Towson University: Fall Commencement: January 6, 2013, 10 a.m.

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>>Dr. Boucher: Students, please rise and face the
aisle as the
faculty and the President's party process to the stage.
>>Dr. Boucher: Good morning.
I'm Dr Andrea Boucher, professor from the Department of
Kinesiology, and I'm in Physical Education Teacher Preparation.
As a Grand Marshal, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the
winter commencement exercises for the College of Business and
Economics, the College of Education, and the College of
Health Professions.
And we are streaming this graduation ceremony live, over
the web.
So welcome to all the family and friends of the graduates who are
all around the United States, and I know many around the
I'd like to introduce to you Dr Maravene Loeschke, the 13th
president of Towson University.
Madam President, the University community is assembled for
>>President Loeschke: Welcome and good morning.
I welcome you to the 148th commencement in the proud
history of Towson University.
Since 1976, 74 different commencements have taken place
in this room.
Probably for most of our students, you weren't even
around then, but the exciting thing about today, and the
pensive thing about today, is this is the last of the
commencements in this area, and starting in May, they will be
next door in our new arena.
So, this is a time to remember that you were in the very last
classes to graduate from here.
Today, we're going to celebrate you as our newest graduates and
your significant academic achievements.
It has been our pleasure, and I do mean indeed our pleasure, to
guide and mentor you and watch your transformation.
Think about the first days you arrived, orientation, transfer
orientation, as a freshman.
Just think for a minute.
You had some hopes and some dreams, you thought maybe you
knew what your major was, and maybe that's indeed what you're
graduating with, maybe you've changed several times, but now
you're on a new path in your life.
Remember that first day for just a little bit right now, and then
remember, maybe your first class even, and the friends you've
made, and how you've grown, and how it's been our pleasure to be
there on that journey with you.
Now, I ask everyone to please stand or remain standing for our
National Anthem.
It'll be sung by Ms Emily Gradowski who is receiving a
Bachelor of Science in Music.
She is going to be accompanied by Ms Kelly Brittingham, who
will be interpreting.
Ms Brittingham is receiving a Bachelor of Science in Deaf
Studies, and gentlemen, please remove your caps.
>>: NATIONAL ANTHEM (performed by Ms. Emily Gradowski)
>>President Loeschke: At this time, I would also like us to
pause for a moment of silence in honor of the faculty, staff, and
students who have passed away during this year.
The faculty and staff that we have lost are Penny Shafent
Simpson, Billy Hauserman, Nancy Marvle, Paul Poman, Dorothy
Siegel, and Donald Winler.
The students we have lost are Martin Kaufman, Matthew
Cheswick, Alan Daschle, Brendan Huber, Jessica O'Shaughnessy,
and Kara Becker.
A moment of silence please.
>>President Loeschke: Everyone may be seated.
The flags on display represent the 17 countries of the 70
international students graduating from Towson this
And also on stage are the flags representing the 77 nations of
our current international population of 523 students.
We are very pleased to have each and every one of you in our
Towson family.
As you can see, an education at Towson University not only
serves our region in the state of Maryland, but also, it
reaches across the nation and around the globe.
And in addition to the international flags displayed
today, you will notice a number of graduates, faculty, and staff
wearing black and gold pins, signifying their support of the
Tiger commencement pledge.
This pledge is a voluntary commitment to become more active
in communities and community service, and to work for
positive change in social and environmental conditions.
We applaud these efforts for all of our graduates, our faculty,
and our staff.
And now, I call upon Brandy Hall, our superb president of
our Student Government Association, to introduce
representatives from the University's various boards.
>>Brandy Hall: Thank you, President Loeschke.
Today, we are pleased to be joined by a representative of
the University System of Maryland and Board of Regents,
Dr Paul Vance.
This 17 member board is appointed by the governor to
appoint the University System of Maryland Chancellor and the 12
university presidents, formulate policies, and oversee the
academic, administrative, and financial operations of the
system institutions.
Dr Vance brings more than 30 years of experience in higher
education to the Board of Regents, including his 10 years
as the Superintendent of Schools for Montgomery County Public
Schools, the District of Columbia Public School System,
and Deputy Superintendent for Baltimore City Public Schools.
He is the recipient of numerous awards including the Lifetime
Achievement Award and Hall of Fame induction from the National
Association of Black School Educators.
Please, this morning, welcome USM Regent, Dr Paul Vance.
>>Dr Paul Vance: I'm delighted to join you and extend best
wishes from the University System of Maryland, on behalf of
the Board of Regents, on this absolutely tremendous day.
It is an honor to share this occasion with your President,
Maravene Loeschke, who is doing a tremendous job leading Towson
Under her leadership, Towson's expanding its role as a regional
leader, both economically and culturally, making Towson
University a vibrant hub for the entire Greater Baltimore
Towson, Maryland's Metropolitan University, is clearly an
institution of choice for many of Maryland's brightest
I know even greater strides remain in this important area.
Most importantly, it is an honor to be here to recognize and
congratulate you, the members of the graduating class.
What you have accomplished has taken hard work; it has taken
persistence and dedication.
Today, we celebrate the completion of this journey.
I know your family and friends take a great deal of pride in
what you have accomplished.
They have shared in your sacrifice, and certainly they
should share in your success today.
No matter what direction your life now takes, no matter what
challenges you next will confront, know that your
education here has prepared you ever so well.
Towson also takes justifiable pride in serving as an integral
part of the social, cultural, and intellectual life of the
The ethic of service runs deep within the Towson community.
I hope you will continue to honor this tradition.
Once again, congratulations to all of you and know that the
entire University System of Maryland family wishes you the
best in all the years to come.
Thank you.
>> Brandy Hall: Thank you, Dr Vance.
This morning, we are also pleased to have with us Mr Ted
Zaleski and Mr Steve Peck of the University Board of Visitors,
the President's advisory group of the area's top professionals.
A Towson alum, Mr Peck is the Senior Vice President of Global
Strategic Service Partners at SAP, the world leader in
enterprise software and software services.
In 2009, he served as Towson University's first CEO in
residence, strengthening TU's academic programs in global
business, marketing, finance, healthcare, and technology.
He has long served on the Towson University Board of Visitors and
will bring greetings and congratulations today on behalf
of the board.
Please welcome Mr Steve Peck.
>>Mr. Peck: Thank you, Brandy, for that very warm introduction.
Good morning President Loeschke, Interim Provost DiLisio,
distinguished guests, honored faculty, families, and
On behalf of the President's advisory group, the Board of
Visitors, I bring you greetings and congratulations on this
significant accomplishment.
It is our sincere pleasure to see you graduate today and
become a part of a prestigious Towson University legacy of
scholarship, personal excellence, and public service.
It's a privilege to serve on the Board of Visitors and share our
expertise with the president.
The Board of Visitors is comprised of leaders from a very
diverse set of backgrounds, much like yourselves, and experiences
that make us collectively a group of valuable advisers to
the president.
Currently, the Board of Visitors is comprised of an architect, a
professional dancer, a student, a faculty member, a former state
superintendent, a community leader, a realtor, and several
business executives.
With all those diverse backgrounds, we are all aligned
in one way, to leverage our passion and our commitment to
advance this great university.
Today, we celebrate your soon-to-be economic
achievements, your academic achievements, both individually
and collectively, and acknowledge the hard work,
commitment, and perseverance that fueled them.
Today, some of you are graduating summa cum laude, some
of you are graduating barely made it, many of you are
graduating in between.
I just want you to know, we are proud of each and every one of
You know, the opportunity to go to college really is a privilege
and you are fortunate to have attended such a world-class
institution as Towson.
But we are also equally as fortunate to have had you as our
I sincerely mean that.
Under the visionary leadership of President Loeschke, Towson is
a university on the move in all the right directions and your
academic achievements that we are celebrating today are
foundational to this transformation.
