Happy Valentine Day (PCHY)

Uploaded by TheDevidB on 15.02.2011

Happy Belated Valentine's Day krub <3
For those who are in love May your love is beautiful
Those who are not Remember! Love is in the air :)
Finally you may find it
Now I'm doing pre-production for my final thesis
and I've got tons of projects to hand in also.
Keep fighting krub :)
Actually I'm having a surprise project for my fanclub
What's the project is like?
As you guys have seen on Beer's FB post
about the movie thesis we are doing.
It's the filming project that I wanna invite you guys to be part of this movie too.
But I'll tell you later in details of this big project
Tons of work!!!
I'm so exhausted. It's my job and our team put all we've got to make this movie happen.
There's a 'Back to school' party today but I cant'go
Because I have to keeping up with my project so....
For the Sneak Peak vdo i've got all yr comments
and I wanna say thank to you all as well
Thx for cheering me up and for your support helps me feel I was not alone.
Thank you so much and I may ask you to stay with me like this
cheering me up
Not only for me but also the August Band.
Last but not least
This Valentine's I wish you be happy
with everyone, parents, lovers or friends or
even peoples living around the world
May you all be happy withgreatest love krub :)