, and we want to take some
time to answer those. Pat, this is a viewer who says, “I lied to my husband when we
got married. I told him I was a virgin. We've been married for more than 10 years. Should
I fess up?” More coffee.
I just think you've got 10 years of marriage. I don't know what to say. So you were or were
not a virgin. You've had 10 years of marital relations. I don't know that at this point
it matters. But you've got this burden on your heart, so you might want to clear the
air. But I tell you, some of these frank confessions, I do not advocate that people have a litany
of all the sexual escapades they've had before they got married. I just think it's a mistake.
I just think you are giving yourself to a man or a woman as your mate for life. Forget
all that other.
“Forgetting what is behind, I press on.”
Press on. But on the other hand, you said you lied. So it's obviously worrying you.
So if you want to clear the air, clear the air, and hope you know your husband well enough.
I don't know. I don't know.
I know. I don't about that either. Because one of the things that that does is, it brings
a lack of honesty into the relationship that then can cause people to wonder.
“If you lied to me about that, what else are you doing?” And away you go. I just
don't know. I hate to tell you what to say on that one.
I think if Jesus forgives and drops it in the sea of forgetfulness, maybe you ought
to do that, too. Just accept forgiveness for yourself.
It's forgiveness for yourself, but it's an ongoing deceit for that one you love. If you
love somebody, you want to tell them the truth. But anyhow, I'll tell you what, if your conscience
is hurting you about that, find a moment and say, “Dear, I love you very much, but there
was a little white lie when we were married, and I just want to let you know.”
Yes, if you could just say, “I need to clear my heart and soul about this.”
Yes. “I love you. I just want you to know, we've been married for 10 years, that this
thing has worried me, because I wasn't quite square with you.” Okay.
Okay. This is Casey, who says, “Everyone is talking about a possible government shutdown.
What does this actually mean? What will be the ramification for America?”
Well, it'll make us look silly. I'll make us look like we've got a government that doesn't
work. It'll make the Chinese reluctant to loan us money. It'll make the Japanese reluctant.
It'll diminish our role as the moral leader of the world. Practically, the military doesn't
get paid, the post office doesn't get paid, federal workers don't get paid. All the people
in the federal bureaucracy are not going to have any money to spend. So it'll be a big
hit to the economy. And I guess the federal government can't be sending out tax refunds.
Your due some money, those checks won't be coming out. It'll have quite a ripple effect
throughout the economy. Then they'll probably turn the lights off on the Washington Monument.
That's the one they always threaten. All right.
This is an anonymous viewer who says, “What do you know about Chrislam? From what I understand
it's a combination of Christianity and Islam, and they embrace both the Bible and the Qur'an.
How can person believe in both the Bible and the Qur'an?”
There is no way under Heaven you can believe in the Bible and the Qur'an. The Qur'an says
that Jesus Christ is not deity, He's not God, Mohammed is the ultimate prophet of Allah.
I think Allah is probably a derivation of the moon god of Mecca. And I just think the
God we serve is Jehovah, Yahweh. He's a different God. There's not way you can synchronize it.
It won't work. I mean, it's just crazy. So can it be done? No, it can't be done. “What
fellowship has Christ with Belial,” is what the Bible says. Okay.
This is Colleen who asks, “Pat, how often do you read your Bible? Do you have any tips
for a new Christian that's having trouble understanding Bible stories?”
I read it every day, or at least six days a week, maybe seven. It depends on the time.
But I just think we have to be looking at the Bible. Do I have any tips? I would start
with the Gospel of John and try to read it. But read it slowly, and take a verse and meditate
it, “What does this mean?” And talk to it; talk to the Bible and let the Bible talk
to you. Talk to God and say, “Explain this to me. What are you talking about here. Let
me understand it.” I'm now using the NIV, which is a very good translation. The New
International Version, it's a very good one. The old King James had beautiful language,
but you had to have somebody interpreting the King James for you. So find an American
Standard, New Living, something. But the Living is not so much a translation as it is an interpretation.
So I think the NIV's a good one, so get a modern translation. All right.
This is Bridget, who says, “When I pray, sometimes I address my prayer to God and other
times to Jesus. Which one should I pray to. Is one better than the other?”
“I and the Father are one,” Jesus said. He's one with the Father. But theoretically
you pray in the Holy Spirit to the Father in the name of Jesus. But I talk to Jesus.