Now is the time to apply and leverage everything that you
have learned here and achieve great success going forward, and
of course, pay back your parents and all those student loans.
Whatever your future holds, whether it's furthering your
academic career, working directly with patients in need,
or aspiring to be a CEO, I hope that you will always hold Towson
University very near and dear to your heart and don't forget to
be an active and involved alum in supporting the future of this
great school and therefore the students who will follow you.
You will no doubt receive plenty of advice before the end of the
ceremony today, and I couldn't resist throwing in a nugget or
two, myself.
You know, it's clear today, in a rapidly advancing world of
communications and social networking, that social
networking is very fundamental to everything we do, but one
thing I want to say in the age of Facebook and Twitter is don't
forget that life is a contact sport.
Don't ever underestimate the importance of strong
interpersonal skills and the ability to have quality face to
face interactions in your future.
As the CEO and senior exec, I have had the opportunity to read
and work with thousands of dedicated professionals.
The values my organizations have embraced as a foundation of
success include integrity, professionalism, accountability,
innovation, passion for others, and of these, my favorite is
And that comes across really well face-to-face.
So, give me a passionate, energetic individual anytime.
Give me a group of innovative, passionate employees with high
integrity and it's amazing what can be accomplished.
If you exhibit these qualities and confidence in all you do,
and bring your A-game every day I have no doubt you'll do very
well in your future careers.
And then, of course, you can tell all your friends and
families about your success on Facebook and Twitter.
As Towson graduates, you now hold an important responsibility
to be good stewards of your education and use it to make a
difference in the world.
Make it count.
So again, on behalf of the Board of Visitors, I once again offer
our sincerest congratulations.
Wherever life takes you from here, continue to seek
opportunities to lead, serve, and learn.
Thank you very much.
>>Brandy Hall: Thank you, Mr Peck, for your words of wisdom.
This morning we are also fortunate to welcome Mr Lance
Johnson, President of Towson University's Alumni Association,
who will bring words of welcome and congratulations to our new
Please welcome Mr Johnson.
>>Mr Johnson: Good morning and greetings from the Alumni
As a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors
and a proud graduate of 1993, I am honored to be here
representing more than a 133,000 alumni who graduated from this
remarkable institution.
Each of these alumni has their own story to tell about the
success they have achieved as a result of their education from
My own story would not have been possible without the education,
experiences, and connections I made here at Towson.
Today, you join 2,170 fellow graduates that make up the class
of 2012.
1,523 of you will receive a Bachelor's degree, 635 of you
are receiving a Master's degree or certificate, and 12 of you
are receiving a Doctoral degree from Towson University, so
Your class is 63% female and 37% male.
The average age of the undergraduate student this year,
of the graduating class, is 24 and the graduate student is 32.
The youngest graduate of 2012 is Oluwadamilare Ajayi, who is
receiving a Bachelor's degree in Biology and Chemistry at the age
of 20.
Our most seasoned graduate is Dominic Mezzanotte who, at the
age of 71, is receiving his Doctorate of Science degree in
Informational Technology
>>Mr Johnson: May I add, that Dr Mezzanotte is a third time
Towson graduate, having also earned his Bachelor of Science
in Music in 1996 and his Master's of Music in 1999.
Your class represents 20 out of our 50 states, with Pennsylvania
and New York having the largest number of graduates outside the
state of Maryland.
And, for the record, 135 of you come from Pennsylvania and 61
come from New York.
Seven of you are the sole representatives from your home
For those of you receiving your Master's and Doctorate degree
today, we know that 8% of you have also received your
Bachelor's degree from Towson.
So a second congratulations is in order.
>>Mr Johnson: We know this class was very engaged and active as
the majority of our current students, seniors, and graduate
students participated in an internship or experiential
learning project this past semester.
Additionally, members of this graduating class were involved
in intercollegiate athletics and a variety of co-curricular
All of this while having an average GPA of 3.27.
We know that most of you will stay right here in Maryland
after graduation because, on average, 73% of TU alumni call
Maryland home, although, alumni live in every state across
America and 79 countries.
Perhaps you will join the nearly 6,000 alumni that married a
fellow Towson graduate or you will become one of over a
thousand alumni who came back to their alma mater in a faculty or
staff position.
Whatever path you decide to take, remember you will always
be part of the growing Towson alumni network and we want you
to stay connected with your alma mater.
The Alumni Association will help you do this and we look forward
to hearing about your accomplishments and successes.
On behalf of thousands who have preceded you, it is my privilege
to congratulate you on your outstanding achievements.
Congratulations again on this very special day.
>>President Loeschke: Thank you, Mr Johnson.
Now, may I ask that all of the parents and grandparents in the
audience, who are also alumni of Towson University, would you
please stand?
>>President Loeschke: Parents and grandparent alumni.
And now, all Towson alumni in the room stand, not you guys
yet, you're not alumni yet, everybody who is an alum.
That's a lot of our staff and faculty, as well.
>>President Loeschke: We really want to thank you for your pride
in your alma mater and your continued loyalty and support.
Once again, now I call upon Brandy Hall to introduce our
first student speaker.
>>Brandy Hall: Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, it is now
my pleasure and honor to introduce our undergraduate
speaker, Ms Chipe Geatty.
Ms Geatty is graduating today from the College of Health
Professions with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
She was originally born in the small country of Togo in West
Africa and immigrated to the United States at the age of
From the time she was in elementary school, Ms Geatty has
always excelled in her classes.
She attended the Towson University Nursing program at
the system of Maryland in Hagerstown and completed her
senior practicum on the Women's and Infants Unit at the Meritus
Medical Center.
Ms Geatty hopes to practice in maternity nursing or pediatrics.
She plans on pursuing a Master's degree in Community Public
Health Nursing and to one day become an educator.
Everyone please give a warm welcome to Ms Chipe Geatty.
>>Chipe Geatty: Thank you, Brandy Hall, our SGA President,
for that introduction.
Good morning, President Loeschky, distinguished guests,
honored faculty, family, and fellow graduates.
It is truly an honor to be in front of you today.
While each of us has our own Towson story, based on our
unique experiences, I am confident that there's something
consistent for each of us.
Our time in Towson University represents a time of growth and
change in our lives.
Graduations naturally lend themselves to reflection, and
that's exactly what I've been doing for the past few weeks.
Foremost, I am thankful to have grown intellectually,
professionally, and personally.
I'm appreciative of the committed faculty that helped me
and challenged me to excel.
I'm grateful for the friendships and lifelong bonds that I've
made with my classmates as we worked towards, and completed,
our nursing degrees.
We all know that change is consistent, but when I think
about the changes that have occurred around me during my
undergraduate experience, I am really taken back.
Collectively, we have elected and reelected this nation's
first African-American president.
>>Chipe Geatty: Our world has endured numerous natural
disasters, from earthquakes, to hurricanes that caused
devastation in Haiti, Japan, and along our very own eastern
Our nation has suffered tragic mass shootings that have taken
the lives of the innocent, and we have ended the war in Iraq,
and we are slowly coming out of the Great Recession.
As I begin my career in the healthcare workforce, I can
hardly imagine the changes I'll see in the years to come.
Developments in technologies that we all depend on and the
Health Care Reform Act promised to change healthcare forever,
but one thing that is guaranteed to never change is the need for
human connection and the uniqueness of each human spirit.
Health care, first and foremost, is about caring for and being in
service to others.
I would like to take this moment to thank my family and my close
friends who have been my support and my rock, as I work towards
this degree.
Fellow graduates, as I look around this room of faces known
and unknown, I can only imagine how we, graduates of Towson
University, will change the world in the years to come.
Thank you and congratulations, Class of 2012.
>>Ms Jackson: Thank you, Ms Geatty.
Good morning.
I am Lisa Jackson, President of the Graduate Student
Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, it is now my pleasure
to introduce Mr Joel Avrunin, who is graduating from the
College of Business and Economics with a Master's in
Business Administration.
