Best Two Male Enhancement Devices: Bathmate and SizeGenetics Penis Extender

Uploaded by GoodLookingLoser on 14.05.2012

What’s up guys? This is Chris of Good Looking Looser.
And as you know, the male enhancement industry is loaded with bullshit;
so many scams, from pills to devices, to creams, to just about everything.
We’ve all gotten emails on our spam box that say, “Grow your dick, like, 10 inches in 2 weeks.”
It is one of the worst industries, if not the worst industry. It’s worse than the hair loss industry,
worse than the sports supplement industry.
It’s absolutely the worst, but there are two products out there that I absolutely recommend and I have these devices,
I use these devices and I recommend them to you without hesitation.
The very first one is the Bathmate. The second is the SIzeGenetics penis extender.
Now real quick on the Bathmate, here it is.
It’s a device used largely for girth and you’ll get very quick instant gains right after you use it.
Those gains will go away for a little while, but as you continue to use it, they become permanent.
That’s one of the wonderful things about it.
Your dick will be huge after you use it the first time.
The next one, SizeGenetics.
This is a length device and it’s large used, you know, it does get you some girth,
but it’s largely length. And it’s a long-term device.
Unlike the other, you know, Bathmate, you won’t the instant girth gains,
but if you keep using it with consistency about four hours a day, you will significantly grow a bigger cock.
I absolutely use this device. I use it anywhere from 8 to 10 hours a day when I can and I recommend it you.
I think it’s absolutely great.
Now you can check Good Looking Loser for my extensive reviews on both of them.
They include videos, before and after pictures. I’ll tell you what these devices are.
What they do, why they’re better than everything else and what you can expect if you use these devices.
Anyway, that’s real quick , check them out. Check Good Looking Loser. Take care.