Алексей Поднебесный в защиту Михаила Карякина (eng subs)

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To be a citizen
Aleksey P
Aleksey Po
Aleksey Pod
Aleksey Podn
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Aleksey Podnebesn
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Aleksey Podnebesny in defence
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Aleksey Podnebesny in defence of
Aleksey Podnebesny in defence of M
Aleksey Podnebesny in defence of Mi
Aleksey Podnebesny in defence of Mik
Aleksey Podnebesny in defence of Mikh
Aleksey Podnebesny in defence of Mikha
Aleksey Podnebesny in defence of Mikhai
Aleksey Podnebesny in defence of Mikhail
Aleksey Podnebesny in defence of Mikhail K
Aleksey Podnebesny in defence of Mikhail Ka
Aleksey Podnebesny in defence of Mikhail Kar
Aleksey Podnebesny in defence of Mikhail Kary
Aleksey Podnebesny in defence of Mikhail Karya
Aleksey Podnebesny in defence of Mikhail Karyak
Aleksey Podnebesny in defence of Mikhail Karyaki
Aleksey Podnebesny in defence of Mikhail Karyakin
On a background pursuit from the side of church of "Pussy Riot",
on a background the scandals related to luxurious life of patriarch,
the case about the discharge of Mikhail Karyakin is no less meaningful.
A civil journalist from Nizhny Novgorod city Mikhail Karyakin
on call of center on counteraction to extremism for the surveys of protest actions
is discharged from the Orthodox TV channel.
The case about the discharge of Mikhail Karyakin is related to the fate of concrete man
that is pursued for his civil looks and for his civil position,
thus it position nowise does not conflict with to the christian ideas about truth,
morality, to the christian norms that must in the activity and in the everyday life
to demonstrate and defend all clergymen.
- an orthodox prayer-
It is said in the basic commandments of Christianity: "Blessed are they that have been persecuted for righteousness' sake",
"Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness ",
and by his activity, by his work Mikhail Karyakin
carried out these commandments.
If the head of broadcasting company "Obraz" ("The Icon")
that is a clergyman Vasiliy Spirin, followed these christian commandments,
then such unconscionable act, as a discharge
of a director of editing Mikhail Karyakin
for that he reflected a truth in his work, it would never followed.
Priest Vasiliy Spirin, editor-in-chief of MASS-MEDIA
of the Nizhegorodsky region diocese,
exactly he executing the requirement of center on counteraction to extremism,
, discharged Mikhail Karyakin from the job.
Metropolitan George : "In what purpose is everybody on earth?
It is to gain of spirit peaceful, to gain of spirit Divine.
But on this way we are lied in wait by the great number of sorrows and tests.
We are torn apart by human passions.
The sin dominates in our life.
Devil tries to manage our life".
In this case, as we consider,
the basic initiator of discharge of Mikhail Karyakin
were repressive organs,
probably, the Center on counteraction to extremism,
that was displeased at the activity of Mikhail Karyakin,
expressed in coverage of opposition events in Nizhny Novgorod.
-people scanding "Russia without Putin"-
-Russia will be free!-
On May 7 there is an inauguration of the President.
In the same day patriarch Cyril gathers to conduct
in the temple of Christ the Rescuer prayer service,
where he will pray for Divine benediction on service of the president
to Homeland and people.
I do not know that Lord will answer patriarch,
but the people already answered a president:
they do not want to have him farther
as a leader of the state".
The state uses a church in its own behalf
for suppression of any displays of dissidence,
any displays of free-thinking,
display of civil position, that does not comport
with an official line, conducted by present authorities.
We consider, such a fusing of church with authorities,
converting of church into the punitive element of state power
quite impermissible,
and it is explained by no christian norms.
And some clergymen,
as, for example, Vasiliy Spirin,
that shows superfluous initiative in implementation of orders
from the side of punitive organs,
and after that they do not see in the church of spiritual authority
and see a repressive machine,
displays of luxury only.
Actually there is that it was described in the Holy Scripture,
when bending down before mundane authorities,
before the "princes of the world"
becomes more important for the servant of church,
then implementation of commandments of Christ.
Metropolitan George : "The sin dominates in our life.
Devil tries to manage our life.
And we understand that no human forces,
neither force of our mind nor material facilities,
will not be able to resist to the devil
and the temptation of this age".
It would seem obviously, that church, its servants
must be related to spirituality, must be spiritual authorities,
however during 2012 all Russia watched Church is joined with state power
and is rather opposition to spiritual authority:
aspiring to power, to material acquisitions, riches, luxury.
Metropolitan George : "Realizing the feeble forces
we ask for a help Divine".
In a Nizhegorodsky region
the church purchased in the property "House of officers"
is an enormous apartment on the central street of Nizhny Novgorod,
from where, after a while, many circles has been evicted.
The church tried to take the Nizhegorodsky region conservatory
that is educational establishment for a whole region, not only for Nizhny Novgorod area,
and only due to indignation of public
and interference from federal authorities
it was not fated these plans to come true.
In parallel with it grandiose projects came true,
by the cost of hundred millions of roubles,
such, as hanging out of a giant bell,
by a cost 150 million,
painting of temple of Alexander Nevsky,
on that 30 million roubles are distinguished
by the head of the city Kondrashov.
All these money are left exceptionally on decorating.
Most important is caring about Man,
caring about higher spiritual ideals
but all these appeared false for the church.
- Our Father Who art in Heaven -
- hallowed be thy name -
- Thy Kingdom come -
- Thy Will be done, on earth -
- as it is in Heaven -
- Give us this day our daily bread -
- and forgive us our debts -
- as we have also forgiven our debtors -
- do not lead us into temptation -
- but deliver us from evil -
We do not argue against faith,
we do not argue against Orthodoxy,
opposite, many of those, who stands up for Mikhail Karyakin today
are the believing Orthodox people,
those feelings of believers to that allude often as though one or another actions offend them,
those feelings is very important to us.
Nowise we do not intend to offend anybody's feelings.
The church cannot be interested in the discharge
of a man that brings the truth in the world,
brings the words of truth and justice with all his activity.
This case we examine more from the social point of view,
as the church is a social institute and we see
the negative tendencies of fusing of this institute
institute with public authorities, with repressive organs.
- the Governor is on the screen -
And exactly against such tendencies
we come forward,
as we consider that they are dangerous.
They result in such situations,
about that we talk today:
to the discharge of people for dissidence,
thus for acts that do not even conflict with
the Orthodox norms and christian values,
and rather opposite, correspond them.