Mr Avrunin grew up in Potomac, Maryland, and in 2001 graduated
from Cornell University with a Bachelor's in Science and
Electrical Engineering.
Out of school, he worked as a design engineer, but in 2006,
his interest in business aspired him to take a job in sales and
applications engineer with Tektronix, later a part of
He started at Towson in 2010, and since that time, has been
promoted to an account manager and, most recently, to a
regional sales manager.
In his spare time, he loves to learn and teach about
technology, whether with his four children or in his online
technology blog.
Today, he lives in Baltimore and is working to apply his
technical knowledge, business acumen, long-term vision to be a
uniquely effective corporate leader in his field.
Please welcome Mr Joel Avrunin.
>>Mr Avrunin: Thank you, Lisa Jackson, our GSA President, for
the introduction.
Good morning, President Loeschke, distinguished guests,
honored faculty, my family, and fellow graduates.
With my undergraduate degree in engineering, I sought to answer
a question.
Is science the sum of all knowledge?
Our society accepts that if you learn the science behind the
system, you're now the expert, you can tackle any problem.
So with that mindset, I started at Towson, wanting to become an
expert in the science of business.
Specifically, how do you manage organizational change?
If science is the sum of all knowledge, then an expert in the
science of engineering can design, and an expert in the
science of business should be able to manage.
I foresaw going to class, learning the skills that I would
need to effectively manage.
If you read my schedule, it looked like everything in the
business, marketing, accounting, project management.
And yet, in an economics course, I learned the prescient words of
the Austrian economist, Friedrich Hayek.
He said that knowledge of the circumstances of time and place
were far more critical than all of the science we could ever
hope to learn.
From Hayek, we learned that since a manager cannot be
everywhere at once, he must empower those he has employed to
make decisions on their own.
He teaches that the further removed a decision maker is from
the point of knowledge, the slower the organization will be
to react to change.
So, the key to management is hands-off.
So, why did we come to school to become managers?
So, let's consider an example.
You go out York Road, drive up to I-695, what will you find?
Cars, driving at 60 miles per hour and generally they don't
collide, but there is no manager telling the cards how to drive.
Each driver makes his own decision.
So how does that work?
It works because the cars follow rules of the road, they stay in
their lanes, they follow the traffic laws, and if a car
decides to change lanes, it signals.
It communicates to another driver.
An effective manager looks at his company like that
He establishes a common vision for his team, which would be
like the rules for the road.
He then acts as a conduit for communication for his team.
That would be like the turn signals of the car, but when a
car comes too close in traffic, it's the driver who must swerve,
not the Maryland Highway Administration, and a manager
has to empower his team like this, and yet do we really think
Steve Jobs is this visionary CEO.
He had created a company that made the iPhone.
We all say, why can't all CEOs be like Steve Jobs, and yet, do
we want to work for autocratic micromanaging CEOs?
Does that really empower our success?
We may laud Apple's successes.
We all have our iPhones and igadgets.
But at the end of the day, remember the same organizational
culture back in the 1980's gave us the failed Apple Lisa, and
just three months ago gave us Apple Maps.
That organizational culture can't create consistent winners.
So, even in our own lives, we value the manager who enables
our own success, not micromanaging us.
My economics professor, he calls his management blog, "Giving up
That is the greatest lesson of management.
Whether in corporate America, we're not all managers; many of
us are parents, even as a parent is giving up control.
As was mentioned, I was recently promoted to sales manager and I
had to take my old sales territory and hand it to
somebody new.
Capable though he is, he won't run it the same way as me.
But he won't be successful unless I give him the latitude
to run things in his own manner, while giving him coaching along
the way.
As I become a manager, I really am giving up control.
Those of us who are parents experience the same thing.
Each of our lives is a sequence of thousands of daily decisions
we have to make.
And yet, we can't make those decisions for our children, we
must create a vision and a framework so they are successful
making those decisions on their own.
In closing, what I have learned most from my experience at
Towson is that the true success of management comes not from
doing the job of everybody else, it comes in recognizing that
when an organization must adapt to new information in the
market, the best person to react is the one nearest the change.
The work of a manager is to create common vision for his
team, empower his individual employees to act quickly in a
changing market, and to foster common communication, so that
that change and that knowledge can propagate throughout the
Thank you very much, and congratulations graduates.
>> Dr DiLisio: Thank you, Mr Avrunin.
Would Professor Timothy Sullivan please join the President, here
the center podium, for a presentation?
The President's Award for Distinguished Service recognizes
intellectual talent and professional service to a member
of the University faculty.
This award is given to an individual who has dedicated 20
or more years of service to higher education, and has made
an important contribution to higher education in the
Metropolitan region, through teaching, scholarship, and
participation in University affairs.
The award is provided by the President of the University, and
the recipient receives a $2,500 award and a commemorative silver
Madam President, I present to you this year's recipient of the
President's Distinguished Service Award,
Dr Timothy Sullivan.
>>President Loeschke: It is such an honor, as a president, to be
able to recognize a faculty member of this caliber.
Dr Sullivan, you are one of this institution's finest examples of
excellence and leadership.
Your remarkable record of service, the breadth of your
contributions campus-wide, and the respect you have earned from
your colleagues make you a natural choice for this
Since your arrival at Towson, more than 23 years ago, you have
devoted untold hours in service to students and faculty and
As a professor, and economist, you have diligently served as
chair of the Department of Economics in the College of
Business and Economics since 2007.
With eight consecutive terms as president of the University
Senate, you currently hold the institution's record for the
longest tenure in that leadership position.
The students have recognized your omnipresence.
In 2011, the Student Government Association named you the
faculty member of the year for your tireless commitment to
Your professionalism and combined with your desire and a
gift to find consensus has led repeated recruitment of you for
committees and for search committees.
You have been instrumental in the roles in a number of search
committees, most especially, recently, for our new Provost,
Dr Timothy Chandler.
As the faculty representative on the Board of Visitors, as well
as the Resource Planning Advisory Committee, and many,
many other campus governance bodies, you consistently
contribute academic perspective, excellence, wide ranging
knowledge, and sound judgment.
Tim, you are indeed the epitome of leadership with your
diplomacy and the gold standard of institutional service.
We ask our students all the time how they are going to serve with
their education and you are a role model for them all.
It is with the greatest pride, pleasure, and gratitude for all
that you do, that I present you with the 2013 Presidents Award
for Distinguished Service to this University.
>>Dr Sullivan: Thank you, President Loeschke, for those
very kind words.
I'm deeply honored and humbled to have been named the latest
recipient of the President's Award for Distinguished Service
to the University, an award that means more to me than I fear my
words here today can adequately express.
I'm honored to have my name now listed alongside the previous 32
recipients of this award, individuals that have all helped
to make this great university a great institution of higher
I'm honored to be part of an institution whose mission is to
enhance and enrich the lives of individuals, and more broadly,
to improve the human condition.
There are a great many faculty-staff across this
campus, many of whom are on this stage and in this auditorium
today, and which I have the greatest respect and admiration
for, and I am grateful to work alongside them, as a colleague,
in the pursuit of our common mission and vision.
As an educational institution,
we will ultimately and
appropriately be judged by the achievement of our students.
So, to all of you here today about to graduate, I offer you
not only my congratulations and best wishes, but I am confident
you will do us all proud.
In my view, there is nothing more vital to humanity than to
progress, than being part of something, to participate in
causes and events that are bigger than yourself.
This, of course, manifests itself in a variety of ways, in
families as well as in vocations.
I had the great, good fortune of being born into a large, loving
and dynamic family.
I also benefited from the commitment of many wonderful
The debt I owe to my teachers, to my mother, to my father, and
my seven brothers and sisters remains beyond estimation, even
to an economist.
As a member of an educational institution, this educational
institution, I believe I am also part of a larger, albeit,
metaphorical, family.
A significantly large selection of diverse and talented
individuals involved in something quite wonderful,
education and discovery.
