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Welcome to Gleboczek Vine Resort & SPA.
My name is Wojtek Cackowski & I would like to tell you about revolutionary method of bodywork KMI kinesis myofascial integration.
Would you like to live in a body that is free of any restrictions and is free to move..?
There is nothing that disturbs you or feel sore and your body moves with grace and supports it self easy in gravity field...
Method that I will tell you about depanding on where you are when you start can give you this kind of feeling or bring you closer to this idea that I showed.
KMI is a method of manual therapy based on Anatomy Trains concept.
This is revolutionary way of looking at human body through the fascial system that connects every other system of our body.
Tom Myers has created a map of this connections that wraps human body like a construction lines giving us shape and determinates function.
This map helps to understand better connections and relationship between single muscles and parts of the body.
There was an understanding of our structure that is made by compresive forces like stone lying on another stone.
So head lying on thorax or vertebre lying one on another.
But this thinking has been changed by revolutionary work of Buckminster Fuller into understanding body as a tensegrity structure rather a compresive structure.
This understanding has totally changed the way of looking at human body.
Imagine a Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco or Siekierkowski bridge in Warsaw.
This are a tensegrity structures that holds their shape through the tension forces.
That is also how our body is build.
Bones, muscles, tendoms, ligaments, organs, nervous system all of that is connected in the body and hold in one place by a connective tissue - fascia.
This amazing tissue wraps all the structures of our body is an element that gives us shape and transmiting movement.
Imagine that this is structure of our body. Sticks are our bones and rubber bands that connects them is fascia.
On this bands in human body you can also find muscles who moves them and somewhere between other systems of the body.
Looking on the body this way you can see how a change of tension in one part of tenso structure changes tension and position in other part.
That`s why during therapy which is understood like this we often work in distant places from sore or problematic areas.
This is also why therapy or treatment focused only on problematic area
(so most common strategy in modern western medicine)
is very often not succesfull or gives short results because it treats just sympthoms and not reasons of the problem.
Goal of this therapy is reorganization of a structure in space this way that it will live in harmony in a gravity field. Or to bring him to a balance.
Change in a body that helps to bring client closer to this balance
helps to eliminate or reduce many of client disorders and changes quality of life of a person that will decide to go through the proces.
To better understand my words lets meet Magda who will help us show rules of therapy on an example.
One of the elements of the assesment is Body Reading.
During analysis wee look on relations in position between different parts of a body and we check wich myofascial units are responsible for this changes in a structure.
We look on a fron view...
Back view...
Side view..
Other side...
We look at how looks a forward bend...
Back bend...
Siede bend...
Other side...
Take a deep breath in....
We do also check range of motion in specific joints...
We also do many functional tests to check how the tissue moves in a body...
Than we work on the structures that has been changed and we "bring the back to life" - bringing back a physiological function.
Complete structural integration process is a big change of the body and life of a client.
During 12 sessions there are changes in a shape and relationships between parts of a body, range of motion, the way client is moving or breathing.
All this changes are important in how do we feel in our bodys.
12 sessions we can split into 3 major parts.
First 4 sessions is a work on muscles and structures that are superficial in a body.
Superficial front line
Superficial back line
Lateral line
Spiral line
Middle four sessions is a work on a deep structures - deep front line.
During this sessions we work feep in a legs.
Deep in a pelvis
Deep structures of the thorax and the diaphragm.
Deep in the neck.
Cranium, oral and nose work.
Last four sessions is an integration work that helps to move this changes into a new quality of movement and postrure.
KMI can be also used to deal with local imbalances and disorders.
But most spectacular and lasting efects can be made during whole proces of 12 sessions.
If things that we showed here were interesting for you and you would like to ask me some questions please contact me at
Or visit our website
See you in Gleboczek. Vine Resort & SPA.