I say, “Lord Jesus, so and so,” or, “Heavenly Father, so and so.” There's nothing wrong
with the—but theoretically, if you have accepted Jesus, He said, “I will come and
I will live with you.” So He's not way up there. He's in here. If you're a Christian,
the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit all dwell within you. So in a sense you're talking
to something that's already there. You're not saying, “Oh, our Father in Heaven, way,
way, way up there.” All right.
This is Brenda, who says, “Pat, I'm terribly lonely all the time. I have nobody, and I'm
constantly alone in my apartment. I'm dying inside and don't know what to do. What can
I do?”
God bless you. God wants to comfort you. He wants to be part of your being. But you've
got to get out. I don't whether you go to church, there's a church fellowship, whether
you're working. Maybe you need a job. It sounds like you're just a recluse, and the longer
you stay there, the harder it's going to be to get out and mingle with people. Why don't
you just reach out one time to some nice, warmhearted church. You can find somebody
where they love the Lord. Maybe they have a youth fellowship or they have a seniors
fellowship or they have a married couples fellowship or something. Go there, and you'll
find happy, loving people. But you've got to get out. Otherwise it becomes an obsession.
Almost the longer you stay there alone, the harder it becomes to do that.
Oh, it's harder every time. Absolutely. It's a self-imposed bondage, and you don't want
Well, we thank you for your questions.
We sure do.
That's all the time that we have today for that, but we'll talk with you again tomorrow.
Well, coming up, one minute he was cutting a tree branch; the next he was hit by 13,000
volts of electricity.
The only thing that was going through my mind was to try to figure out how to make it stop.
And so I thought that if I could just reach out and grab the branch and pull it off the
wire, that would do the trick.
That is when things went from bad to worse. We'll tell you more about this story in just
a moment.
Eddi, check out this news story from The 700 Club. It's a perspective you just don't see
anywhere else.
Go to to “I saw it on The 700 Club” for a fast, easy way to see and share your
favorite videos.
I was in a lot of pain. I remember feeling, “I don't want to have cancer. Why is this
I went to pray with my 10-year-old. He said that he wished he had two hearts, because
one of them was breaking.
I had to reassure her a lot that I'm going to be okay. Things are going to be all right.
God is on our side.
This is one thing Cancer Treatment Centers does for people. They give them the courage
and the strength to battle cancer.
When you first walk in that building, you almost feel like there is the presence of
the Holy Spirit.
It is about the patient. It is only about the patient and what is it that they need
and what do they want.
Call now, and we'll send you this free DVD that shows you how our very special team of
experts and caregivers put you at the center of everything we do. Hope is alive at Cancer
Treatment Centers of America.
I don't really see how anyone can get through a life-threatening disease without the Lord
in their life. He gives us the strength that we need to carry on.
Tomorrow . . .
Call the code! Get a crash cart. Need epi now!
An artery bursts in his brain, twice, and his desperate wife takes desperate measures.
I just began to declare, “Life, Prit, life! Live, Prit, Live!”
Plus . . .
I will never let them go!
Get a sneak peak at the latest episode of Superbook.
It's a whole lot better than my magic card shuffle.
For Tim Williams, it started out as an ordinary Monday. A work day like any other day on the
job. But all that changed in a flash and Tim was suddenly struggling to survive for his
As soon as the branch hit the wire, there was a quite large fireball from the electricity,
but I never saw what happened coming. I do remember thinking, “Am I dying?”
Tim Williams has run his own tree service business for over 20 years. What happened
on June 15, 2009, nearly changed life as he knew it.
It was like any other Monday should have been, and I had everything lined up. We got situated,
got started. Everything was going as planned.
Tim was trimming branches from a tall tree, something he'd done hundreds of times. But
then the branch hit an electrical wire.
And immediately I felt the sensation of electricity without even touching the branch, because
the current was going through the branch into the rope. The only thing that was going through
my mind was to try to figure out how to make it stop. And so I thought that if I could
just reach out and grab the branch and pull it off the wire, that would do the trick.
But that's when things went from bad to worse.
As Tim took hold of the branch, 13,000 volts of electricity shot through his arm.
I just repeatedly said, “Help me, Jesus! Help me, Jesus!” over and over I don't know
how many times, because I knew at that point it was real bad. I got myself turned around
in a position to where I was going to try to grab this arm like this to try to help
pull. If I had touched this arm with my other hand, it would have gone through my heart
and that would have been the end. My eyes started rolling back into my head. And this
is the image I had right here before I blacked out. I was this close to touching this hand.
And I just think that was God saying, “No, not yet.”