To paraphrase, and somewhat distort the great American
playwright Tennessee Williams, "It has not been the kindness of
strangers that I have depended upon, but rather I've always
relied upon the dedication and good work of colleagues".
Even more significantly, I have certainly depended upon the
patience and supportive friends and loved ones.
Most notably, upon the support and patience of Cindy, my loving
and forgiving bride and love this many years.
To all of you, I am very grateful for this recognition,
for all that I've been given over the years and since our
journey is far from complete, I look forward to what lies ahead
for all of us.
Thank you.
>>President Loeschke: Commencement is one of the
happiest days of the year on this campus, and there are many
people here who are a part of your accomplishments, students.
There is, in particular, one very special group, whose
contributions deserve our attention.
We have one of the finest graduating classes in Maryland
because we have one of the finest faculty assembled,
So, I'm going to ask our faculty to please stand, and students, I
would like you to tell them what you think.
Faculty, please rise.
>>President Loeschke: Okay.
Also joining me on stage today are leaders of the University,
those responsible for facilitating our academic and
student programs, and though their dedication and expertise
enables the success of our students, you may not see them
each and every day.
Although, you can be assured, that each and every day they are
dedicated to your success.
Now, I'm going to ask these individuals to rise, and you can
hold your applause until the end.
First of all, the vice presidents of the University,
the Director of University Marketing, the deans of the
colleges, and the Dean of University Libraries, the
associate deans of the colleges, members of the Board of
Visitors, the Board of Regents, the Alumni Association, the
University Senate, the American Association of University
Professors, the Towson University Staff Counsel, and
members of the Student Government Association and the
Graduate Student Association.
Please join me in a round of applause, thanking them.
>>President Loeschke: I'd also like to thank the faculty
members who are serving as faculty marshals today, student
marshals, and readers for this ceremony.
A lot of time goes into that to make this special for you.
In addition to the faculty, there are over a hundred people
who have worked to put on this ceremony.
The Commencement Committee, the University Store, Students
Auxiliary Services, facilities, personnel, police, bus drivers,
food-service, photographers, events staff, custodians,
parking staff, and many volunteers.
I mention all of this because we love doing it.
It's a happy day for us.
A lot of people worked on this, and they do it out of love.
Let's thank them too, please.
>>President Loeschke: Now graduates, you've had a lot of
support on this journey.
First of all, and if I may have the lights up, I'm going to ask,
we're just going to take a moment here.
And we're going to ask all of the mothers and fathers of these
graduates to please stand up.
>>President Loeschke: Let these folks thank you.
>>President Loeschke: Now, now, we're going to hold our applause
until the end cause there's a bunch of you supporting
So now, we're going to ask brothers, as I call it, you
stand up.
We have any brothers or sisters, spouses, significant others,
partners, sons, and daughters?
Let's have our grandparents, great-grandparents,
grandchildren stand up.
>>President Loeschke: And lastly, those wonderful aunts
and uncles.
They're a great group, those aunts and uncles, and all the
friends, alright let's all celebrate.
Thank them.
>>President Loeschke: Now, before the most important part
of the ceremony begins, I have an announcement considering the
order of the procession.
So that you may find your particular graduate in the
procession, graduates will come forward alphabetically within
their college.
If you could please, please limit your applause and shouts
for your particular graduate out of respect for the graduate who
will follow, because their parents and friends may not hear
their names if you don't do that.
We would be deeply appreciative.
Interim Provost DiLisio will join me for the conferring of
Assisting us in awarding the degrees will be Dr Shohreh
Kaynama, Dean of the College of Business and Economics, Dr Ray
Lorion, Dean of the College of Education, Dr Marcie Weinstein,
associate dean of Health Professions, and Dr Janet
DeLany, Dean of Graduate Studies.
And also assisting today is Dr Louise Laurence, Associate Dean
of Business and Economics, Dr Karen Robertson, Associate Dean
of Education, and Dr Maggie Wreitz, Chair of the Department
of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science.
>>Dr. DiLisio: Will the candidates for
the Doctoral degree please stand and proceed to the stage?
I ask professors Karen Eskow, Beth Merryman and William Sadera
to escort the candidates to the stage.
>>Dr. DiLisio: Madam President,
on the recommendation of the faculty, I
have the honor to present these candidates who meet all
requirements for the degree of Doctor of Science and
Occupational Science, and Doctor of Education and Instructional
>>President Loeschke: This is one of the most important days
in anyone's life as an academic.
The achievement of a Doctoral degree is a remarkable
It demonstrates a special effort to develop your academic talents
and strengthens your skills in research and clinical practice.
It is now your responsibility to apply these capabilities in the
service of humanity.
The escorting of the candidate by the Dean of the college and
their advisor or Chair symbolizes the support provided
throughout the educational process.
So, this ritual over here is extremely important, so watch it
Once hooded, the candidate is referred to as Doctor,
forevermore, and walks across the stage alone, symbolizing the
achievement of academic excellence at the highest level.
By the authority vested in me, by the University System of
Maryland's Board of Regents, and the state of Maryland, I confer
upon you the degree of Doctor of Science, with all of the honors,
rights, privileges, and responsibilities thereunto
>>President Loeschke: Now, the chair of the Department of
Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science, Dr Maggie
Wreitz, to present the candidate for the degree of Doctor of
Science and Occupational science.
After the citation, I asked Dr Weinstein, the Associate Dean,
and the candidate's advisor to hood the candidate, assisted by
Dr DeLany.
>>Dr Maggie Wreitz: Madam President, our first candidate
for Doctor of Science is Ms. Barbara Benen Demchick.
Ms. Demchick's Doctoral dissertation is entitled,
"Quality of Life and Families with Transition-Age Young Adult
on the Autism Spectrum," prepared under the supervision
of Dr Karen Eskow.
>>President Loeschke: I now present to you, for the first
time, Dr Barbara Benen Demchick.
>>Dr Maggie Wreitz: Madam President, our second candidate
for Doctor of Science is Ms. Susan Denise Krutis.
Ms. Krutis' doctoral dissertation is entitled,
"Medication Adherence, Social Support, and Recovery:
Perspectives of Consumers with Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders
and Their Families," prepared under the supervision of Dr Beth
>>President Loeschke: I now present to you,
Dr Susan Denise Krutis.
>>Dr Maggie Wreitz: Madame President, our third candidate
for Doctor of Science is Ms. Joanne Flanagan.
Ms. Flanagan's doctoral dissertation is entitled,
"Movement and Play in Infants at Risk for Autism," prepared under
the supervision of Dr Janet V DeLany.
>>President Loeschke: I now present to you, Dr Joanne E
>>President Loeschke: Now, let us congratulate our new
doctorates, receiving the Doctor of Science in Occupational
Therapy, one more time.
>>President Loeschke: I now ask the assistant dean of the
Department of Educational Technology and Literacy, Dr Jeff
Kenton, to present the candidate for the degree the Doctor of
Education and Instructional Technology.
Please note that there is more information on each of these
candidates in your program.
After the citation, I ask Dr Lorion and the Dean of the
College of Education and the candidate's advisor to hood the
candidate, assisted by Dr DeLany.
>>Dr Jeffery Kenton: Madam President, our first candidate
for Doctor of Education in Instructional Technology is Mr
William Barnard.
Mr Bernard's doctoral dissertation is entitled, "An
Examination of Relationships Between Preservice Interns'
Technology Integration Proficiency, Essential
Conditions for Technology and Teaching Competency," prepared
under the supervision of Dr David Wizer.
>>President Loeschke: I present to you, for the first time,
Dr William Barnard.
>>Dr Jeffery Kenton: Madam President, our second candidate
for Doctor of Education in Instructional Technology is Ms
Patricia McAteer.
Ms. McAteer's doctoral dissertation is entitled,
"Examination of Factors That Influence Students' Perceptions
of Involvement and Satisfaction in Hybrid Courses," prepared
under the supervision of Dr David Wizer.
