The Tribe: Outcasts [Episode 1]

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This is a code 1 civil priority emergency bulletin. Isolation is now in effect...
... Authorities are appealing for calm throughout the evacuation process...
.. All children, under the age of 18 years, should report to their local sector for transportation out of the quarantine zone...
... To avoid the risk of contamination please remain indoors and await further instructions...
He's got to be around here somewhere ... he couldn't have gotten very far.
Unless you want to explain to Ebony how he managed to raid our supply stores AND get away...
then you'd better search every place around here NOW!
Did you hear the sirens?
Uh, that sound STILL makes my skin crawl... Locos - it had to be.
I'm not surprised. Haven't you heard about what happened over in sector 12?
Quinn, it was chaos!
There was blood and bodies everywhere! The Locos and the Demon Dogs turned the sector into a warzone.
It's not just this sector ...
Take a look around you - the ENTIRE CITY is a warzone.
Everywhere you go there's chaos.
There's the Locos and the Demon Dogs fighting over the central sectors, and then the Jackals and the Predators – the smaller tribes – are fighting over the outskirts.
Add in all the over scum you've got: like the murderers and the slave traders, it won't be long before the entire City is a mess and it goes straight to hell.
It's never going to end.
You know it won't ... not until one of the tribes are dead.
... And maybe not even then.
Finn ... it's been a while.
Still hell-bent on taken on Zoot?
SOMEONE needs to put the Locos in their place.
They've already got control of all the major sectors and food stores.
If someone doesn't do something soon...
It IS starting to get desperate out there. With access to food cut off...
everyone is forced to fight for what little they can get.
If it doesn't stop, sooner or later, things are going to come to a head.
All the more reason to stop this crazy kamikaze deal that you've got going on!
... If the Locos get their hands on you... - I'll give them a fight that they won't forget.
There's no getting through to you is there? Why are you so eager to throw your life away?
Let it go Dante ... stop living in the past... - You're one to talk!
We both know how you coped with the Virus, Finn...
Just keep burying your fears and I'll confront mine.
Lookl, I've got to go. The Locos are still out looking for me.
I need to find a place to lay low for a while. Do you think I could...
You know I can't. Top Hat's got enough problems as it is without you bringing the Locos down on top him.
If you're looking for a place to stay, some of us have a hideout over in Sector 7.
It's not much – it's crowded and there's not a lot of food to go around, but it's warm.
Besides ... there's safety in numbers.
You're an Outcast aren't you?
Despite what you might have heard, we're not ALL a bunch of low-life murderers or thieves.
Some of us were simply kicked out of our tribes, some of us are loners and strays,
some of us simply have no one to turn to.
So we stay together, small groups were like a network spread across the city.
We stay one night here and then another in a completely different sector. We're not really much of a tribe but...
Trust me, when you've been on the streets for as long as I have, that sounds like a great offer.
- I'm Dante by the way. - Quinn.
We should probably make a move soon.
We've got to work our way around Demon Dog territory to get to Sector 7.
You planning on using that?
- For a moment there, I thought you were Jackals... - You raided the Jackals?!
Nico, what the hell were you thinking?!
I don't have much choice. With the Demon Dogs against the Locos, and the rest of the tribes staying inside...
Me against the Jackals, a bunch of druggies ... they've got no chance against me.
They'll never catch me.
Not yet anyway...
Don't mind him ... Arrogant little person over there is Nico, our resident thief.
NICO: - And the best. - He thinks a lot of himself... but he's harmless really.
And he IS quite good at what he does... Make yourself at home.
- How many Outcasts are there? - It's hard to say.
We don't keep a head-count as people come and go. You know, we just stick together, keeps the place safe... The occasional meal ... Anything else, wishful thinking.
- Where's Brent? - He's scouting the area. You know, after what happened earlier.
BRENT: - Whose this? DANTE: - The name's... BRENT: - I wasn't talking to you.
BRENT: - Is he genuine? QUINN: - Uhm, he knows Finn, so he's not a threat. BRENT: - I think that I'll be the judge of that.
I'm sure you've all heard the news... Sector 12's a graveyard. It's off limits ...
- There's no going near until this all blows over. - IF it blows over.
It's getting dangerous out there.
The Locos are stepping up patrols, the Demon Dogs are retaliating.
Even strays aren't safe on the streets anymore.
It might be a good idea to take up more patrols. I'll take on tonight, newbie over there can take the second.
There are NO freeloaders here.
- Now there goes a nasty piece of work. - You don't know the half of it.
- Now there goes a nasty piece of work. - You don't know the half of it.
Brent's nothing but an arrogant street thug! He's just your run-of-the-mill playground bully!
But he's been there for us ... he's gotten us out of more scrapes than I can ever remember.
We don't really have a leader, but Brent comes close, as close as it is.
But like it or not ... we need him.
( BRENT : There are NO freeloaders here. )