31/05/12 - NHS CBA board meeting - Part 1 - Welcome and opening comments

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bjbj Preamble Welcome to the fourth Board meeting of the National Health Service Commissioning
Board Authority. I m Ed Smith. I m standing in and deputising as chair for Malcolm Grant,
our Chairman, who is in New Zealand. We have apologies from Ailsa Claire. It s Paul Baumann
s first Board meeting a warm welcome to you, Paul, as finance director and in addition
we have a number of officers in attendance: Bill McCarthy, Paul Baumann (of course, who
is already here as a Board member), Ian Dalton and Barbara Hakin. So, welcome to all. I would
also say that we welcome the National Patient Safety Agency, who are joining the Commissioning
Board Authority on 1st June. Jane, you are going to say a couple of words about that.
Jane Cummings: Yes, thank you, Chairman. I just wanted to update the Board on the transfer
of the patient safety function to the NHS Commissioning Board Authority. The transfer
is a result of the review of arm s length bodies. It s also a part of the Health and
Social Care Act. So, tomorrow, the NPSA will transfer across to the Commissioning Board
and I think I speak on behalf of the Board and we welcome them to that. Patient safety
is a key part of our business. It is domain five of the NHS Outcomes Framework and we
have 28 staff that will transfer across to us tomorrow and there s a further 17 staff
that have moved to Imperial College to do the NRLA reporting system. They bring with
them a wealth of expertise and knowledge and it really gives us an opportunity to put patient
safety at the heart of clinical commissioning. I think this is the first big group of staff
to move in, so we welcome them and look forward to working with them as part of our team as
we move forward. Ed Smith: Thank you. As in previous Board meetings, we warmly welcome
visitors, but I explain, as in previous meetings, that although the meeting is being held in
public, it is not a public meeting, and therefore visitors are here to observe only. We have
also made it clear that a number of people will have asked questions through our website
of the Commissioning Board Authority, but the Board will not answer those questions
during the Board meeting and there will be written replies to those questions. Minutes
of the last meeting So, with that, can we take the minutes of our last meeting? Are
there any points that colleagues would like to raise on that meeting? Thank you. In terms
of matters arising, I think there s one matter arising, which is the paper for the Board
on organisational development (OD) strategy. When are you expecting that to come to the
Board? Jo-Anne Wass: We are going to spend some time in July developing our thinking
around that and then to the next Board meeting after July, which I think is in September.
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