What is Digital Media (2012)

Uploaded by ValenciaDigitalMedia on 31.07.2012

The Digital Media program is split into two main areas. One area contains three different
tracks in video production. The other features a track in programming for the web.
Click this tile to find out more about the Web Development track. Or click these tiles
to look at information on Mobile Journalism, Live Event Video Production, or Video and
Motion Graphics.
Click any of the four, you can always come back to this video after youíve watched those.
If youíd like more information while you are here, mobile journalism mixes video and
journalism, Video and Motion Graphics mixes video and Graphic Arts, and Live Event Video
Production mixes live theater and video production.
Other than that, Iíve got nothing for ya. Youíve got to click one of these links while
they are still hyper. This video is going to end in fiveÖfourÖthreeÖ(twoÖoneÖ)