>>President Loeschke: And now, we present to you,
Dr Patricia McAteer.
>>Dr Jeffery Kenton: Madam President, our third candidate
for Doctor of Education in Instructional Technologies is Mr
David Edwin Robinson.
Mr Robinson's doctoral dissertation is entitled,
"Factors Affecting Technology Integration in Internship-based
Teaching Experiences," prepared under the supervision of
Dr William Sadera.
>>President Loeschke: Here, ladies and gentlemen, is Dr
David Edwin Robinson.
>>President Loeschke: Now, let us congratulate our new
>>Dr. DiLisio: Will the candidates for Master's degrees
and graduate certificates please stand?
>>Dr. DiLisio: Madam President,
on recommendation of the faculty,
I have the honor to present these students who meet all
requirements for the degrees of Master of Arts, Master Arts in
Teaching, Master of Business Administration, Master of Fine
Arts, Master of Education, Master of Music, Master of
Science, or Certificates of Advanced Study in Post
Baccalaureate Certificates.
>>President Loeschke: I am pleased to review these
candidates for Graduate degrees and certificates.
By the authority vested in me, by the University system of
Maryland, the Board of Regents, and the State of Maryland I
confer upon you the recommended degree with all of the honors,
rights, privileges, and responsibilities thereunto
>>Dr. DiLisio: Graduates, as you
approach the stage please follow
the directions of the marshals.
Once on stage, you will shake hands with your college Dean or
the Dean of Graduate Studies, receive your alumni gift and
proceed to center stage to receive the congratulations from
the president or myself.
You will then exit the center stairs and be directed back to
your seat by the faculty marshal.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Good morning. I'm Dr Rodney Stump,
professor from the Department of Marketing.
It is my pleasure to introduce the graduate candidates for
Congratulating the graduates along with me will be
Dr Janet DeLany,Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr Shohreh Kaynama,
Dean of the College of Business and Economics, Dr Raymond
Lorion, Dean of the College of Education, and Dr Marcie
Weinstein, Associate Dean of the College of Health Professions.
Also introducing the graduates with me is Dr Filiz Tabak from
the Department of Management.
And let us begin.
>>Dr Rodney Stump:Adriana Ampong.
>>Dr Filiz Tabak: Robert Joseph Bauer.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Joel Avrunin.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Timothy Culbertson.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Jarrett Leon Carter.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Zhebo Jiao.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Lindsey Marano Halpin.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Michael Kenneally.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Gregory L Kenneally.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Dineli Anoma Weerasooriya.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Brian John Raley.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Myra Yusuf.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Jessica Lynn Wright.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Niya Kight.
>>Dr Rodney Stump:That concludes the
College of Business.
We'll continue with the College of Education.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Maggie I Somers.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Jamileh Aladdin.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Lora J Allison.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Erin Nicole Amore.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Khristina Lynn Anderson.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Roy Antonio Austin.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Amanda Michelle Bailey.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Daniel Thomas Blocklin.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Kendra Danita Bouloubassis.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Jacqueline Andrea Clarke-Martin.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Julie Colliton.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Anthony Cooper-Jenkins.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Leslie Ann Danna.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Kylista Javon Darden
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Diana Beard Engler.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Kristen Nicole Ernstes.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Shakara Elaine Everett.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Courtney Elizabeth Faison.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Stacy Lynn Flynn.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Sylvia Lea Franklin.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Julianne Marie Giarrusso.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Shannon Marie Glisan.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Jeffrey Allen Groleau.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Kirstin Montgomery Hadfield.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Deanna Patrice Hairston.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Kimberly Hamer.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Rebecca Adrianne Harrison.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Abigail Rose Haven.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Rita Arline Hawkins.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Deborah Louise Hopp.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Sara Theresa Keener.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Emily Elizabeth Janiski.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Danielle La Tour.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Julie Naomi Jones.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Puncharas Limanwat.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Samantha Elaine Knight.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Jennifer Carlene Lorquet.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Danita Shauntae Lawrence.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Rachel Lauren Martinez.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Nina Nichole Lombardo.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Micheline McCutcheon.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Christine Julia Manfredonia.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Bela Ashok Meghani.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Megan Elizabeth McComb.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Krystle Marie Molite.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Mary Sullivan McSweeney.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Danielle Rebecca Peregoy.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Jennifer Leigh Meltzer.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Karla Edith Quintanilla.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Karen Munzer.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Lindsay Ryan Randall.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Sarah Renee Petrocelli.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Andrew John Schiefer.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Kimberly Sue Rokos.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: James William Shaffer Jr.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Jessica Lynn Schutt.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: April Elizabeth Slavin.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Brad Gavin Scrivener.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Betsy C Sohn.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Anne Maura Shovlin.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Shaneha Sotomayor.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Lauren Colby Simmet.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Bettye Kendall Thurman.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Jason Joseph Smith.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Lacey Ann Waltrop.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Bryan Griffin Strom.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Lori Amelia Watchinsky.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Pongsathorn Vongvight.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Megan Alden Wolff.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Jeannine Nicole Warminski.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Sarah England Johnson.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Barbara Danielle Wayson.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Jenny Claire Young.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Kimberly Pui Shei Yip.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: That concludes the
College of Education.
We'll continue with the College of Health Professions.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Justine Michelle Ascanio.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Sara Elizabeth Bailin.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Devorah Bernstein.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Denise Marie Beyer.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Tenieka Bland.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Lydia Yvonne BonGiorni.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Laketa Davis.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Rebecca Lynn D'Epagnier.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Rachel B. Druckenmiller.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Erin Leigh Drenning.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Adina M. Dilman.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Shoshana Tamar Englander.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Kelly Lynn Feeheley.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Jennifer Jill Ferguson.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Ashley Marie Fried.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Lindsey Brooke Gambill.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Anna Elizabeth Gregory.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Joy Elyse Hall.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Rachel Elizabeth Hart.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Natasha LaToya Holmes.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Monique Sandra House.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Jeronimo Miguel Jimenez.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Melissa Catherine Jones.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Rachel Danielle Jones.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Melissa Ann Kellner.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Helen Thompson Kessler.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Andrew Steven Klein.
>>Dr Filiz Tabak: Chinedu Nkwopara.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Julie Lauren Kobylarek.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Lauren Parker Massey.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Devorah Bayla Melman.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Amanda Jo Mezei.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Angelika Maria Osowski.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Stephanie Lee Morris.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Imane Sene.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Shayna Katrice Murphy.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Sara Michal Shapiro.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Portia Ivy Ruth.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Shara Amber Stone.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Kristen Marie Ritz.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Francesca Genevieve Weaks.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Emily Anne Shelley.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Tara Daneen Williams.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Chana Steinberg.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Emily Louise Wright.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Robin Meryl Wasserman.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Mary Clark.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Kara Wheeler.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Michelle Davis.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Steffi Brynn Wilson.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Lou Ann L. Rau.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Aleesa Roseanne Anderson.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Kelli Cecelia Lane.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Rickeena Free.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Christine L.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Aileen Marie Kammer.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Rachel Amy Schwartzschild.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Madam President, this concludes all
the students receiving a Graduate degree.
>>President Loeschke: Before Interim Provost DiLisio
introduces the undergraduate candidates for degrees, I would
like to take a moment to recognize our graduating
veterans wearing green honor cords, members of our Armed
Forces, and the men and women on active duty, those in reserve
units, and all of the veterans in the audience today who have
served in the defense of this country.
I would also like to recognize the graduates of the Army
Reserve Officers Training Corps, who will soon begin their
service in the active Army, Army Reserves, or Maryland Army
National Guard.
Would all veterans in the room please stand and let us thank
you for your service?
>>President Loeschke: Stay up there, we can see you now.
There you go.
Thank you.
Provost DiLisio will now introduce the undergraduate
candidates for degrees.
Here we go.
