Aa Vevai Nu Kai Kehvay Nahi

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Crooks! Villains!
All of them should be kicked out!
They should be carried up in a helicopter and thrown overboard!
Without parachutes!
They should be shot! Crooks!
You get so angry!
Wouldn't a man get angry?
But anger is not good for your health!
You have the problem of high blood pressure!
I know, I know!
What's this? Again you have started to smoke the pipe!
I have not started again.
So why is it in your hand?
It's an old habit, it will take time to get rid of!
Papa..- Both you and your mother have the same habit!
You just keep pestering!
Have you taken your 'goli' (pill)? - No, I haven't.
That is why! Mummy! Mummy!
Bring the 'goli' (pill).
Which 'goli' (bullet)?
The one for putting in a gun or the one for putting in the stomach?
Is she your mother, or an executioner?
She is talking about the 'goli' (pill) to be put in the stomach!
The pill for blood pressure!
Colonel, what happened? Why are you so angry?
Wouldn't I get angry? - Calm down!
Don't I teach you in yoga? Take deep breaths.
Take deep breaths.
Exhale after breathing in or you will die!
They are crooks!
What happened? - They have teased my daughter.
I am not going to spare them! - What!
They did not tease me! He gave compliments to me!
Really? What?
He said, wow! A girl as beautiful as a fairy!
Of course, the daughter of a fairy would look like her!
Anybody who calls you a fairy has to be either crazy or blind!
You had said so before our wedding!
Before our wedding, I was crazy as well as blind!
Does she look like a fairy?
Can a fairy compete with my daughter?
Even Aishwarya Rai is nothing compared to her!
Had Abhishek Bachchan seen her earlier..
..he would have asked for her hand..
..and we would have been compelled to make Amitabh our relative!
I wouldn't have consented to it!
I do not want theatre and film people as my relatives!
Come dear, sit, sit.
Even the moon feels so self-conscious on seeing her!
It feels so jealous that it keeps wandering in darkness..
..for 15 days at a stretch!
So sweet!
Look, look! When she smiles one crore rupees..
..get credited to her bank account!
So sweet!
So sweet! So sweet!
Your papa will get diabetes!
Let me get diabetes! She has the cure for diabetes!
Really? - Yes.
What? - When she plants a kiss here, the diabetes will vanish!
When she plants another kiss here, I will never fall sick!
And by chance, if she plants third kiss here..
..no disease will ever afflict me!
What if I kiss you?
I will vanish! I will die!
Papa! - Yes, dear?
I have one very important thing to tell you.
Not one, tell me two important things.
Tell me two important things.
Do you remember I had told you about my boyfriend Rahul?
Rahul! What about him?
At that time you had told me that you will decide..
..only after meeting him.
So what's the problem now?
He is coming to meet you now.
Do you mean he is coming here right now to meet me?
In fact he is already on his way.
Shall I go and fetch him?
Yes. Yes, yes, why not? - Yes!
Look, your papa has given permission!
Can we deny anything to our darling daughter? No?
That's right.
We can't deny anything to our darling daughter.
Fetch him. Dear, go and fetch Rahul.
I will fetch him right away, ok?
Very good! You have done a very good thing..
..by inviting him to our house.
Good thing, my foot!
I didn't want to meet him at all!
You forced me to give consent!
But, Sonal likes Rahul very much, isn't it?
For that matter, she likes dinosaurs too!
So, should I marry her off to a dinosaur?
Why did you invite the boy if you wanted to reject him?
You are an utter fool!
The only difference is that you do not wear the fool's cap..
..otherwise you are a fool!
The present generation will definitely do that thing..
..for which you refuse permission!
We should make them fall in line through..
..persuasion cajoling and sweet talk.
No misunderstanding about me should be created..
..in our daughter's mind when I reject Rahul.
Shall I tell you one thing? - Tell me two things.
Do not feel offended. - Why would I feel offended by your talk..
..after so many years?
Even the thought that some boy will take away..
..your daughter scares you, isn't it?
How long will you keep her under your protection?
Some day you will have to send her to her in-laws' house, right?
No, Kanchan.
I don't like the tradition of sending off a daughter..
..to her in-laws' house!
We bring up our daughter with much love and affection for 20 years!
At the end of 20-22 years, some outsider comes..
..uproots our prized plant and plants it in his own garden!
Is our daughter a kind of plastic flower?
Now the times have changed!
All these systems must change!
No, this is not right!
All this is wrong! It is wrong!
I do not know about right or wrong.
But Sonal likes Rahul very much.
That is the problem!
Till date I have fulfilled each and every demand of our daughter!
But I am not going to yield to this demand!
I am not going to fulfill it!
I will ask such difficult-to-answer questions to Rahul..
..that our daughter will say that she does not want to marry..
..such a stupid and unintelligent man!
Then some handsome prince with henna adorned hands..
..will come to our house riding a nuptial palanquin.
Forget it. Every father thinks about his daughter on similar lines.
You are also thinking in the same manner, isn't it?
Just wait and watch! I will find a nice live-in son-in-law!
It seems that they have come!
Why are you so enthusiastic?
Who has come? Rahul.
Has Gandhi arrived in reincarnated from..
..to make you rush like that?
Come in! Come in!
Papa, Rahul has come! - He is here?
I am very eager to meet him!
Where is Rahul?
Hey, why are you standing there? Do come in!
The ghosts and witches will not dare to come near you..
..when they hear the name of Mahaveer!
Hey, he is reciting 'Hanuman Chalisa' (religious prayer)!
Hey, this is Sonal's father and not a ghost!
He just looks like one!
Come, come in! - Yes, yes, enter.
Whom will he beat if you do not come in?
Yes! Quiet!
Hey, mister! - Rahul, sir.
Oh, Rahul, sir!
Rahul, Rahul. - Okay, Rahul.
Rahul or whoever you are.
Hello, daddy! - Don't call me daddy! Don't call me daddy!
Oh! Again he ran away! Oh, God!
He is a coward! - Come here!
Mister, you have accomplished in 25 seconds..
..what I could not in 25 years of my life!
What? - You have made my wife tremble!
Stand properly! Do not tremble.
Hey, boy! - Yes, sir?
Do you know how much I love my daughter? - No.
But I know that I love Sonal very much.
Oh, wow! 25 years ago you had uttered the same words..
..when you had come to see me!
I had heard it in the kitchen while making 'dhokla' (snacks).
Hey, enthusiastic lady! - Yes?
Go to kitchen and make 'dhokla.'
'Dhokla' and coffee?
I will have it.
What? - No, I meant to say that it's not necessary..
..to have something when you visit them.
I will go down and drink tea at the street side teashop.
Okay, go down to the street side teashop..
Where will you drink it?
At the street side teashop.
Street side teashop?!
Did you hear his language? - Yes.
You like everything!
He is speaking the lingo of street urchins!
Hey, you talk in this lingo!
Do you have a job or business?
I do not have a job! - Did you see?
Refuse him!
I am doing business. - Did you hear that?
My monthly income is 50000. - Did you hear that?
And in future it is going to increase.
Yes, I heard it! I heard it.
Just earning money doesn't mean anything!
He should have power, physical prowess.
In future, suppose you and my daughter go out..
..and if some ruffian teases her, what will you do?
He ran away!
Oh! Speak softly! He runs away in fright!
He is a coward!
Hey, come in! He won't do anything, he is tied up!
Hey, you say that I am tied up!
Okay, okay.
Actually I am a Black Belt and I can thrash up 4-5 boys..
..I was going to fetch my belt.
Are you a black-belt? - Of course.
25 years ago, you were not a black-belt, okay?
But I had made strong coffee. Shall I make strong coffee?
Kanchan, do not make coffee, bring..
..boiling hot water and coffee powder.
I will drink both together.
Go and make nice coffee. - Okay.
She goes crazy whenever somebody comes!
Dear, why are you standing? Sit down, sit down.
Hey, where did he go?
Did I ask you to sit down?
No, sir. - So why did you sit? - Sorry, sir.
Turn around! - Okay. 1, 2! 1, 2! 1, 2! 1, 2! Not there!
Sit here! Sit! Sit down!
Sit! Sit.
I am glad to know that you possess physical prowess.
Thank you, sir.
Only physical prowess does not accomplish everything.
You should have brains. I will conduct your IQ test.
Do you have IQ or do you know just how to grow hair?
Papa, forget about IQ.
Dear, do not interfere. IQ top ten!
Well, boy, answer me! - Yes, sir.
The distance between the earth..
..and the moon is 16000 light years. - Ok.
Would it take one crore years to reach there if we go by rickshaw?
He answers in affirmative! - Yes.
Would it take two crore years if there is traffic jam on the way?
Yes. - So, on that basis, what is my age?
52. - What?!
How smart, Rahul! Absolutely correct answer!
How did you know?
It's very simple.
In my locality, there is a half-crazy man and..
..he is 26 years old.
What do you mean? Am I completely crazy?
You are absolutely correct!
What is correct? - Your age!
You are talking as if it's true that I am crazy!
Of course! - What?!
No, no, here is coffee.
I have taken a vow to never drink coffee in my life!
Really? - Yes. - I brought it for him.
Sure, I will drink it. - What?
I did not want it to go waste!
It is going waste, isn't it? - Yes.
It is wastage in my house and not in your house!
Let the wastage occur!
Offer the coffee to Kashi.
For Kashi! - Papa, he has come here for the first time.
Let him have coffee! - Let me have coffee!
Okay. Kanchan, my daughter wants us to..
..offer coffee to the poor guy!
Now I don't want it!
Oh! I will have to drink the coffee made by me!
Had I known this, I would have made it nicely!
Kanchan is irritated!
Hey, boy! - Rahul, sir.
Rahu or Ketu, whoever you are.
How much do you love my daughter?
Sir, I love Sonal very much.
I know that you love her very much.
But what can you do for her sake?
I can pluck the stars from the sky!
Oh, wow! 25 years ago when you had come to see me..
..you had uttered the same words!
