Dimitri is Pissed about Megaupload

Uploaded by affilange on 25.01.2012

Talk to that guy, i'm too high
I'm high
Let me talk
High, high...
You know about megaupload?
Of course, they took it down!
That makes me so pissed
And what did you usually download there?
A bunch of stuff, actually, a whole bunch
All kinds of stuff, but mainly music and videos
But also software, tutorials, and fapping material
Where will I get free porn?
I really hate US government for that
If i need to download music, now what?
You can download ARES 2011!
Huh? Ares 2011!
Ares 2011?
What's Ares 2011?
A free software just like MEGAUPLOAD, you can download anything there