Dr DiLisio.
>>Dr DiLisio: Madam President, it is my pleasure to introduce
the undergraduate candidates for Bachelor degrees.
The Honors College at Towson University provides an enhanced
undergraduate experience for over 700 talented and high
achieving students.
Honors students are encouraged to seek academic excellence and
leadership opportunities that go beyond the traditional college
Students graduating from the Honors College must complete 24
units of required honors coursework including
interdisciplinary seminars and projects.
Today we ask the students graduating from the Honors
College to rise and be recognized.
>>Dr DiLisio: Thank you, you may be seated.
Additionally, Latin Honors will be awarded to the top 10% of
each college, will be based on students' last 60 credits at
Towson University.
This includes grades earned during the fall 2012 term,
excuse me.
These honors will appear on the transcript and diploma of those
Now, I ask that all candidates for the Bachelor's degree to
please stand.
>>Dr DiLisio:Madam President, on recommendation of the faculty, I
have the honor of presenting to you those students who meet all
requirements of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts,
Bachelor of Music, Bachelor Science, and Bachelor of
Technical and Professional Studies.
>>President Loeschke: By the authority vested in me, by the
University System of Maryland's Board of Regents, and the State
of Maryland, I confer upon you the recommended degree with all
of the honors, rights, and privileges, and responsibilities
thereunto pertaining.
>>Dr DiLisio:Graduates please follow directions
of the marshals.
Once on stage, you will shake hands with the College Dean or
Associate Dean, receive your alumni gift, and proceed to
center stage to receive congratulations from President
Loeschke or myself.
You will exit the center stage and be directed back to your
seat by your marshal.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Good morning, again.
I'm still Dr Rodney Stump, professor from the
Department of Marketing.
I know it's silly, but that's on the script.
It's my pleasure to introduce the undergraduates from the
College of Business and Economics.
Congratulating the graduates along with me will be our Dean,
Dr Shohreh Kaynama, and also Dr Louise Laurence, the Associate
Dean of the College of Business and Economics.
Introducing the graduates along with me, again, is Dr Filiz
Tabak from the Department of management.
Let us begin.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Michael Benjamin Calabrese.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Brian Boateng-Botwe.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Umair A Ahmed
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Kaitlin Karin Aponte.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Randy J An.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Michael Nicholas Barrie.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Olawale Oladipo Agunloye.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Thomas Francis Berry Jr.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Alexander William Bidas.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Abdulelah Ibrahim Abdulrahman Almalhem.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Whitney Marie Blomquist.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Summer Victoria Austria.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Tyler Joseph Boschert.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Ashley Elizabeth Barrett.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Charles Joseph Bubeck.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Bradford Nash Bauer.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Jacqueline Elaine Burdnell.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Lisa Marie Berryman.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Francisco Cartagena.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: David Charles Birnie.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Megan Elizabeth Casagrande.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Dominique LaMar Booker.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Diogenes Oliveira Cezila.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Colin Lindsey Brown.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: India Mishe Chandler.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Ngan Vu Kim Bui.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Joong Sup Choe.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Mark Saunders Burrill.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Kimberly Anne Ciurlino.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Aandria Mattie Elizabeth Carr.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Michelle Renee Clark.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Roman Mathew Castrilli.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Jason Scott Cole.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Na'Kae Le'jean Chance.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Nicholas William Conklin.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Anna Marie Chapman.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Marisa Creamer.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Frank Jay Cinquegrani.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Johanna Stephanie Cruz.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Joseph Charles Clark.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Airielle Tiara Dawson.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Bristol Grace Cole.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Sherri LaVonda Dawson.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Kayla Margaret Coligan.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Kyle Jared Duke.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Rebecca Danielle Conkling.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Michelle Christina Durante.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Brian Joel Cross.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Meaghan Elizabeth Ellis.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Elizabeth Hope Cunningham-Garren.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Stephen James Erdelyi.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Rohan Dangi.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Graham Pierce Ewing.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Stephanie Dinkelaker.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Nicholas Lawrence Filippou.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Andrew Robert Dukes.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Wesley Alexander Foltz
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Bradley Eden.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Cole Joseph Gagnon.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Sarah Lynn Engel.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Lenysa Gardner.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Nicole Laura Espinoza.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Kurt Searcy Geisler.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Blake Ashley Fellner.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Andrew Schultz.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Molly Sarah Flax.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Jason Phillip Giammona.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Matthew Ryan Fraser.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Christopher David Granger.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Timothy Dennis Galvan.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Brittany Tierra Gross.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Michael Vincent Gemmill.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Brittany Nicole Hancock.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Bolajoko Olufunmilayo Somade.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Sheri Margaret Havranck.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Christopher Matthew Gay.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Jeffrey Edward Henley.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Carmen Joseph Gotti.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Ellen Josephine Hutton.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Brendon Gerald Gregoire.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Ebunoluwa Yejide Ibidapo.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Michael Javier Gutierrez.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Shontay Johnson.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Emily Marie Harrison.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Kristen Amanda Korsnick.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Joshua Solomon Bennett Heller.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Stephanie Michelle Lacy.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Christine Elizabeth Herrman.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Andrew Clayton Lambrow.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: David Humphrey.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Adam Gordon Leatherman.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Linh Khanh Huynh.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Larissa Anne LeClair.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Alexandra Sage Januchowski.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Corey Brett Light.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Zachary George Kachmar.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Caroline Bernadette Litt.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Evridiki Adamantios Koutelis.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: John Joseph Lopresti.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Kazeem Tio Laja.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Kelly Irene Lynch.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Lindsey Christine Laraia.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Dylan Michael Manley.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Joseph David Lechert.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Daniel James Marquette.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Ca-yih Shuman Li.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Alexis Paige Martin.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Ashley Fay Linz.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Bryan Isaac Maxin.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Tony Francis Lopez.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Joshua James McGuire.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Laetitia Ekokobibib Lukusha.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Ryan Christopher Mills.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Albert John Maddalena.
>>Dr Rodney Stump: Elizabeth Sheriza Mohamed.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Adam Yusuf Marghoob.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Ashida Candece Morrison.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Jeremy William Martien.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Alexander Wei Ying Ng.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Libby Mathew.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Eric John Noonan.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Robert Michael Maxwell.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Babatunde Ade Toku.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Zachary John Meyers.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Howard Mitchell Oliver III.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Kimberly Nicole Moffett.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Marvin Leonard Perez.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Vicky Leonor Moreira.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Erin Leigh Polyanski.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Nicholas DeShay Myers.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Matthew Vincent Pukach.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Phan Nguyen Le Ngo.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Kenneth James Queen Jr.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: David Scott Nowakowski.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Daniel Kim Ranly.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Simisola Laura Olabisi.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Ryan James Riddell.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Neil Hiteh Patel.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Nicole Marie Rinehart.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: James Joseph Podhorniak.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Thomas Lee Robinson.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Andrew Joseph Poulous.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Randy Alexander Ruano.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Eka Rama Dhan Putra.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Kuk Hoon Ryou.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Kemberly Ramirez.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Jennifer Marie Sale.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Arpith Ramachandra Rao.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Carl Jonathan Scatena.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Kristina Marie Riera.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Joshua Lewis Sigelman.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Eric Griffith Robinson.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Michael Donald Smith Jr.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Ivon Catalina Rodriguez.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Lindsay Marie Sollers.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Kevin Michael Ruth.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Andrew Elliott Stephens.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Vincent Walter Salamone.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Eric Daniel Stewart-Craig.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Edison Sawmmal.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Michael Francis Strott.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Dianne Grace Gan Sibal.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Christopher Davis Stvan.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Erin Ainsley Silk.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: James Gregory Sweet.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Sergey Aleksandrovich Sokolov.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Farhan Tasaddaq.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Eric Christopher Sparr.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Miroslav Todorov.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Dale Alvin Stephens.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Richard Joseph Tomaschefsky II.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Jarad Warren Strang.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Justin David Trudel.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Benton John Stull.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Krista Ann Valenti.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Michael Keith Sumner.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Jason Matthew Vogt.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Tonny Thanh Tang.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Meghan Elizabeth Wall.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Samuel Wallace Teasley.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Min Wang.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Tonya Michelle Toler.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Jazmine Nicole Whiting.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Nicole Elizabeth Traub.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Kerrie Margaret Wilhelm.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Alexander Tsao.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Soni Mia Woodley.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Edwin Villatoro.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Derrick Justin Wright.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Vy Thi Yen Vu.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Chun Jin Ye.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Yichi Wan.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Han Zhang.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Benjamin David Watson.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Hayley Curran Wiessner.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Michelle LeAnne Wilhelm.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Chelsea Danielle Wright.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Lan Xu.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Nicholas Paul Young.