I had heard it in the kitchen while making 'khandvi' (snacks)!
Hey, snacks shop! - Yes?
If you utter another word, I will dynamite you and your snacks!
Go in! Go in!
He has not come here seeking your hand..
..so do not feel overjoyed!
Oh! - Oh!
Hey, boy! - Yes, sir?
What will you do if I refuse consent..
..for your marriage with my daughter?
Papa, why are you talking of refusing consent for the marriage?
You are interfering! Calm down! Calm down! Calm down!
What will you do if I reject you?
If I cannot marry Sonal, I will drink rat poison..
..and die in this place!
Nowadays, it doesn't kill even the rats..
..so how will you die?
Oh, please!
Well, never mind. I am refusing consent to your marriage.
What's this?
Mummy! - Quiet! Quiet! It's ok.
Dear, take this.
What happened? - Shoot yourself.
Hey! Hey, if he dies, you'll go to jail and will have to do hard labour!
No problem.
Instead, why not accept him and do hard labour in the house?
Actually, it is a crime to encourage suicide.
Yes. - Shut up! Just shut up!
Son, it is very easy to speak but difficult to put in action.
Come on, shoot! Shoot yourself and die!
Rahul, what are you doing? Are you crazy?
Sonal, I am not crazy, but I know..
..that we will never meet if I die.
So it will be better if I remove the hurdle in our path.
Do it.
I will kill you if I cannot marry her!
He is ready to kill me!
I remember very well that you did not speak like this..
..when you had come to see me!
I had heard it while making fritters in the kitchen!
Oh, snacks shop, if he shoots, I will die!
Dear, do you want to marry this criminal?
He calls me a criminal! - Papa, calm down!
Put it down, son! Put it down!
I will not look good in a white sari at the time of your wedding.
Only a woman can understand how humiliating it is..
..for a woman to attend a wedding without wearing jewelry!
Crazy woman, he is ready to kill me!
Still you want our daughter to marry him?
I said so to stop him!
Rahul! Rahul, I will never forgive you..
..if anything happens to my papa!
I had never imagined that you are this kind of man!
Okay, that means, in your life..
..he has got more importance than me!
Careful! It will go off!
Sonal, then there is no point in living!
I will kill myself!
No, Rahul! - I will kill myself!
Rahul! Rahul! - I will kill myself!
Rahul! Rahul! - I will kill myself! Rahul!
Am I dead or alive?
You idiot!
You are alive!
You are playing a charade! There are no bullets in this!
Here, put this in and then try to shoot yourself..
..and kill yourself if you like!
What's this?- I say, this boy is very nice.
You do not need to practice rejecting him.
Is he a nice boy? He is a big show off! A show off!
Papa, do you have any objection now?
I do have objection!
But what is your objection now?
A very big objection! - What? What?
Dear, if you marry him..
..you are not going to live with him alone! - Naturally.
You will have to live with his mother, father, brothers and sisters.
Obviously. - So I want to see his parents.
You want to see them! I have their photo.
Not in a photo! - I want to meet them!
Do one thing, tomorrow bring them here.
Sonal, they won't be able to come tomorrow!
Cancel the wedding! Refuse him!
Hey, I mean that they live in a town in Kathiawad!
So, it will take them 2-3 days to come here!
So go there and after two days come here with your parents.
Thank you, daddy!
He addresses me as daddy!
I told you not to call me daddy!
Okay, sorry! Sorry!
Thank you, papa! - Anything for you, darling!
By the way, colonel, how much do you love mummy?
What nonsense are you asking?
What! Loving mummy is nonsense for you?
Mummy! - Colonel!
Kanchan, you know how much I love you!
So take this revolver and shoot yourself!
Yes, shoot yourself!
Have you gone crazy?
I do not need to fire a gun to prove to you how much I love you!
But he was ready to shoot, wasn't he?
I was ready to shoot, wasn't I?
He is crazy but I am not crazy!
Colonel, prove to me that you love me!
Prove? - Yes.
The proof has grown so big! Look, she is wearing a cap!
Colonel, after that you haven't given another proof!
No! Don't shoot! Listen!
Major Digvijay Singh!
Yes, yes, I have trained him. Yes.
Colonel Suri.
Yes. Colonel Suri, do not worry.
Of course I will give you a call if I need help!
In this matter you are more experienced than I am.
Right now the major will come to see you, major Digvijay Singh.
Hand over that machine to him, do not forget it, okay?
Today everything depends on it.
Yes. No, no, they are coming today only. Yeah.
I am getting another call, it must be the major.
Yes, yes. Thank you, colonel. Thank you.
Yes, I will come and meet you when I am free. Yeah.
Yes, we will sit and have drinks.
Ok, bye.
Yes, major! Yes, where are you?
No, no, I just talked to the colonel.
Go to his house and bring the machine here.
How long?
Okay, okay, okay.
They have already started.
They will be arriving any moment.
It must be here before they arrive, okay?
Okay, major. Over and out!
Sir, what are you saying?
Did the Pakistan team get out in one over?
Kashi, are you stupid or what? - But..
Shut up! Can 10 people get out in 6 balls?
Why do you speak if you do not understand cricket?
Idiot! - Kashi, what are you doing here?
Go in and do your work!
Sister, you have saved me!
Thank you very, very, very much!
What happened to him?
These days he has started to behave like this!
Why? - When I am talking to him, if somebody comes..
..and asks him to do some other work..
..he immediately says his thanks and leaves! - Oh.
Day before yesterday, the colonel..
I have so much work in the house!
One minute!
These days you have been avoiding me! Come here!
Come here!
What is it? What work do you have?
Guests are coming, so I have to cook, right?
You are not going to cook for the guests! - So?
The guests will come and cook for us.
What nonsense are you talking?
How would it look if we go to see a patient in a hospital..
..and the doctor asks us to prepare 'dhokla' (snacks)?
Why do you connect everything with 'dhokla?'
You have blown up by eating 'dhokla' all the time!
Just think about it! After we marry off our daughter..
Will they serve her proper food..
The population of street dogs has increased!
I will have to summon the squad!
Kashi, do one thing..
..get me a toothbrush and a can of fevicol (glue).
I will brush the dogs' teeth with it!
They will stop barking!
Rahul's parents will be arriving any time. - So?
They will be stunned to see you brushing fevicol on dogs' teeth!
Let them be stunned!
This time I am going to brush it on the dogs' teeth!
Oh, God! - Mummy!
Wow! My dear Sonal! You look so beautiful!
Rahul will faint on seeing you!
That is what I fear!
Mummy, what do you think?
Will papa vibe well with Rahul's family?
Of course!
Will papa give consent for the wedding?
Yes, dear. Yes. Do not worry at all.
Whatever your papa does will be for your good only.
It seems that they have come!
Go inside and when I call you,
..come out blushing, carrying refreshments, ok?
25 years ago, when your papa had come to see me..
..I too had come out blushing carrying refreshments.
Times may change, but certain traditions must not change, right?
I am coming!
My mummy had also taken this much time in opening the door.
And our wedding was fixed!
Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!
25 years ago, colonel's parents also had not come. - Okay.
Yours have also not come, right?
Oh! - Have they come?
Father! We should pay the taxi driver!
We should not demand money from him!
Let go of his neck!
Greetings! - Greetings!
The girl seems to be fat!
What can I do if all the women look like girls to you?
Colonel will never like this fancy dress competition!
Rahul's father! - Yes?
This mansion is much bigger than the bus depot of Rotalpura!
Ask for this mansion as dowry.
I will slap you! - Why?
Asking the mansion as dowry!
Do you want to carry the mansion to Rotalpur?
Instead of that, we will ask for cash!
You are absolutely right! - So!
Just keep quiet!
Okay. - Okay. - Shall I introduce them? - Yes.
Introduce us! Who are they?
I am not scared of anybody!
Introduce us!
This is my father. - Yes.
And this is my mother.
And this is my sister, Daksha.
And this is Sonal's mummy.
Why do you bungle? This is the girl's mother!
Father, please be seated. - Okay. Sit. - Yes, let us sit.
Father, do not sit here!
Shouldn't we sit here? - No.
Ok, we will sit a little ahead. Sit here.
How many times have I told you..
..not to place the pitcher in front of me when I sit like this?
How does it look?
Father, here.. - I am not doing it here!
Father, you are not supposed to do it here! - What?
I mean you are not supposed to sit here! - What?
Sit over there. - Oh, we have to sit there!
Come here. - Okay, okay.
Let us sit here.
What do you want? Do you want to sit here?
Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit on my lap!
My son has childhood habit!
He must sit on my lap whenever I sit down!
Sit! Sit! - I don't want to sit! I don't want to sit!
Okay. I will go and pay the taxi fare. - Okay.
The taxi drivers are too much!
They charge money to take you a little distance! - Yes.
Yes. - Crooks! Vandals!
Do you think this is your daddy's garden?
Get lost! Get out! Get out! Get out!
Who wants to drive me out of the house?
I will wring his neck!
He is not scolding you! - Huh!
He is angry at the dogs.
Who is this crazy man who talks to animals?
He is Sonal's papa.
Oh! This one?!
Who are all these people?
Is a village fair being organized in our house?
Sister, this is not a swing, this is a chair!
Why are you rocking like that?
No problem. What is this? Look at her!
These are Rahul's parents. - Okay.
They are his parents?! These people!
Hello! Hello! Hello!
Sing 'helo' (devotional song) later, first give me a hug.
One minute! One minute!
One minute!
You will crush me! Why are you hugging me?
What is your name?
My name is Jivtar.
The girl rocking over there is my daughter, Daksha.
Daksha. - And this is my wife, Bhikhi. - Bhikhi.
Bhikhi, was given as 'bhikh' (alms) to her father.
When she grew up, he gave her to me as 'bhikh' (alms).
Now I am wondering to whom should I give her as 'bhikh' (alms)?
To you? - Rahul's father!
Keep quiet! We must tell them frankly.
We have come here to build a relation!
And this is my sparrow's nest.. the sparrow lays eggs in it!
