Everything is beautiful and decidedly not sad

Uploaded by jennxia on 02.12.2012

So lately I've been really happy
about a month ago I bought this
and it's been
my mood ever since
it's a goLite by phillips and basically what it does is it simulates
that the sun would shine on you in the summer
and because it's so that i can
and people don't get as much sun
and some people like me and very sensitive to that helps them
and when i get a lot of sanket
very sad
doing the best selling it
levied every street just in the mornings i just
two w
i fixed as my functions
where fifteen flimsy atm
it's for the rest of the gave money religious leaders displeased
and i don't feel like
i've been trying to be happier it might be the placebo effect
i don't know sometimes just at the end of the day i noticed that i hadn't
picked a hand in hand
had anything to you
ambivalence probably because of this
all right
no i don't even hear fits that the siebel because
i'm happy
along with his hand
happiness it's late
resistant to casa
everything and see and everything that you see the story of beautiful
purposeful work
paid for them
so much of the people
he simply wants the clinton told us y nineteen mr
i don't want to do that
and it's just too tired to play
breezy to get out of bed
to do things stand now
justice like the simplest tasks are just looking around and see
so much more beauty in everyday objects think it's cool
pages for grabbing my classes and they say don't notice me looking
and digest aruna staring into space
there's something so
antalya treaty about that movie
lady fighting someone from the site
layoff as hard as part of the middle of a beautiful reverie
it doesn't matter if they're
aesthetically beautiful aruna
i don't know that you can't make
people could be considered
maybe protest grand prix
and u
and created and
even if he had
uh... like
small as a reference
the sparkle in them
like study eyelashes eighty team
there is an
seventeen credits to become an issue
and that makes sense that
has everything you say much more
homespun irene and beautiful
also actually indeed trainees are just yet
protective i'd put which is
if the chinese delegate basically hands
to strengthen the voters in between them
emphasizing fears i loved playing in makeup and orchestra
it's just
the spirit of harmony with everyone else's so
and joyful
truly its lake
and compared to
having in the entirety has claimed at least interested
that you can capture that he has let you with a smile
and has been happier nothing of common ground
pileggi bogged down in a busy street
people say good morning to you greatest ninety
like that kind of
harmony with everyone downstairs
it's it's such a visceral feeling
the entire time i was just enjoying it
it's not like five minutes past certainly allie like two years
though i highly recommend it if you can play an instrument to joined some sort
attribute it's just to do it
this year leniency
include under uncomfortable
and that's it
flag being happy maybe and
inspired and just
someone say stop anyone
editor pete
seem even to a local
and cement impolite excitement
out quickly before i thought
just speaking eighty did everything with the personality trait
really cute i just said he did everything about hits the road
denis leary
between t-shirt
and chiquita
s_a_t_ ant
just for your family doctor and talk to them
credit accounts than decided she'd had a lot
premature quality of life
that's it
by me