>> Dr Filiz Tabak: Callie Renee Zulick.
>> Dr Rodney Stump: Madam President, this concludes the
graduates from the College of Business and Economics.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Good morning.
I am Allen Starky, from the Department of Secondary
Education, and it is my pleasure to introduce
the undergraduates from the College of Education.
Congratulating the graduates along with me will be Dr Raymond
Lorion, Dean of the college, and Dr Karen Robinson,
associate dean.
Introducing the graduates with me is Dr Barbara Laster from the
Department of Educational Technology and Literacy.
>>Dr Allen Starky: Brittany Nicole Baird.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Sarah Jean Baker.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Sarah Nicole Denton.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Rachel Dawn Besold.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Maxwell Scott Albinson.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Rachel Gabriel Bucklin.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Jamie Rebecca Berman.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Ashley Marie Bruce.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Rachael Lynn Borror.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Mark Irwin Chen.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Kacy Esther Catanzaro.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Jennifer Megan Chin.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Mary Kaitlen Cherel.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Charity LeeAnn Crawford.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Kaitlin Nicole Chubb.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Alyssa Jean Dittman.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Melissa Lucille DiBartolomeo.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Alayna Jane Evans.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Kristen Lauren Dooley.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Denyse Heather Fiero.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Erica Rachel Fidelman.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Samantha Rae Frazier.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Paula Michelle Fisher.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Rachel Marie Frieman.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Andrew David Freeman.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Paul Alexander Gulino.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Laura Ashley Grey.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Amber Marie Herr.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Amanda Michelle Haas.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Chelsie Nicole Hockenberry.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Nicole Elizabeth Higdon.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Karey Lyn Howes.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Ashley Amelia Holt.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Alli Kirstin Hurd.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Chelsea Elizabeth Hughes.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Brittany Arianna Jenner.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Rebecca Lynn Jenkins.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Jessica Kim.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Maura Kathleen Keenan.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Jessica Alexandra Lang.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Kristal Colleen Kleintank.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Kelsea Paige Leppo.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Mary Katherine Lantz.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Emily Ann Lyon.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Jerianne Lombardo.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Erika Nicole Mangle.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Cheyenne Alimarie Majewski.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Katheryn Mae Matarazzo.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Megan Lyndsy Marino.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Allison Marie Moretto.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Marlee Ilyse Misler.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Jessica Lynn Parr.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Kristin Lee Neville.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Jennifer Lynn Pikus.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Sheri Anne Penn.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Veronica Ann Rider.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Mary Catherine Prunesti.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Chelsea Elizabeth Roy.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Mabel Maggie Rocha.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Kelly Ann Rush.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Daniel Patrick Rudd.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Steven Michael Snyder.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Melanie Ramona Santiago.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Crystal Amy Shipley.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Ashley Nicole Semelsberger.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Stephanie Lynn Smith.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Adrian Devon Smallwood.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Candace Marie Spadaro.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Kori Hannah Snair.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Emily Christine Stottlemyer.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Amanda Starr.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Tiffany Marie Tavella.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Amanda Lynn Swearman.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Lauren Kathleen Twohig.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Sarah Chomicki Toth.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Allison Michelle Walker.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Shannon Louise Van Hook.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Kyle Thomas Wieczynski.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Sara Elizabeth Vann.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Julia Marie Zingarelli.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Kiersten Ashley Vokes.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Ashley Nicole Link.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Cortlyn Alexa Weinkam.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Jessica Ann Todd.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Brandy LaToya Williams.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Stephanie Ann Katsaros.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Alexandra Marie Zurek.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Miriam Virginia Avaritt.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Paul Richard Donnelly.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Anthony Francis Juda.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Megan Marie Taylor.
>> Dr Barbara Laster: Alexandra Niehaus.
>> Dr Allen Starky: James Michael Fiori.
>> Dr Allen Starky: Madam President, this concludes the
graduates from the College of Education.
>>: Good morning.
I'm Dr David Zang, professor from the Department of
It is my pleasure to introduce the undergraduates from the
College of Health Professions.
Congratulating the graduates along with me will be Dr Marcie
Weinstein, Associate Dean of the College of Health Professions,
and Dr Maggie Reitz, Chair of the Department of Health
Introducing the students with me is Dr Sheila Green of the
Department of Nursing.
>> Dr David Zang: Bethany Morgan Ferguson.
>>Dr Sheila Green: Rachel Lynette Adkinson.
>> Dr David Zang: Oketoun Ayodele Akangbe.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Richard Wiafe Akenten.
>> Dr David Zang: Briana Michelle Anthony.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Matilda Korkor Amlalo.
>> Dr David Zang: Lemmy Omo Ataifo.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Yevgini In Binbinder.
>> Dr David Zang: Christopher Isaac Ball.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Cailin Manning Barger.
>> Dr David Zang: Justice William Ben-Acquaah.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Yehudis Baum.
>> Dr David Zang: Helen Zewdie Bayu.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Ryan Christopher Beatty.
>> Dr David Zang: Brian Douglas Bardelman.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Melda Becirovic.
>> Dr David Zang: Etta Lillian Bernard.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Samjhana Bista.
>> Dr David Zang: Linda Ann Bittner.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Ericka Nicole Bland.
>> Dr David Zang: Emilie May Boone.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Andrew Joseph Bosso.
>> Dr David Zang: Katora Khadeja Boyce-Bey.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Megan Rebecca Burchette.
>> Dr David Zang: Crystal Nicole Busch.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Emily Lauren Byrne.
>> Dr David Zang: Meghan Katelin Clifton.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Robert Johnathan Clark.
>> Dr David Zang: Deyon Lorae Cook.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Kyle Ethen Culver.
>> Dr David Zang: Donald James Cuneo.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Jordyn Holt Cross.
>> Dr David Zang: Lyndsay Michelle Deck.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Laura Lee Darragh.
>> Dr David Zang: Chipe M Geatty.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Christopher Adam Danlag.
>> Dr David Zang: Kelly Ann Brittingham.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Jeffrey Richard DelMartin Jr.
>> Dr David Zang: Emily Elizabeth Deckert.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Steven Alan Dennard.
>> Dr David Zang: Julie Marie Cain.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Jenna Marie Discepolo.
>> Dr David Zang: Linda Demanou.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Michael Leonard Doherty.
>> Dr David Zang: Michelle Elizabeth Devlin.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Susan Ellen Dunleavy.
>> Dr David Zang: Katherine Elizabeth Doane.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Hannah Marie Elie.
>> Dr David Zang: John Celistine Doyle III.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Magyn Ashley el-Sayed.
>> Dr David Zang: Shae Marie Eisner.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Shannon Eileen Fiscus.
>> Dr David Zang: Samantha Nicole Elliott.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Raychel Elaine Grogan.
>> Dr David Zang: Brandi Jo Endries.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Taylor Dodd Guyer.
>> Dr David Zang: Doris Forkuoh.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Melissa Anne Hanky.
>> Dr David Zang: Tiffanie Leigh Fulton.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Genevieve Caroline Hargraves.