This is Rahul. - Rahul.
What is your surname.. title, what is your title?
Our title is.. forget it, you will feel embarrassed.
Forget it means is it a surname that will embarrass me?
Yes. -Is it something like Hathi, Machchhar or Mankad?
All that is nothing, this is much weightier than that.
Really? - Let me tell him since he insists.
Listen! Our surname is Nagda (naked)!
You stopped short, right?
So your full name is Jivtar Nagda! - Nagda.
My would-be son-in-law's name is Rahul Jivtar Nagda! - Nagda.
In future, will my daughter be addressed as Mrs. Nagda?
No, no, I will not put up with such stark nakedness! No.
Bhikhi's father had objection to Nagda.
But ultimately didn't she become Nagda?
Rahul's father! - Keep quiet!
We must tell them everything frankly.
We have come here to build relation.
Don't worry, daddy, I will change my surname after wedding.
Hey, you idiot! - What happened?
After wedding it is the girl's and not the boy's surname..
..that gets changed.
Well, we will think about all these points when we form a relation.
Tell me one thing.
Do all of you work in Gujarati films?
No, we just go to watch them.
Do you go to watch films wearing this type of clothes?
How can we go with bare bodies?
Father, hadn't I asked you to wear bush shirt?
You idiot! You had told me only to wear bush shirt!
I am wearing lower garment also!
How many times have I told you..
..not to smoke 'beedi' (tobacco rolled in leaf)?
But you cannot control your urge for smoking beedi!
Keep quiet!
By now I would have smoked one hiding behind him!
I just smoke beedi, but this great man smokes a pipe!
If someone drinks poison, we should not drink poison..
..just to compete with him! - Yes.
I said that to stop him!
On whose side are you? My or his?
I am on your side.
Whose side is this? -Your side.
Then point the finger properly!
Father, listen to me.. - Move aside!
Brother, I wanted to tell you that.. - One minute.
Do you ever burp before eating meal? - No.
Do you ever tie the string before putting on pajamas?
Only a crazy man like you would do that!
Hey, why do you address me as brother..
..even before the wedding of our children is fixed?
If it is not, then it will get fixed! Daksha, what do you say?
Yes, father.
Move aside! - What are they doing?
My son told me that you are in 'shena' (what).
In what? I am asking are you in the army?
In the army.
Father, 'sena' means boom! - Keep quiet!
He is in the army.
Yes, in the army. The army.
What kind of salary the government pays you in the army..
..that allows you to maintain this huge mansion and garden?
Did you receive kickbacks in Bofors?
Don't talk about Bofors! Don't talk about Bofors!
I don't like Bofors!
He was a colonel when he retired.
In short, he used to fight battles.
Tell me didn't you ever get hit by a bullet in the battles?
In the first war it had got embedded in my leg.
And in the Kargil war it caused a three inch wound!
Oh, so till now, they have struck only on the fringes.
It never struck where it really matters!
Jivtar Bapu, no bullet has been forged that can pierce..
..colonel Pranjeevan's heart, okay?
If it has not been forged, then it will be!
Daksha, what do you say?
Yes, father!
I say stop talking about war and call my daughter-in-law here!
Yes, call her! Let us see her!
We want to see her.
Yes, call her, call her.
Sonal! Come out blushing!
Wow! Such nice cups!
I am talking about daughter-in-law!
Wow! My daughter-in-law is so beautiful!
No, no, Bhikhi! Do not give any gifts!
The wedding has not yet been fixed!
If it is not, then it will get fixed! What's the big deal about it?
Yes. There is a big deal!
This wedding will not be fixed until you pass the test.
What do you mean?
He means that our daughter Sonal will be living with you.
He wants to check whether you are good enough..
..to be her father-in-law and mother-in-law.
Correct. You will be put through various tests..
..to check whether you are good enough to be..
..father-in-law and mother-in-law.
You will be assigned marks for that.
If you score good marks and pass the test..
..then we will get them married.
But.. but if you score low marks, then you will fail.
Wedding will be cancelled!
But.. hey, idiot! - Yes?
Haven't you told these people that till date..
..I haven't appeared for any examination?
Do you mean you haven't attended school?
No, I have attended school.
Up to? - Up to afternoon.
Had I appeared for examinations..
..I would have got a better wife than Bhikhi.
Rahul's father! - Keep quiet!
We have come here to build relation.
We must tell them everything frankly.
We do not want to go through any test!
Let all of us go back to Rotalpur!
Let us go! - Let us go! He is..
Why are you sitting and rocking?
Do you want this chair? We will take it to Rotalpur.
Hey! Put it down! - We can use it over there!
We don't want it, put it down!
Father, come here. - Okay. - Come here.
Father, I love Sonal very much. - Okay.
If I can't marry her then..
Then you will commit suicide!
You idiot! Girls much better than her..
..come to wash clothes at the pond in our village!
Ask me!
Does he keep watching girls while playing marbles?
Father, what had I told you when we had left our village?
That we were going to fix your wedding.
Are you leaving without fixing my wedding..
..and taking along the daughter-in-law?
Wouldn't it ruin my prestige?
How will you lose prestige?
It is I whose prestige will be ruined.
Father, my life without Sonal would be like your life without mother!
What if grandpa had separated you from mother?
Then I would have been happy!
Rahul's father! - Keep quiet!
We have come here to build relation.
We must tell them everything frankly.
Move away!
Look, colonel! To me, for the sake of my son, any kind of tests..
Are not acceptable! - Are acceptable.
Well, brother, what tests do you want to put us through?
Wonderful! You passed the very first test!
What! What kind of question-paper is it..
..where I passed the test without appearing for it?
Didn't you prove how much you love your family?
Okay, okay, you may have proved it..
..but many difficult tests still remain.
Brother, put us through any kind of tests you like.
We agree to all that.
Nothing is more precious to us than the happiness of our son.
Very good, very good. That's very good news.
Brother Jivtar, tell me one thing.
Can you speak English?
Nowadays everybody knows English.
Forget about everybody else, do you know it?
I know it.
Speak! - What? English. - English.
What nonsense? - I know that also.
What nonsense?
Why are you worried about English?
I will tell you something in Gujarati, translate it into English.
'Vasante mane mukko maryo' (Vasant punched me).
Now translate it into English.
Vasant.. it's very easy! Vasant.. Vasant..
Why are you at a loss? It is Vasantpanchmi (festival)!
Why are you bothering about English?
Bhikhi will speak in Gujarati and your daughter will speak in English.
Only the street dogs will hear it, right?
Uncle, my parents can't speak English. - Okay.
But I can, okay?
We are not illiterate! I know very good English!
Right, father?
Keep quiet! Sit down!
Flaunting your English skills!
Are you going to stay at home because you know English?
Aren't you going to get married?
It's a different issue that we can't find a match for you.
We don't want to tell them about it.
And if you can't do that then communicate with gestures..
..just like Rani Mukherjee did in the film 'Black.'
Teacher! Teacher!
Talk in gesture like that. - What are you saying?
How would it look if a daughter-in-law..
..communicates with her father-in-law with gestures?
Hey! - Take that!
Instead, I will learn English.
He can't..
Dear, will you teach English to me?
Yes, father.
This is called good manners.
He kept busy in fighting wars..
..that's why his daughter is well-mannered.
And you? All your life you stayed at home.
That is why this one is like this!
I say these people are very nice. Please give consent!
All of you are co-conspirators!
To our daughter, they look like a family from films.
But after wedding, things will change.
Isn't it my duty to worry about her welfare?
Oh, Major!
Hey, shouldn't you speak something when you enter?
You scared me!
Tell me what is your name? Speak up!
Do you have a name? Speak up!
Sister, please don't make him speak. - Why?
Are you mute?
Speak up! Speak up! What is your name?
Are you mute? Speak! What is your name?
Tell them.
Major Digvijay Singh reporting, sir!
I had warned you! You got shocked, didn't you?
How did you speak in such thin voice?
Gargle with salt water. - Yes.
"Oh, darling, I realised this when I saw you."
"Oh, darling, I realised this when I saw you."
"Love happens to be crazy."
"Where do we go from here?"
"I will die in your arms."
How are you?
I an absolutely fine. Absolutely fine.
You should stop gargling with salt water!
Your voice has turned masculine!
Tell me one thing. Major, behave yourself!
Well, sister Bhikhi! - Yes?
What did you find special in my daughter..
..that made you choose her as your daughter-in-law?
Brother, your daughter might be having many good qualities..
..but her best quality is that she wants to become our daughter-in-law!
Wow! Well-said!
Hey! - Not so well-said!
All of you will stay here until the tests are over.
Where will you stay? - Here!
Kashi! - Will Kashi live here too?
Yes. Is this a home or a hotel? - Yes!
Kashi, all the guests will be staying here.
Put their luggage into the guest room.
Well sir, where is your lugg.. Lugg.. lugg.. lugg..
He got stuck!
By now, we would have unpacked!
He stutters while speaking, but he is very good at work.
Go on, Kashi! Carry the luggage.
Dear, serve them tea and refreshments! Go to their room.
All of you have bath and get ready.
Bhikhi, they have facilities for bath too!
What are you saying!
It's going to be a pleasant stay! - Let us go.
Brother Jivtar! Brother Jivtar, listen to me. - What is it?
Have bath and then come down.
Do we play cards after that?
We are not going to play cards!
Then will it be marbles? - We are not going to play marbles!
Then? - You will have to cook for all of us.
We are the guests, do we have to cook food?
And are you going to sit and enjoy the meal?
I want to know whether you can cook or not.
What if you get your son married to my daughter..
..and then starve her at your house?
I want to know if you can cook!
Major! Come here!
He does not need a relative, he needs a cook!
Father, for the sake of Sonal..
I will have to tolerate the thorns to pick the rose!
Where is Bhikhi? - Mother is inside.
Move aside!
Look! Beedi (cheroot) stubs!
Did you see them? - Yes.
What do you think of them?
Very nice.
Are they nice?
They are number one crooks!
