Growing Tomato 'Abraham Lincoln' - Share Your Harvest

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Vine ripened red juicy tomatoes!
Your tomato fruits will be ready to harvest
in about 90 days after planting.
Pick those, which are red and ripe.
If you need to, you also can go ahead and pick those
which are breaking into the red color.
They will ripen off the plant.
If necessary you can even harvest fully green tomatoes.
Like, if a frost is coming and you want to save those fruit.
There are many recipes for green tomatoes such as
salsa and fried green tomatoes - try it out.
Store your tomatoes outside of the refrigerator
on a countertop like this is perfect.
The texture will be optimal that way.
If you need to refrigerate them, to stop them from
continuing to ripen, you can still use them
in puréed or cooked tomato dishes.
You can also preserve your tomato harvest either
by canning or by freezing.
Now tomato crops are annuals.
Which means that they have one year to
complete their lifecycle.
So you're not going to expect your tomato plants
to continue producing through into next year.
You can save the seeds if you like.
Tomato plants are surprisingly prolific.
You'll get an abundance of more tomatoes than you
ever thought you'd see.
It so wonderful to have plenty, you'll want to be
sure that you can share it with people in need.
If you are looking for a food pantry
to donate your produce, visit
It's been a pleasure to guide you through your
experience with the Abraham Lincoln heirloom tomato.
To share your stories,
visit the USDA People's Garden website.
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