>> Dr David Zang: Jacqueline Victoria Gronek.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Sakina Fatima Hasan.
>> Dr David Zang: Amanda Michelle Fraser.
>> Dr Sheila Green: William Thomas Hammond IV.
>> Dr David Zang: Regine Madeleine Guefack.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Shannon Leigh Holgan.
>> Dr David Zang: Dorothy Vallette Hanlon.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Brittany Lee Harris.
>> Dr David Zang: Alexandra Catherine Herbst.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Tierra M Hatcher.
>> Dr David Zang: Desiree Monique Hodgson.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Kelsey Ann Highcove.
>> Dr David Zang: Raven Janai Howell.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Tamica Aleshia Jackson.
>> Dr David Zang: Morgan Holmes.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Lilian Osuom Isabor.
>> Dr David Zang: Terrence Emanuel Jackson.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Keith Joseph Jabinsky.
>> Dr David Zang: Janisha Armani Jacobs.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Stephanie Kristen Jacob.
>> Dr David Zang: Kerry Nathaniel Jean-Francois.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Ryan Thomas Johnson.
>> Dr David Zang: Marissa Helen Joiner.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Brianna Nicole Jones.
>> Dr David Zang: Deidre Katherine Kelly.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Nathan William Jones.
>> Dr David Zang: Dakim Roosevelt James.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Hariel Civia Kensky.
>> Dr David Zang: Kyle MacKenzie Kraft-Culkin.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Maria Nicole Kroat.
>> Dr David Zang: Jonathan Angelo League.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Christopher Michael Lowe.
>> Dr David Zang: Madaleine Patricia Lieljuris.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Molly Shae Madden.
>> Dr David Zang: Abbey Elizabeth Lucke.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Sean Andrew Maguire.
>> Dr David Zang: Jordaane Maija Lee.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Julia Nicole Mainolfi.
>> Dr David Zang: Rebecca Marie Ly.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Jennifer Louise Martin.
>> Dr David Zang: Diana Nyembwa Lukusa.
>> Dr Sheila Green: John Joseph Maslo.
>> Dr David Zang: Iruka Chinonso Maduchukwu.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Steven Michael Matlak.
>> Dr David Zang: Kristi Michelle Mahon.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Holly Katelyn McMonigle.
>> Dr David Zang: Adebola Yetunde Manuwa.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Kaitlyn Andrea Meehan.
>> Dr David Zang: Kaitlin Marie Masemore.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Alexa Marie Mignogna.
>> Dr David Zang: Derrick Anthony Mason.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Erica Michelle Moreland.
>> Dr David Zang: Lauren Nicole McCormick.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Tyler Adam Palmquist.
>> Dr David Zang: Samantha Nicole Meadows.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Matthew Charles Nickoles.
>> Dr David Zang: Rhande Lakisha Meggett.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Tabitha Ann Nowottnick-Satterfield.
>> Dr David Zang: Kevin Milack.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Christine Padula.
>> Dr David Zang: Cynthia Moniodis.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Priyanka Manish Patel.
>> Dr David Zang: Matthew John Morgan.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Meagan Eskite Potter.
>> Dr David Zang: Matthew Gregory Mongello.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Valerie Christiana Pickens.
>> Dr David Zang: Mahsa Motevalli.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Brian Thomas Reichert.
>> Dr David Zang: Chantal Damielle Moukouri.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Aymen Romodan.
>> Dr David Zang: Alexander Francis Posey.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Erik Alexander Ross.
>> Dr David Zang: Jovita Agbor Njang.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Amanda Elizabeth Pilkerton.
>> Dr David Zang: Ronald Charles Ozarowski.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Valerie Marie Sagal.
>> Dr David Zang: Jonathan Alec Passage.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Autumn Lynn Puente.
>> Dr David Zang: Aleah Shanel Queen.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Donald Carl Rapp III.
>> Dr David Zang: Michael Carlo Reambonanza.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Megan Munn Reed.
>> Dr David Zang: Cailin Marie Shanahan.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Jeremiah Will Robinson.
>> Dr David Zang: Amy Caroline Shirron.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Katie Denise Rose.
>> Dr David Zang: Vishal Shrestha.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Kristan Leigh Rothwell.
>> Dr David Zang: Adrienne Gatdula Sijera.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Hedi Leah Sandberg.
>> Dr David Zang: Allison Elizabeth Simons.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Meghan Kathleen Shaw.
>> Dr David Zang: Jon David Snyder.
>> Dr Sheila Green:Laurel Lee Shoemaker.
>> Dr David Zang: Malissa Ann Sperry.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Mary-Louise Hooper Shulman.
>> Dr David Zang: Katherine Amelia St George.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Kamaria Akilah Simon.
>> Dr David Zang: Devin Mitchell Strole.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Rebecca Marie Sivilli.
>> Dr David Zang: Megan Gabrielle Sypolt.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Daniel Welch Sparks.
>> Dr David Zang: Megan Amanda Taylor.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Lauren Victoria Springel.
>> Dr David Zang: Nicholas George Thomas.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Amy Michelle Stickley.
>> Dr David Zang: Tia Monique Tanksley.
>> Dr Sheila Green: JoEllen Sumego.
>> Dr David Zang: Jasmine Delorse Thomas.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Brian Carl Trudel.
>> Dr David Zang: Tricia LeeAnn Tingling.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Neal Patrick Tucker.
>> Dr David Zang: Anna Marie Truluck.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Lisa Irene Vavoules.
>> Dr David Zang: Brooke Marie Tilley.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Kyle PierceWarren.
>> Dr David Zang: Wahida Harun Ulotu.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Ashley Christina White.
>> Dr David Zang: Jakelin Angelica Ventura.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Brian Robert Wodzisz.
>> Dr David Zang: Carolyn Marie Wasilewski.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Joshua Brian Zell.
>> Dr David Zang: Rachel Diane Whitmon.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Amanda Lynn Zito.
>> Dr David Zang: Jennifer Bridget Winton.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Elionore Monthe Nkwemou.
>> Dr David Zang: Taylor Leigh Williams.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Sunita Shrestha.
>> Dr David Zang: Brooke Aleece Zacharko.
>> Dr Sheila Green: Na Li.
>> Dr David Zang: Kaitlyn Rose Zengel.
>> Dr David Zang: Madam President, this concludes the
graduates from the College of Health Professions.
>> Dr David Zang: And all graduates for this ceremony.
>>President Loeschke: Ladies and gentlemen, the Class of 2012.
>>President Loeschke: Now, please, leave the lights up, if
you would.
I want to ask graduates that sometime this weekend, after the
Ravens game of course, that you sit, graduates, please, that you
sit quietly, just for a few minutes and reflect, and ask
yourselves how the world is going to be different, how is it
going to be better, because you have gotten this education?
How are you going to use it to make positive change in your
professions, in your families, in your communities, in the
state, the country, and the world?
This uncertain world needs you; it needs your leadership, your
passion, your vision, and your commitment.
As your president, and as someone who sat in a Towson
commencement as a new graduate like yourselves, many, many
years ago, just as you are now, I send you forward with pride
and respect and gratitude and love for all you have given to
Thank you.
>>President Loeschke: All right, all Bachelor's degrees
candidates please rise.
As a symbol of your new status, please now move the mortar board
tassel from the right to the left.
You are graduated.
>>President Loeschke: Now, everyone please stand and join
Ms Gradowski and Ms Brittingham in the singing of "Maryland, My
Now, you're going to find these words on page 37 of your
commencement program.
Forward, with love.
>>: MARYLAND, MY MARYLAND (Performed by Ms. Emily Gradowski).
>>Dr. Boucher: Dr Loeschke, her party,the faculty, and
graduates will begin the recessional.
I would ask that members of the audience remained seated, until
all have left the arena.
The guests may then join their graduates on the patio.
Again, we offer our best wishes and congratulations to the
Class of 2012.
Now, go celebrate.