They are deceiving my daughter with their smooth talk!
Both of you listen.
I do not want my daughter to marry their son.
You have to help me in causing a break up.
An astrologer had told me..
..that I will have to spend my life with a crazy man!
I mean in fighting with a crazy man!
Why do you miss words?
All the time, you talk like that only!
Listen! - Okay.
I have a plan, understand it properly.
Tonight, Sonal will sleep with you in our bedroom.
I will sleep in her bedroom.
Did we have a fight?
Hey, do not interfere! This is part of the plan.
Okay, okay.
Did you get it? - Okay.
Then you will start acting. - Okay, I will do proper acting.
Why have you started to speak in Hindi?
Acting is done in Hindi, right?
There are so many Gujarati serials..
Forget all that. Listen, you will start acting.
He will..
Thank God everybody has slept!
I can't even meet my Sonu because of this colonel.
These days, there are many cats around.
Did you hear her nostril sound?
She has inherited that from her father.
Sonu! Sonu!
You want Sonu in the middle of the night?
My God! He's sleeping there. Come on, Rahul. Run!
Thief! Thief! Thief!
Come out! There's a thief in the house.
Thief! Thief! Thief!
There's a thief. Catch him! - Thief! - Beat him!
Beat him! - Light!
Switch on the light!
Call the police! Call the police! - Beat him!
Beat him!
Stop it!
Hey, he's a look-alike of Sonal's father.
Idiot, I'm Sonal's father. Nonsense!
What are you doing, colonel?
Thief would never steal in his neighbour's house..
..and you started thievery in your own house?
I'm not a thief. - Then who's he?
You should have said that before. - How would I have?
The way you people started beating me.
You didn't give me a chance to speak.
The way people attack on the thief in our country..
..if they'd start attacking on their work, our country..
..will definitely progress and leave America behind.
But why do we want to progress?
But where's that thief?
Yes, I don't understand..
That thief was short..
He was as short as Rahul.
Then he must be somebody else. - Yes. You're right.
And one more thing.
His hair.. his hair were also curly like Rahul.
Then he must be somebody else. - Yes. You're right.
No, he was wearing the same type of clothes like Rahul.
That means the thief had come to steal..
..Rahul's clothes. - Yes.
You always use the wrong logic.
But, where's this Rahul? - I'm here.
Here he comes.
Where had you gone? - You screamed so loudly..
..so I ran away.
I mean I ran behind the thief to catch him..
..but he slipped from my hand.
Did you see his face? - Did you see?
I couldn't see. It was too dark.
Even I didn't see. It was dark around. - Thank God!
What did you say? - No, papa.
I mean if you had seen that thief's face..
..that thief would have lived with feeling of..
..personal grudges with you.
And he may have come back to kill you.
If he had done that, he'd have been killed.
He was lucky that my rifle wasn't there in your room.
But why had you gone to sleep in Sonu's room?
How did you come to know that..
..I had gone to sleep in Sonu's room?
How did I come to know?
Am I asking you this question or you?
How did I come to know?
Papa, you only said that. - What did I say?
Just now you said.. - Yes. You said..- You said..
You said.. - Yes, you've said. - You've said.
Just a minute! - Wrong!
All of them are lying? When they say you've said that..
..means its final. - Yes, you've said. - You've said.
I didn't say that. - What?
Did I say? - Yes.
Kanchan, nowadays I keep forgetting things.
Start eating almond pudding.
He needs to be beaten. - What?
Who are you to beat me? Come on, go and sleep now.
Go to your bedrooms. - Come on. Come on!
The night is never-ending in here. - Yes.
Just a minute! Both of you, father and a son won't sleep.
We too feel sleepy.
Yes, you may feel sleepy. But you won't sleep.
You must guard this bungalow.
Tell him to decide whether he needs a relative or a guard?
Mr. Jivtar, why don't you understand?
When my daughter will get marry..
..I'll give her so many golden jewelries in dowry.
I must check whether you can protect them or not.
In short, he's going to give the jewelries.
Why do you bother about the jewelries..
Oh, my God! - What happened?
Fire! - Fire!
Come on, everybody come out! Run!
Mrs. Kanchan! - What? - Give your vote later.
Otherwise you'll entirely go black..
..instead of one black spot.
C'mon! Everybody, let's go. - Mrs. Kanchan, let's go.
I can live without colonel but not without my daughter.
Come on, otherwise you'll have to take next birth..
..to speak the rest of the dialogue. Come on, run.
Okay, let's go. - Wow! Wow!
Stop clapping and start sprinkling water over there.
Brother's father-in-law has gone crazy.
I didn't go crazy but you people are exposed now.
What? No! We're safe. - Major!
Come out!
Good work! - What's this drama?
It isn't a drama. It was your test. - Really? - Yes.
Does that mean you should put things to fire in real?
It wasn't a real fire. - What?
This was your test.
I wanted to check, if in future your house would catch fire..
..you'd leave my daughter alone..
..and run away, won't you?
You'll scream! Daksha! Bhikhi, come on, run!
Fail! You're failed. This alliance is canceled.
No, daddy!
We didn't fail. We've passed. Here's your Sonal.
Did you see this?
My son saved your daughter at the sake of his own life.
This part of the room had caught fire..
..so I went behind the bungalow..
..broken the glass of your bedroom window..
..and took out Sonal.
You broke that precious glass of my precious window?
Forget about your window and glass.
Unnecessarily, you made me act.
Move away, flatterer.
He has saved Sonal. We've got such a brave son-in-law.
What brave?! As if he's the only one.
Of course, he's brave. Let me speak about my bravery.
Bravery is in our blood. Continuously flowing.
Listen to the sound of its flow. Otherwise it'll be flown off.
Let me tell you about myself, four to five days back..
..I was passing through the jungle.
Don't ask me why.
I just sat there and a huge dangerous tiger..
..came in front of me. Don't ask me why.
Tiger saw me and I saw him.
He was going to attack me and before I strangulate him..
What happened before that?
I woke up. My dream was broken.
With my open eyes when I saw, there wasn't any tiger..
..but huge Bhikhi with her hair open.
With long nails. - Rahul's father! - Keep quiet!
Can anybody have this long nails?
She would have scratched my body at night.
Too much! Too much! Mad family!
What does he mean by this 'too much?'
He's telling you to go to sleep.
Oh! Let's everybody go to sleep.
Come on, let's go to sleep now. - It's too late.
Everybody go to sleep now.
Mummy! Mummy! - Yes, son! - Just a minute!
Yes, tell me. - Thank you so much.
You told me about colonel's plan.
Otherwise, I don't know what could have happened.
You don't need to thank me. I'm a mother of a daughter.
How can I afford to ignore such a nice boy?
Now you just don't worry.
I'll keep leaking all the plans of colonel.
You'll keep scoring marks and..
..colonel's blood pressure will keep rising.
Mummy, turn back and say that.
There's no time to turn back and see.
You just go ahead.
I tell you, also send the invitation cards for printing.
Colonel may keep insulting you for now..
..but I promise, he'll himself feed you..
..sweets in your marriage. It's Kanchan's promise.
What nonsense! Traitor in your own house.
Very good! So nicely, you imitate his voice!
What nonsense! Traitor in your own house.
Teach me! Teach me!
All the best, mummy! - Thank you! Thank you!
But teach me at least.
Hey! He's gone. Oh, God! - Just turn back. I'll teach you.
Ok, teach me.
Traitor in your own house.
Colonel is really great. I don't understand whether..
..he is in search of a relative or a cleaner.
How do I tell Daksha's father that colonel has ordered him..
..to clean the house as well as the garden.
Now how do I talk to him about my alliance with Daksha?
To tell you the truth, whenever I see Daksha..
..M.F. Hussain starts playing in me.
No, I'm sorry.. FM 91 (radio program) starts playing.
I feel I'm Nal and she's Damayanti (historical character).
I'm Dushyant and she's my Shakuntala (historical character).
I'm Om (film character) and she's..
Shanti (film character)!
"Your eyes have strange attributes."
"Like a kite, my heart flown away.."
"..in the breeze of your heartbeat."
I've to talk to you something very important.
I like you a lot. - Same here.
My God! - What happened? - You please don't talk like this.
If my father hears you, he'll break your bones.
I'm not scared of your father.
I very well know how to catch that bull's horn..
..and bring into control.
You go inside!
Female singer! What were you teaching my daughter?
Teach me too! Come on. - Okay, fine. - Yes.
Colonel.. - First, you sit here like this. They way I'm sitting.
This way? - Yes.
I can't do it. - You can. Just sit down.
Okay! Now develop the habit of doing it everyday.
I'm telling you I can't do it. - Come on.
Forcefully.. - Now, tell me.
You know colonel.. - Yes.
He has ordered you to clean..
..the house as well as the garden.
To hell with him and his cleaning.
Does he think I'm his servant? - Yes.
What? - I mean.. no.. Papa!
I tell you.. you just don't worry. Okay?
Why shouldn't I worry?
Henceforth, I'll do all your work. - What?
You just bless me.
Please, let me do some of the work..
..otherwise you'll put me into trouble.
Henceforth, I'll do all your work.
I'll clean this house and garden as well.
And if colonel will interfere, I'll clean him too.
Tell this to colonel.
This female singer is ready to do all my work.
I'm sure something is fishy behind this.
I must keep a watch on him.
Sister Bhikhi! - Oh, my God.. Oh, it's you? - Yes.
I was surprised how..
..that female singer changed into male?
Where's sister Bhikhi? I've got some work with her.
Is it so? - Yes. - I'll send her. Okay? - Okay.
That fool is really lucky! - Did you say something to me?
No! No! I was praising colonel. Bhikhi!
She's practicing music. - This way?
This is her style. - Okay.
Bhikhi, wake up!
Oh, God! I wish colonel leave aside these tests.
Otherwise we'll miss a nice groom from a decent family.
Have you returned?
What is this on your ear?
From when did you develop the hobby for the music?
You're playing a comedy circus audio cassette, right..
