Personal Trainer Orange County

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My name is Aftann I'm a Certified ISSA Personal Trainer Orange County
and certified ISSA nutrition couselor
I'm a boot-camp instructor and certified spin instructor
i started
personal training about eight years ago
i started at Curves and i just loved the feeling i got the women
lost weight, they were crying and i was crying so i decided to become
a personal trainer orange county
and ever since then i love what i do, i love helping people
feel better about themselves and helping them
get healthy
i train men & women
children and teens
i train them anywhere; in the gym, on the beach, at the park, in their homes
i always tell my
clients you'll never get the butt you want by sitting on the one they have
and i also tell them they can''t out train a bad diet no matter
how hard they try so...
really abs are made in the kitchen
there'll never be a finish line when it comes to fitness so you just gotta keep moving and just keep going