Graduate College Spotlight - November 14

Uploaded by arkansastech on 14.11.2012

I'm Katherine Williams and I'm a graduate student at Arkansas Tech and I will be getting my masters in Liberal Arts and Communications.
I had heard about the Liberal Arts department, which was more of an interdisciplinary type of learning and I thought
that appealed to me. I noticed a difference between my undergraduate study and my graduate study is that I think I'm getting a lot
out of the lecture based groups. Where as an undergraduate program you're usually on the receiving end of an long lecture
and it was the professor stream of thought going at you for fifty to forty-five minutes a day. But in the graduate program
they're really interested in how you think about things and what your ideas are on something that you're working on.
And it's just a much more engaging atmosphere. A lot of the students want to be there, obviously, because they took the extra two years
to go to graduate school. They're not just there to make up a credit hour, they're there because they're really interested in the subject matter and they all have really interested opinions about it.
I've been trying to I guess be a cheerleader for the MLA and tell all my friends about it and try to get perceptive graduates to consider the MLA program.
Just because it's so adaptable to their needs. The biggest challenge for me was, I guess I was stressing myself out too much
about adjusting from the undergraduate mind set to a more concentrated graduate idea. So I was thinking okay it's going to be tougher
the classes are going to be harder, I only have two years to figure out what I'm going to do. I'm going to freak out.
But then when I eased into the courses, and I gave myself plenty of time between graduating with an undergraduate degree and going to graduate school.
So I think I was ready to be back in school and it only took a couple of weeks to realize I made the right decision. I love all my classes and all my professors were great,
and the students were lively and interesting. I would say that I've been more confident with my skills, I've been able to carry myself with a little more pride. When I
graduated last year I was so uncertain with what I was going to do with my life, and panicking because everybody was telling me I had to have a plan
but as time went on I realized that's not, that doesn't fit for everybody. Not everyone can grow from an one size fits all mind set.
So like the MLA I guess I learned that I can customize my life as I see fit.