..right.. right? - Why did you start singing?
I'm not interested in a comedy circus at all.
Then? - This is SOS machine.
Okay! - A machine that can call a person from the distance.
Not that one. - Then?
SOS machine means..
Dr. Bhabha from the army has invented this new machine.
Once you put it on your ear, it reads enemy's mind..
..and lets you know about their thoughts..
..and plans against you.
'It seems he has lost his mind.'
'I must call up to the mental hospital.'
I've lost my mind? You want to call up in the hospital?
You mean, you can really read my mind?
Am I joking here?
'The wrong person has got the power!'
What did you say? I've got the power?
No matter how much you try to hide your face..
..I'll definitely come to know about what's going on in your mind.
What was that?
Why? You can read the mind, don't you?
I couldn't read this one. Now tell me.
Fine, then I'll start speaking in this language now.
Hey! Hey! Hey..
Oh! Oh! Oh..
She has gone mad. She has started behaving like a mad..
..woman, from the day these people have come home.
Sister Kanchan, did you call me?
'My God! This headache is here.'
'I hope he won't trouble me now.'
Sister Bhikhi!
It seems you often get the headache.
And if you feel so troubled here..
..why don't you pack your bags and leave?
'Strange! How did he read my mind?'
Sister Bhikhi.. - No matter how much you try to..
..give the hint or think. I'll come to know everything.
Go inside.
She's calling me nonsense!
Again! She has become an animal.
Sister! - Yes.
Tell me, what do you think about me?
I mean what's your opinion about me?
Relative, you're great. You're a big head. Greatest soldier.
I've no words to praise you.
'Frankly speaking, you look more like a joker.'
'If you join in a circus, you'll earn a lot.'
Sister Bhikhi! - Relative, why are you getting angry?
I'm praising you. - I don't want to listen to your praising.
Run! Run!
Send your husband here now. - Yes, I'm sending him.
Colonel! Why are you after my Bhikhi at this age?
If she loses her temper, you'll have no way out to escape.
Why do you trouble her? Talk to me.
Sit down, Mr. Bull.
Sit down, Mr. Jivtar.
Listen! - Yes.
Why do you always sit in the room?
Come in the hall. We'll sit and chitchat.
What to chitchat with you? You're so educated.
Mr. Jivtar. - What's this?
What have you put on your head?
It's.. it's.. it's.. - Yes!
It's.. - What? - It's.. it's.. Music.
It's a music player. - Okay, a music player.
It's called walkman. Walkman! - What?
Walkman! - Wal.. wal.. - You can't pronounce.
Let it be. It's difficult. Let it be. - Okay.
Now listen!
Had you ever imagined that your son would marry..
..into such a rich family? - No, colonel.
I had never imagined it. - I thought so.
My son had proposals from richer families than this.
My son fell in love with your daughter..
..and I had to come below my status.
Finally, we have to accept the groom's choice!
Its okay, it's okay!
But, tell me one thing.. - Yes?
If the girl's father, I mean, I, if I were poor..
..would you have got your son married to my daughter?
What are you saying, colonel!
Money is not so important!
Even if you had been a pauper..
..I would have accepted your daughter.
'Stupid man! It is a virtuous deed to free an innocent girl..
..from the clutches of a cruel father!'
'If I could, I would free sister Kanchan also from this man!'
I am a cruel man! Yes!
Brother Jivtar.. - Yes?
What am I saying.. - Yes?
What do you think about my wife, I mean..
..what do you think of Kanchan?
What can I think about sister Kanchan?
Sister Kanchan is so good! So good!
'And you're a bulldog! I mean a beast! A beast!'
Bulldog! Yes!
Why are you groaning, do you have ants in your pant?
It won't do groaning like this. You have to take it off!
I was saying.. - Yes.
You were saying something about my wife.
What is your opinion about her?
You know sister Kanchan is so good!
You must have done virtuous deeds to get a wife like her!
'Stupid! If Kanchan had met me before you..'
Then what?
'I would have got her married to a wise boy!'
'I would have given her away in marriage..
..just as would do for my sister.'
As sister! Sister! Yes! Yes!
Your groaning reminds me of Lakhia!
Who is Lakhia? - My bull!
Bull! - Why am I breaking my head with you?
You do one thing. Go and prepare tea for me!
What should I bring? - What can you bring?
Ask somebody to get it for me.
Why am I breaking my head with him?
I'll have to stop giving salary to this professor doctor.
This machine also didn't help.
He says he has made a machine to know everyone's mind.
Our indigenous remedies are better!
Colonel Suri!
The same thing happened with colonel Suri and colonel Pandya.
I'll just find out!
I'll just find out their numbers!
Pandya had gone to America. He must have come back!
What about my tea!
Sister Kanchan!
Put extra sugar in my tea.
The doctor has said that I have diabetes.
This is colonel's machine to hear songs!
Let me also hear what type of songs colonel hears.
What have to put on your ears? Take it off!
This is colonel's machine to hear songs!
This is not the machine to hear songs!
You can hear the other person's thoughts, you know?
What do you want to hear? Again you've come out?
Listen, he has..
Speak loudly, whatever you speak. - Why?
This is my house. I'll speak as I wish!
Speak as you wish but don't speak in your mind because he..
Go inside without speaking further!
She'll learn to dance behaving like this!
How are you enjoying yourself here?
Have this tea or coffee whatever it is and..
..go and clean the room upstairs.
'Cunning! Idle fellow! He is enjoying himself in..
..my house like a buffalo! Stupid!'
What sister Kanchan said is right.
I can hear the other person's thoughts.
Yes! Now it will be fun!
Colonel, I was saying.. - Yes?
In our village, the buffalos do and jump in the pond..
..when they are free.
I too feel like jumping into a pond!
Is there any swimming pool here?
'If it would be there, wouldn't I have drowned you in it?'
'Stupid hog! Idiot! Nonsense!'
You called me a hog that I understood.
But the whistles I didn't understand!
Colonel, I was saying that yesterday I observed a fast..
..of 'Ekadashi' (11th day) and today it is 'Dwadashi' (12th day).
Will this hog get some sweets?
You want to eat sweets? I'll serve you, okay?
I'll serve you delicious sweets!
'This joker doesn't know that..
..I've already selected a groom for my daughter.'
'I'm just enjoying his circus under the guise of test!'
'After two-three days, I'll just kick him out.'
Bhikhi! Daksha! All of you come out!
What happened? - What happened?
Why are you shouting like this?
What else would I do?
But what is wrong?
I've come to know what this man thinks about us!
I've heard what is in his mind with his machine.
This man.. He has already fixed..
..his daughter's marriage with someone.
He is only pretending in front of us.
I am telling the truth, Bhikhi!
Tell me, has anyone in the village, dared to..
..talk with me loudly! - No! - No!
But, Rahul, for your sake, I did all that he asked me to!
But he is a cunning fellow.
He doesn't want to get his daughter married to you!
We'll not stay here!
Come! We'll go back to Rotalpur! Come! Come!
We don't want to stay here!
Let's go back to Rotalpur!
Father! Father!
Go. Go and stop him.
Are you mad? This is called luck!
Everything goes well when your luck favours you!
Brother, pack your bags and leave with your family!
He wants to get his son married to my daughter!
Move aside! - Mummy, convince papa.
Yes. Listen, listen to me.
If these two part, what will happen to us?
Sonal, I don't understand anything!
Rahul, I.. - Sonal, look, I think we must tell them that..
..we are already married!
Sonal, what is all this?
Yes, mummy, yes. We are already married.
Actually Sonal was going to tell you but..
..I had stopped her from doing do.
Please mummy, now you find a way out!
Now, there is only one way out!
Just the way you married, take divorce in the same way!
No mummy, now even that is not possible.
Why? - Because Sonal is carrying!
Colonel, the way you have insulted me..
..I'll surely take revenge for that!
Bhikhi! How long will you take to pack up?
It's time for the train.
Daksha! I can't find my pant!
Colonel! You just wait and see what I do to you!
Mind well, you are going to have it!
Father, take this.
What is this? You found only the cord of the pant?
I can't find it!
Find it. Otherwise Colonel will put on my pant.
Mummy, you tell him. I am feeling scared to tell him.
I can't find my pant.
You'll find it. I want to tell you something.
I don't want to listen to anything!
All our relations to talk with each other are over!
Whatever you want to tell me, you write it and give me.
I'll go to Rotalpur and ask somebody to read it for me.
Yes! And Bhikhi! How long will you take?
Brother, overcome your anger and take our daughter..
..with joy and merriment.
You are talking about merriment!
I'm getting a severe headache!
I'm telling you frankly, if instead of your husband..
..someone else had insulted me..
..I would have turned him into a joker of the circus.
You may do that. I don't mind even that.
Look at her. - But, I do mind it! If I turn him into a joker..
..the joker too would be ashamed!
Father, don't insult my father-in-law. It doesn't look good.
Then what will suit you! What will suit!
It will suit you if your father-in-law makes me dance..
..to his tunes?
Father, you're not trying to understand..
Leave it, son, leave it.
When a person is blinded by ego..
..he can not see the dear ones tears.
But mummy, you know that these relations can not end!
The relation cannot end? - No!
That means something is fishy!
You're hiding something from me.
Tell me, what is it? - Mummy, you tell him.
Actually, Rahul and Sonal are already married. - What?
My dear, what is all this?
You keep quiet! I too am hearing it for the first time.
Tell me, is it true?
It is true. We got married two months ago.
What have you done!
If you are already married, why did you bring me here?
No, father..- Calm down, brother Jivtar, calm down and..
..think what is to be done next?
Now what else can we do?
Just the way they married, we'll get them divorced!
Father, I'll not divorce her.
Even your father will do that!
Hey! What wrong have I done to you?
What wrong has sister Bhikhi done to you?
It is the colonel who is at fault!
Now you stop poking you nose in it.
Tell me, will you give divorce or not?
Otherwise I'll break your legs!
That I'll not allow!
You'll have to break my head before breaking his legs!