His assistant immediately called 911. Tim lay there waiting for help and wondering if
he would ever see his wife and eight children again.
I remember thinking, “Is this it?” I didn't want to go. I couldn't bear the thought of
not seeing my family again.
The amount of electricity that passed through Tim's body, 13,000 volts, was enough to kill
him instantly or at the very least shatter his bones. Tim suffered second and third degree
burns and was rushed to the burn unit. Doctors grafted skin from his leg to cover his burns.
After eight days, he was released to go home.
When I saw my older kids come in for the first time, I absolutely lost complete control of
my emotions, because at that moment, I went back to the point in the accident where I
was losing consciousness and thinking, “Is this it?” It was too much. I couldn't handle
it. I was so grateful to be able to hold them.
As grateful as he was, new challenges arose. Tim was the sole breadwinner, and now the
Williams family had no source of income.
I was out of work for three months where I wasn't able to do anything. It was a heavy
blow to our finances, and we're still dealing with that. But the Christian community, people
in our church, even outside of our church, we were so blown away at how the Body of Christ
came to our aid.
Eventually Tim was strong enough to return to work, but he chooses to stay out of the
trees and keep his feet firmly planted on the ground.
I'm basically a subcontractor. And so I basically am in the sales end of things now. I know
in my heart that when I said, “Help me, Jesus,” as it was happening, He really did.
Even though the injuries were fairly severe, it should have been a lot worse. I hope through
this whole process that somebody can understand that God is real and that God has our best
interest at heart.
What a story! Folks, we want to pray for you. I know there are people in this audience that
say, “Would you pray for me?” Terry, you've got a testimony there.
I do. This is Eva. She lives in McAlpin, Florida. She ruptured a capillary in her eye after
her dog jumped on her. The doctor told Eva it would take at least four weeks for the
blood to clear. Less than one week later, she was watching this program and the hosts
were praying for healing. She put her hand over her eye while she prayed with you, Pat,
and she felt warmth go through her body. She said the next morning, one week after this,
all of the pain, swelling and the blood were gone, and she is just thanking the Lord for
You know, I didn't know about her, but God knew about her. Now here's somebody from Isabella,
Missouri. Joyce developed terrible congestion in her lungs in 2008. It was so bad that her
windpipe whistled with nearly every breath. The only way that she could sleep was by sitting
upright in a chair. It went on for more than two years, and one night while watching this
program, she heard Terry say, “Somebody named Joyce had suffered from a chronic condition
for a long time,” that God was now touching her. Joyce said that was her, and the next
morning, her breathing was normal. Halleluiah!
We shouldn't be surprised.
No we shouldn't! We're going to join together. We're going to believe God. Father, Father,
Father, Lord, You've got all power. This is nothing for You. You created us all. You took
us out of the dust of the earth and You made human beings. Now, Lord, there are people
with problems in their lungs, people with brain tumors, people with arthritis, people
with vein problems, with swelling of their veins. People have got all kinds of infections.
In the name of Jesus, we speak the word that the power of God will go through you right
now. In the name of Jesus, be healed! Somebody right now, you have an ulcer in your stomach.
You felt like fire go through the middle of your body, and you're completely healed. Terry.
Someone else with epilepsy. These seizures have been affecting your ability to move forward
with your life. God is touching and changing all of that for you right now.
A neck muscle, it's popped out. It's big. Put your hand on that muscle and it will go
right down to normal and you're completely healed. The pain is gone. Terry.
Somebody else, you have a knee condition where it has something to do with your muscles and
your knee keeps popping out. It's very painful and it happens unexpectedly. God is tightening
and putting all of that back in its right position, and you'll not have that problem
Somebody has problems with an inner ear infection. You're dizzy. You have a hard time with balance.
Right now, God is just reaching into that inner ear. He is completely healing it. You
are healed. Put your hand over your ear, or both of your ears. In the name of Jesus, be
made whole. Amen. Thank you so much for being with us.
We appreciate every one of you. Tomorrow we've got a tremendous testimony, by the way. He's
a man who survived back-to-back brain aneurysms which they should be fatal, but in this case
they weren't because of earnest prayer. You don't want to miss it. We leave you today
with these words from Luke 11 . . . .
. . . . “For everyone who asks, receives. He who seeks, finds. And to him who knocks,
the door will be opened.” Remember, our telephones are available to you. Anyway we
can help you, 24 hours a day, people are here for you. We'll be seeing you again tomorrow.
Remember, a miracle! Two back-to-back aneurysms. A great miracle. We'll see you then. Bye-bye.
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