S&P 500 Emini HFT Follow The Bots Daily Report 8th January 2013

Uploaded by WinningMoreTrades on 08.01.2013

Welcome to the daily report , of the relevant High Frequency Trading events surfaced by
sceeto and Follow the Bots for trading the S&P 500 e-mini futures and the Spyder ETF.
Today is Tuesday, January 8th and you are looking at a 4 tick range bar chart in the
forward e-mini S&P 500 futures contract.
Today offered a classic example of how following the activity of the trading bots can help
you with your own trading.
This morning we saw strong green coming WIND coming into the pre-market through around
10:00 a.m. eastern.
Around 15 minutes prior to the open sceeto's order flow monitor surfaced 2 green order
flow events - an HFT Buy Surge and a Reversal in Equities HFT, where HFT is High Frequency
Trading, and from here the market moved up 2 points from there.
Right at the high of the day sceeto surfaced information that the Buy Programs that carried
the market up to this high were waning. You can think of of this as the Buy Programs
were getting tired.
From here, the market marched steadily down and was accompanied by lot's of red sceeto
selling events.
There was was a little of what we call battle of the bots after the 1450 support was peirced
this battle was won by the sell bots until the market hit a low of 1446.
From this low price where you will see the bids replenished the market marched back up
into the close and you can see that this move was accompanied by green buy bots.
and this kind of behavior is where where our motto, Follow The Bots comes from.
Also today, you can see that our Spikes in MacDaddy worked very well today.
Trading Spikes in MacDaddy is a very consistent trading approach and one that you can readily
train your eyet to read.
If you would like to learn about spikes in MacDaddy there is a video on our web site
at www dot sceeto dot com forward slash spikes dash in dash macdaddy.
Please review this video at your leasure and I think that when you watch this you will
learn a lot about order flow.
One thing that is interesting to note though, is that the circles that you see drawn on
the chart around the spikes in MacDaddy that we surface in regularly in our Daily Report
videos are all done automatically and are not done by hand so that's pretty cool.
I hope that you find this as interesting as we do.
Hopefully well see more volatility in the market tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hi. I'm Carl Weiss the chief architect of sceeto
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