I'm talking about breaking my own legs!
I'll become handicap and then both of you'll have to suffer!
You to want to break your legs? I'll help you with that!
Then both of will go around begging in the trains.
Yes, listen to the poor, He'll listen to you.
Mummy, mummy, mummy..
Father, please don't blackmail emotionally.
What is that?
That means, the villain can't do anything..
..if the bride and the groom are happy with each other.
Villain? - That means father.
Then say father! I heard it wrong!
I'm sorry! - We don't want to make an issue.
We'll say that.. Rahul can not become a father!
Father! On this ground, I'll never get divorce!
This ground or that ground!
Why do you want to go to any ground?
Are you going to play football there?
Is there anything lacking in what you're already doing?
Mummy, mummy, please give him the second news too.
Yes. I forgot to tell you something.
What? - It is a small matter.
Still there is a small matter? - Yes.
What is it? - You'll soon become a grandfather.
Is this a small matter?
When a child is born he is small, isn't it?
Then it is a small matter, isn't it?
And sister, you are simply watching the drama!
Go and persuade your husband.
I'll convince him. Listen, what I am saying is..
Sister Kanchan is right. If this children are divorced..
..it is a question of our daughter.
It is a question of your own grandchild.
If they are divorced, the colonel will certainly be defamed but..
..before that we too will lose our reputation.
I accept it! I accept it! Okay?
He has agreed!
She talks so much! I have to agree.
Wow! Rahul, you are great!
Now, it will be real fun!
Now, I'll defame that colonel!
Brother, don't do any such thing. It'll be disastrous.
He may die too! - That will be the final solution!
No! - Father, we have hidden it from him.
Yes, he will feel hurt, if he comes to know.
That's true. What had to happen has happened.
How is this poor girl at fault?
Why are you coming in my way?
I am not talking about you.
I am talking about her.
How is this poor girl at fault?
So father, we cancel going back, right?
Absolutely! Now, we'll stay here only!
We'll stay here only!
Did you see sister Kanchan?
Rahul's father does get angry, but if I convince him..
..he listens to me!
Come on, now that it is decided that we'll stay here..
..I'll take all the bags.
I'll go up and arrange everything there. - Please go.
Father, thank you very much.
Now we'll stay here only! We'll not go anywhere!
Hey, jolly one! Why are you so overjoyed?
Have you also got married?
What are you saying, father?
I am delighted because I want to dance in..
..brother's wedding.
"Since your eyes met mine.."
"I became crazy."
"I became aloof."
"Even the God seems passionate."
"Even the God seems passionate."
All the pigeons flew off together.
When these two come together..
..they do nothing other than singing duets.
Hey! About turn! One! Two! One! Two!
Get inside! - One! Two!
Welcome colonel, welcome!
We refused to get our daughter married to his son..
..so he has gone crazy!
Look, look, he looks like Ravan when he laughs..
..isn't it?
Brother, brother..
Take your father to hospital.. a mental hospital.
Ask the doctors to give him electric shocks!
He has gone mad!
Now, you stop your comedy otherwise..
..there will be a tragedy.
Accept the proposal and set out on a pilgrimage with..
..our relative.
Are you mad! I'll go for pilgrimage with him!
If I could, I would chain him outside the bungalow..
..guard our house.
So that at least he would guard our bungalow.
You sit here please. Sit quietly. Don't speak a word!
Not a word!
Let him speak! Let him speak.
Today his cawing seems to me as cooing of a nightingale.
Because my son has done such a great job that..
..if he hears, he'll be delighted.
No! - Why is she coming here?
If you say anything now, colonel will not be delighted.
In fact, he'll be furious.
What is this going on?
Look at them, they are so shameless!
You please calm down. You please keep quiet.
Just a moment! You don't pacify me. Move aside!
Brother, when I went out, you were shouting!
Daksha! Bhikhi! Pack our bags. We'll go back!
Now what happened? You've settled down here?
You're happy here?
You please calm down and sit here quietly otherwise..
..a calamity will strike!
Let him speak! Let him speak!
Why do you stop him! Today is his last day of talking!
Last day! What do you mean by that?
One minute, wait!
Brother, pack your bags and leave from here.
Go and live on the platform.
The whole family can go to the platform and live there.
If you miss the last train, you'll have to spend the night..
..on the platform. You'll have to sleep there whole night!
We'll have to only spend the night on the platform.
But you'll have to commit suicide under the train!
And if you come under a goods train..
..you'll be chopped to pieces immediately!
If you are run over by 'Rajdhani' (train)..
..nothing will remain of you.
What nonsense is he talking?
He means, he has written a poem on the train.
When did I write a poem? I don't know to write.
I must have just scribbled!
That is how you composed the poem! - What!
Scribbling! Scribbling! Scribbling! - Shut up!
Only this is written so far.
Don't try to be over smart.
Tell me, what is this?
This.. this.. - What is this?
What is this? Colonel, I'll tell you.
The thing is that..
Listen, how much ever brother wants to hear..
..you don't tell him a word, okay?
And you are under the oath of your son..
..if you tell him anything.
And you are under the oath of your grandson, if you don't!
Now he is insisting on it himself!
I'll have to call both, a heart specialist and..
..an orthopedic doctor.
Either someone will get a heart attack or..
..someone's bones will break!
You may call whoever you want to because..
..today I'll have to tell him as he has put me under an oath.
Colonel, actually it is..
I'll tell him! - You'll tell him? - Yes!
You've done it! So you tell him. Tell him.
What is it?
Father has found the cord but he can't find his pant!
You're fooling me!
So I'll go around without it. Hold on..
He is lying. Actually..
I'll tell. I'll tell.
Brother, there is so much space outside..
..your bungalow, it would be great if we grow vines there!
Do you find anything written here?
Do you think I am a fool?
What is all this about vines and cord and pant?
It is something else. Tell me. Come on, tell me.
He really wants to listen! - Tell me.
Actually, colonel.. - Don't tell him! - Don't tell him!
Actually, I am telling you.. - Don't tell him! Don't tell him!
Don't tell him! Don't tell him! Don't tell him!
Don't tell him! Don't tell him! Don't tell him!
Shut up!
They all are stopping me! I won't be able to tell you, colonel.
Thank God! - Now, I won't be able to tell you that..
..Rahul and Sonal are already married.
Look, brother, I made a mistake.
I told you what was not to be told. Forgive me.
But I'll not tell you anything further that..
..Sonal is carrying Rahul's child!
Say! Say that all this is lie! Say that they are telling lies!
Look, do you understand why I was refusing this marriage?
Look, look at them! How they are trying to defame you!
That is why I was refusing to get you married to his son.
Say, dear, say that they are telling lies.
Say that all this is lie! Say it! Why don't you say anything!
Say it! - Papa, it is true!
It is true!
I trusted you so much! This is the reward you gave me!
You betrayed me! You gave me this reward for my love!
Don't vent out anger on her. Accept this relationship.
Tell me! You knew this beforehand, right?
No, I just came to know sometime ago.
But if I had known it, I too would have hidden it.
I told you about Rahul, so what did you do?
You found out countless ways to stop their wedding!
I am happy that this girl has got married.
I am very happy!
You've gone mad! You're out of your senses!
You know that I can't stand his father!
I'm not at all ready to have a relationship with her.
So we too haven't come here with a wedding procession.
He is just going on and on!
We don't want to form any relationship.
Come, come, come on! Let's get back to Rotalpur!
Get lost! Go away immediately! - No! No! Brother Jivtar!
Don't go away! He is mad!
If he is mad, take him to mental asylum, okay!
I don't want to form any relationship with such a man!
Bhikhi! Come on. We'll go back to Rotalpur!
Come, dear. - Listen! Listen!
Don't.. don't even try it, okay?
At present, it is the question of your daughter's life!
You are still blinded by your ego!
Yes, I'm blinded for sure!
Children do make mistakes, but parents shouldn't further it!
Don't utter these useless adages, okay!
Colonel, do you remember, when Sonal was small..
..she used to be afraid of dark.
You used to sit with her on your lap through the night!
It is your duty, now, to see that..
..her future doesn't get affected.
Go! If need arises, plead to brother Jivtar.
Beg before him, but appease him, colonel.
You're right! You opened my eyes at right time!
Dear, you don't worry at all.
Your father will do anything for your sake!
I'll not let your future be dark. You don't worry at all, dear.
I'll talk to him. I'll talk to him. Calm down.
I'll talk to brother Jivtar.
Come, come. It's time for the train.
Good bye! We are leaving. - Brother Jivtar!
Brother Jivtar! Brother Jivtar! - I don't want to listen to you!
Please listen to me. - Now I want to leave.
I don't want to listen to anything. - Brother Jivtar! I am sorry.
Look, please don't punish my daughter for my mistake.
I.. I beg of you.
Listen, if brother is appeasing so much, listen to him.
But.. - I told you once! Forget it!
I'll forget it because she is scolding me, okay!
Okay, I forgive you! - Thank you, brother, thank you.
But there is one condition. - Condition?
Yes. The same condition of testing the relative.
First, you tested me, now I'll test you!
I'll test you if you deserve to be Rahul's father-in-law.
Whether you deserve to be his son's grandfather.
This relationship will last only if you pass this test.
Otherwise divorce!
"Can't rely.. can't rely on this relative."
"Wake up Krishna, except you who will go to.."
Try it. You'll be able to sing one day.
Enough! I've told you so many times, stop working.
Take rest for some days. But, you just go on!
In the morning..
Where is your master? Call him here.
Hey colonel cucumber, come out!
What's it? If you call out like this in the middle of the exam..
..how would one pass?
We have to see that you don't cheat.
Come on. Show me. I had given my pant to wash.
Have you washed it properly?
Have you washed it snow-white?
He is as dark as a crow and yet..
..he wants to wear snow-white clothes!
This is called tot for tit!
What is that? What is that?
Make it tit for tot!
Tot! Who taught you this English?
Your daughter.
My daughter has taught this English?
She must have taught what she knew!
It's okay! It's okay!
