The Science of Gastronomy with King Chow, Lam Lung Yeung

Uploaded by coursera on 25.01.2013

Why are we here in the kitchen of a restaurant?
This is essentially a place for experimentation and investigation.
Have we ever wondered why we started to cook food?
We go into a restaurant because we like to try food, to fill our stomach and also to enjoy a good meal.
What exactly constitutes an appealing dish?
Is there any scientific principle we need to know to get the food properly prepared,
for example, microwaving, stone baking a steak, steaming a fish, when do you stew and when do you braise?
What is the chemistry behind cooking;
for example cooking different meat, vegetables or making a dessert or coffee?
Are you sure you are eating what you see
or simply you are eating something you think they are?
Sometimes we have a good mood, but sometimes not.
When that happens, the food tastes different.
There is plenty of science in the making of a dish, more so for a delicious one.
In this course, we are going to introduce science in a general way whenever you think of preparing a meal.
In a fun way, we hope that you see the extensive intrusion of science into your everyday life,
which can make a difference.
After learning the principles, you may be able to
create your own recipe, invent new dishes
and maybe one day you will open your own restaurant.
Hopefully, you can enrich your everyday life
practicing science in your DIY laboratory, your own kitchen.