2010 USA National Games Opening Ceremony Watch Party

Uploaded by SpecialOlympicsHQ on 19.07.2010

You know, one of the core values
and mission statements of our institution
is community engagement.
It’s what we’re trying to do
in our athletic department too.
So, it’s a great partnership,
it's a worthwhile cause.
Anything we can do at UNO
to partner with the community,
to make quality of life better in Omaha
is a great thing.
I am so proud of myself, that I am able to go.
I like to have new friends and
get along with the rest of the gang,
so I am happy to be here.
I feel like Special Olympics is a great way
to give those who have
physical or mental disabilities
a chance to participate in real sports
and it’s great to see those
competing on a national stage.