Show me. Have you washed my pant properly?
I have washed it very nicely. I've beaten it well.
Show me!
Colonel, what have you done to my pant?
You beat it so hard, you've turned it to a fringe!
If I go out in this pant, what will the people say?
Nagda (nude)! - What!
Anyway, your surname is Nagda, right?
My surname is Nagda, I am not so!
When you go out in this, you'll surely become so.
Jivtar Nagda! How are you!
Father, when you go out in this, you'll look like..
..Helen who danced in such clothes in 'Sholay' (film).
Failed! You've failed in this exam!
Failed! I don't want to give this exam! Bye!
Wait a moment! Where are you going?
Come here. - What is it?
You have to do a lot of work. Here, take this.
Now, what is this?
It's an important chit.
He doesn't know to write and he is giving me paper!
Oh! Another chit! That means, two chits!
Who has to do all this work? - You?
I have to do all this!
Oh! Sweeping, farming, cooking, washing, cleaning..
What is this? I have to all this?
Cooking? I'll do cooking? - Yes!
I'll not cook!
Bhikhi! Pack your bags!
No! No! Let it be, sister Bhikhi, let it be!
I'll cook! I'll cook!
Listen to what you have to cook.
What do I have to cook?
Millet bread rolls and roasted eggplant.
What did you say?
Millet bread rolls and roasted eggplant.
Are you out of your senses? Roasted eggplant and all that..
I'll cook porridge and curry, you may have that.
You have to prepare roasted eggplant.
Roasted eggplant! I've never eaten eggplant in all my life!
My wife Kanchan likes it so much but still..
..I've never cooked that.
If you hold that roasted eggplant in your hand..
..it feels like you're holding a rat in your hand!
That is what you've to prepare!
Wait, I'll tell my wife. She'll be very happy.
She will laugh at you! - Go. Go.
Kanchan.. - Yes!
Father has lost his sense!
Why? What happened? - He is saying you have to cook.
And do you know what is to be cooked?
Millet bread rolls and roasted eggplant.
Eggplant! - Yes!
I've made a mistake!
I just love eggplant!
But I haven't even tasted eggplant since 25 years.
Do you know, why? - Why?
Because he doesn't like it.
Oh! You don't allow me to eat! At least allow me to speak.
Eggplant! Eggplant! Eggplant!
I love eggplant, brother. - Really? - Yes.
You don't worry. I'll serve you such eggplant that..
..you'll never forget its taste! - Really! - Yes.
Listen, what you have to cook.
Look, eggplant and potato, eggplant and bitter gourd..
..eggplant and squash, eggplant and radish. - Radish!
Eggplant and carrot, eggplant pudding..
..eggplant sweet yoghurt, eggplant ice-cream and eggplant..
Hey! He has fainted!
Make him snuff eggplant, he'll become conscious!
Oh! Leave it! Leave it!
People suffer from chicken flu but..
..he is suffering from eggplant flu!
Hey, listen! Where are you going?
I told you, I am going to cook.
Before cooking, so much has to be done.
He just doesn't know anything.
Haven't you taught him anything?
First, you have to do sweeping and mopping.
Sweeping and mopping! I'll do that! - Yes!
Have you gone mad? I'm not going to do all that.
Bhikhi! - Coming..
I'm doing! I'm doing! I'll do sweeping and mopping too.
Even Gandhi has said that one must do his own work!
Kashi! - Kashi will not do mopping.
I'll do mopping. But do you have any objection if..
..Kashi brings the mop?
No, I have no objection to that.
And listen, the floor must be sparkling clean!
I'll have bath and come.
I'll comb my hair looking down at the floor.
Now don't say anything further?
He is a lousy fellow! He just doesn't know anything!
Give me. I'll mop the floor quickly! - Do it.
Sister Kanchan! - Oh! You had gone to take bath!
There is no water there!
What are you doing? You just started off!
I knew you would cheat.
Take rest for some days. Take care of yourself.
You've become thin as a stick.
I've become thin as a stick? Thank you! Thank you!
Its dark everywhere!
These females feel very happy if you flatter them!
You get down to work! - Yes! Yes!
He is relaxing again!
He has gone mad! He thinks I'll do mopping!
I'm a colonel! I'll do mopping!
The whole battalion does the job at my order!
You have to this also for the daughter's welfare!
You've learned it or you've loved it..
..whatever way you may consider..
..do the mopping, anyway! Come on!
Papa, what are you doing?
I was mopping the floor, dear.
I've to mop the floor sparkling clean! - Why?
Why! Your father-in-law has given a test to me.
If I want to pass the test, if I want to get you married..
..I'll have to do the mopping!
Enough, papa! That's enough!
You don't need to pass any test.
I've made the mistake. So I'll take the punishment.
I'll give the test. - No, dear no!
Have you gone mad?
I'll make you do all this chores?
No, dear, if your father-in-law sees you mopping the floor..
..he will fail me!
And if I allow you to do this, as a daughter, I'll fail.
I've made the mistake. So I'll take the punishment.
No, dear, don't say that.
It's not your mistake. It's my mistake.
Blinded by my ego, I never tried to understand..
..your feelings. I bungled, dear.
Besides me, you can like someone..
..you can love someone, I never thought of that.
Your father-in-law told me that..
..I've failed to pay attention while fighting other battles.
He is right. Somewhere, I've failed as a father.
No, papa!
And let me take my punishment.
It is my mistake. You have to do all this because of me.
No dear, don't cry. Don't cry, dear.
Calm down! Calm down! Dear, if you cry..
..my bank account will fall short by one million!
You want to make your father poor!
No, isn't it? Now smile. Smile.
You are my darling daughter.
You look good when you smile. My doll!
You don't worry.
I'll mop the whole village! You just wait and see..
..I'll mop the whole society!
I've come to tell you the same.
It will not suffice to mop the house.
You'll have to mop the street also.
You go. I'll do the mopping. You go.
What is all this?
Wait there! Where are you going?
I want to talk to you about something important.
What is so important?
I've fallen in love with Daksha.
I want to marry her.. if you agree.
Wow! Wow! Wow! You are my trump card!
Sister Bhikhi! - Sister Kanchan!
What happened? Why are you shouting?
What can we do other than shouting?
But at least tell me, what has happened?
You are always worried about nonsense things!
Worry about her now! She goes haywire anywhere!
How dare you love my daughter!
You are absolutely right, friend!
One must have courage love your daughter.
This is called tit for tat!
This is called God's justice, understood?
Your son swept off my daughter in love and..
..my son swept off your daughter in love.
It's equal! No more sweeping and mopping!
Very good, boy, very good!
Colonel, you are insulting me!
Oh! I'm insulting you! Now you've realised it!
If it is your son's affair, you call it love and if..
..it is your daughter's affair, it is a scandal!
No, Mr. Nagda! These scandals won't work in..
..today's time, understood?
Dear, you don't worry at all. If your father refuses..
..I'll get you married.
You just tell me whether you like this boy or not.
Daksha, don't say yes!
Daksha, don't say no!
So what should I say? I'm even feeling embarrassed to say.
Daksha, Daksha, you don't worry at all.
We'll deal with it in our own way.
What will you do?
We'll deal with it in our own way.
If you deal with it in your own way, you think..
..we'll keep quite?
Dear, you don't worry at all.
Even if this villain refuses, I'll get you married at any cost.
Do you understand?
Come on! Come on! Now leave from here.
Don't wait. Leave.
Hey, what are you waiting for? He's eloping with your sister!
Hey! Leave my sister's hand. I'll thrash you!
Hey! Just shut up and sit down! Nonsense!
If you thrash her, how will he marry your sister?
Yes! - And what are you waiting for?
Come on! Come on! Leave. Go and get married.
He will not elope. Your son has changed the party and..
..he is with us now.
I'm with them! - You traitor!
You work with me, you live in my house and..
..you are supporting them!
Brother! Son-in-law is bound to favour father-in-law.
What do you mean? What is all this about?
I mean, he has already selected Vijay for Daksha.
He has also agreed for their marriage.
This was your test! - Yes!
Stupid! Couldn't you tell your father-in-law?
How would I tell? I didn't know about this test.
Rather than bothering about your hair style..
..you should take care of all this.
You have failed in this test! Now, be careful in the next.
Otherwise divorce is inevitable.
I'll be surely careful. - You listen to me.. - Yes?
I am telling you forget all this.
Now we'll immediately go back to our village Rotalpur with..
..our son and daughter-in-law!
We'll immediately go back to our village Rotalpur!
Do you have any treasure buried there?
Now it is the real testing time!
Now it will be more fun!
I'll make this colonel sing lullaby.
But I don't know to sing.
I'll make him wash nappies!
Why should I wash nappies!
Colonel, I was thinking since long..- What?
Why is there no intimacy between our families?
Why is it so?
Because our surnames are different! - So!
So I have decided that you too will accept our surname from today.
What do you mean?
From today, you'll be known as colonel Pranjeevan Nagda!
"Now, look, how the colonel sinks!
"How the life becomes.."
Rahul! How can you ask me to relax!
Both of our fathers don't agree with each other at all!
Please, you talk slowly!
Why should I talk slowly, Rahul!
This is enough now!
I can not see my father being insulted more than this.
This is enough!
Sonal! Sonal! Even I can't see it.
Sonal, they are hard only on the surface.
Inwardly, they are very soft!
We just need to crack the nut! Please, be calm for sometime.
And what if it doesn't work out?
It will work out. Please, you be calm for sometime.
No Rahul. It's enough now. We'll talk to father.
Not now! Sonal, just think!
The shock of our marriage! The shock of your pregnancy!
And now this! No Sonal.
We have come a great distance.
Now don't talk about backing out.
We just have to go a step ahead.
Sonal, look, take it easy.
Once they accept our relation, we'll tell them about this also.
But, Rahul, by that time..
You'll not say anything till then! Please, have faith on me.
I beg of you! - Hey! Disperse from here!
Rahul! How do I look?
You look like Naresh Kanodia (Gujarati film star) in..
