Lynne Featherstone MP, Equalities Minister - It Gets Better Today

Uploaded by stonewalluk on 16.11.2010

Hello, my name is Lynne Featherstone, and I’m the
Minister for Equalities and I’m absolutely passionate about
working to make life better for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people
and I’m absolutely proud to lend my name to this fantastic campaign.
I’m excited about where we are today in this country.
We have a fantastic record on campaigning for and achieving
rights, protections and benefits for LGB and T people.
And it reflects a story of a remarkable journey really where
we've gone from ignorance and fear to acceptance and understanding,
from legal stigma to legal recognition.
And most remarkable of all, this journey only really started about 20 years ago.
This is perhaps the most significant transformation in the
equality landscape and certainly the swiftest and most
profound social change that I have witnessed in my lifetime.
And one thing is certain, that if it was not for the tenacity of
many LGB and T people we would have nothing to celebrate.
Today it has got better for everyone and we should be proud
of that achievement but we would be kidding ourselves if we
thought the job was done. I know that bigotry sadly still remains
a too common experience for far too many LGB and T people.
Homophobic and transphobic bullying in our schools is still a
major issue and I know that behind every single statistic lies a
real life and a real person. But we are tackling these problems.
Not just the government but all of us together.
There are fantastic support networks out there, there are
incredible campaign groups who work to provide support and
make this country even more open to people no matter who they love.
And my promise to you is that I will work towards a future where
no matter who you love, nobody will bat an eye lid.
It gets better, today we can make it happen.