..Amitabh Bachchan's (Megastar of Bollywood) clothes!
I know Naresh Kanodia, but, who is Amitabh Bachchan?
What do I do?
Hey, girl! - Yes?
Where is your father? Call him out.
Colonel cucumber! Come out.
I'll not come. No.
Bhikhi! - I'm coming!
I'm coming, colonel, I'm coming!
Come on! Come on! Colonel, come on!
Why are you behaving as if you have nothing on?
This is so loose! I'm feeling the chill in my brains!
The whole of our village wears such clothes!
Do they wobble like this? Stand straight!
I feel as if I'm walking on ramp in umbrella frock!
There is at least enough space. This is so suffocating!
Take it off!
Rahul! - Yes!
In our village, people stitch quilt of old clothes. - Yes.
But people here, stitch clothes of quilt.
Have you finished laughing? Did you enjoy? - We enjoyed!
Have I passed? - Yes.
Then I'll leave. - Wait. It's not yet time to leave.
Colonel, in our village, there is celebration for four-five days..
..during wedding. - Yes, yes, yes.
This is my son's wedding! There will be celebration..
..for 10-15 days. People will dance!
We have to check if you can dance as our relative!
If you can't dance, it will spoil our reputation.
So today I'll have to see how you dance. - Yes.
Put on a song, and you start dancing.
Being in the company of his wife, he talks so much!
Bhikhi! - No! No! I'll not dance.
He'll not dance! Father, he'll not dance!
Bhikhi! - Coming!
His wife is ever ready with a pot!
Bhikhi! Stand right there!
As long as colonel continues dancing, you'll stand there!
Just as he stops, you'll start towards the station!
Come on, dance!
Bhikhi! Come down!
What are you doing? You know which songs I know.
Put on that cassette.
Father, he can't dance..
You move aside!
You're ever ready to do a favour to your father-in-law!
Start the song! - Start!
"I'm a small child, the soldier of the country!"
"Sing with me. Hail India! Hail India! Hail India!"
"Hail India! Hail India!"
Stop it! Are you doing parade!
I'll dance as I know!
All this won't do. Put on the cassette which I've brought.
And all of you listen!
All of you have to dance along with colonel.
Even if a single person doesn't dance..
..I'll cut colonel's marks! I'll fail him!
All of you dance. Otherwise you won't be able to get married.
He has become adamant. Dance as you can.
Who else has to dance?
All of you. You, Bhikhi, all of you! Kanchan, all!
Sister Bhikhi will also dance? - Yes.
Then it's okay. I think I'll be able to dance.
Come on! - Start!
He has put on a tape?
Yes, yes, evening in..
It's that damsel.. I know it!
"Oh, damsel with lovely tresses, my beloved."
Come, dance with me. - "Whom is your killing gaze searching?"
I am not a damsel! - You are a charming guy!
Hey, sister Kanchan.. he'll hurt me..
"Oh, damsel with lovely tresses, my beloved."
You've learned it!
"Whom is your killing gaze searching for?"
Sister Bhikhi, I'll have to do just like you.
"Why are you wandering in each party?"
"Why are you wandering in each party?"
Come on!
"I'm looking for that stranger! I'm looking for that crazy!"
"Who has set me afire, I'm looking for that firefly!"
Wow! Wow!
"I've come wearing a long drape."
"I've brought the sagas of my attitude!"
"Don't tease me, just stay away!"
"She is Bhikhi!"
"She is Bhikhi!"
"I hail from Una!"
"The whole world has blossomed."
"The love has spread around."
"The whole world has blossomed."
"The love has spread around."
"My heart carves for you. I'm all yours."
"I'm swept off my feet."
"It's fun being in love!"
"It's fun being in love!"
"It's fun being in love!"
"I saw you. I saw you. Since the moment I saw you.."
"I thought of nothing, I just fell in love."
"I'm in love. I'm in love. I too am in love."
"I've gone crazy. I've gone crazy, my dear."
'You're my love, my love, beloved, you're my love."
"You're my love." - "My love! My love!"
"Beloved, you're my love."
Hey! You just go on.. my love! My love!
Brother Jivtar, its okay. They are just children! It's okay!
I danced, how did you like it? Did I pass or not?
Wow! You danced so well!
Colonel, you danced so well that..
..if the Indian government had known about it..
..instead of sending the whole battalion on the border..
..they would have sent you alone.
Why! Why!
If you would show you dancing skill there..
..the enemy would run away leaving the conquered area.
It's okay! It's okay!
Now their wedding is fixed, right? There will be no divorce, right?
They will take divorce!
What are you saying?
Brother did whatever you asked him to do.
He took all the tests that you gave him.
Now what is your problem?
So does that mean that we must give away our son?
Brother, I thought you were just fooling, so I supported you.
The man who makes the whole battalion dance..
..to his tunes, readily danced to your tunes!
The man who has never bowed down to any one..
..almost begged before you!
There is no dearth of prosperity in his house and..
..yet he readily did sweeping and mopping!
What more do you want?
I just cannot stand this man!
Father, you.. - You shut up!
I don't want to form any relationship with him!
First, he gave me a test with the intention of failing me..
..isn't it? - Yes.
That's it! I too gave him a test with the intention of failing him!
First, he watched the drama, now I'm watching the drama!
It is tit for tat!
I don't want to form any relationship with him!
Let's get back to Rotalpur!
But Rahul..
Forget about it!
Jivtar, I'll not spare you' if you step out of my house!
Father, listen to me. I'll not give divorce to Sonal!
Then I'll consider that you are not my son!
My son is dead for me! - Rahul's father..
Form the habit of saying Daksha's father!
Get going!
Bhikhi, you know that..
..a shameless man holds no respect in our village!
I will not accept this relationship after..
..being insulted like this!
Let me see who has the guts to stop me!
Come on! Let's get back to Rotalpur!
Leave me! - Listen to me! Mother is there inside!
If you go inside, there will be more tension.
Please, I beg of you!
Let me go to my daughter! - Please!
Oh, God! Please don't punish my daughter for my crime.
I'll never be able to forgive myself if..
..anything goes wrong with my daughter.
Did you see?
Even an atheist is begging before God for his daughter!
Hey, Jeevtar! If anything happens to my daughter..
..I'll not spare you!
How am I at fault?
It was your gun, your bullet! You fired it!
And you are blaming me!
But you were being adamant!
First, who talked about test?
I had agreed finally, right? So why did you do this drama?
That's great! If you do it, it's a miracle and..
..if I do it, it's cheating! - But..
But.. - Stop it!
My daughter has been hit by the bullet in all this fighting.
Sister Kanchan.. - Even now you are fighting!
I don't want to know who initiated or..
..whose mistake it was.
It is my daughter Sonal and Rahul's mistake!
They loved each other, they got married but..
..they didn't elope! That is their mistake!
It is their mistake that..
..they tried to persuade their stubborn parents!
It is their mistake that more than their love..
..they gave more importance to their parents' esteem!
I'll say that it's good, she has been hit by the bullet!
She must get the punishment for her mistake!
And shoot 2-3 bullets at Rahul too!
So that no child will think of their parents' esteem in future!
Bhikhi, look at her, what is she saying?
Sister Kanchan is right!
You love your esteem more than your son!
Their love holds no importance before your pride!
That is why you said that you are dead for me!
You are not my son!
You are great, Rahul's father! You have won!
You have won the battle against Sonal's father!
You have won! - Bhikhi, stop it!
You should have stopped me long ago!
Colonel, I've made a mistake!
Forgive me, colonel, forgive me!
Brother Jivtar, crying doesn't suit you at all!
You should always smile! In fact, It is not just your fault!
Even I am equally at fault! Maybe I am more at fault!
Brother Jivtar, I wasn't so adamant since childhood!
I wasn't so possessive! I had got my sister married!
It was a love marriage!
I had danced merrily in her wedding!
I had got her married with great pomp and show!
But the very next month of her wedding I got a letter that..
..my sister had committed suicide.
I wasn't ready to believe it! My sister couldn't do this!
She made the whole world joyous with her smile!
I went to court! I fought the case! I lost it!
Brother Jivtar, I lost it!
The very next month that boy got married again!
I couldn't do anything!
What happened to my sister, shouldn't happen to..
..my daughter! Obsessed with this fear..
..I acted unjustly with my daughter!
It's not your fault, brother Jivtar, it's my mistake.
I wasn't so since childhood!
I made a mistake! I made a mistake!
Brother Jivtar, a daughter is an ocean of love!
It must be allowed to flow freely!
It shouldn't be shackled!
I tried to shackle it wrongly!
Daddy, Sonal is here.
Sonal dear.. - Sonal.. - Sonal..
Sonal dear, how are you now? Are you alright?
Yes, the bullet just brushed past me. I am fine.
Oh, God! I am so grateful to you!
Father, let Sonal stay here. We'll go back to Rotalpur.
You stupid! You want to leave this girl in such a condition..
..and go away to Rotalpur?
We'll get you married immediately.
There is no need for that. - What!
Sonal is not pregnant! - What!
Yes. We are not even married!
Yes, we are not married!
Then why did you play act?
Because we love each other!
But the values you inculcated in us stopped us from eloping!
Wedding is not just the union of two individuals..
..it is a union of two families!
We had thought that we'll bring two different families together.
But, we've failed in this test!
Father, let's go back to Rotalpur.
No, my son, no! No! You have not failed!
We, elders have failed!
We had forgotten that you have grown up now.
You do have a life of your own!
No, my son, you have not failed.
Both of you have passed. Don't cry!
Brother Jivtar, I give permission for this wedding.
I have no objection to it.
Who are you to give permission!
I give my permission!
Okay, be it that way. But, listen, since my daughter's birth..
..I had always wished to have a live-in son-in-law.
Now your son will take away my daughter after wedding.
So can I come to your house as live-in father-in-law?
All of them ran away!
"You can't rely on this relative!"
Oh, God! I am really grateful to you!
"You can't rely on this relative!"
"You can't rely on this relative!"