Occupy Zionist Wall Street by David Duke

Uploaded by drdduke on 20.10.2011

Popular LA Talkshow host Bill Handel attacks the Occupy Wall Street Protestors
...Then Handel tells an obvious truth that few dare to speak
"Because this is my tribe who control Wall Street. Why would I be upset?
I am David Duke and I don't love New York. In fact I despise New York City and all it
represents. It is the real center of Zionist Globalism, and it is the nexus of the most
massive economic fraud and theft in the entire world.
It is the vipers nest of the Zionist-dominated globalist media like Sulzberger's New York
Times that spews its pro-Israel, Zionist-warmongering that kills millions of innocent women and
children around the world for israel and its harmed a lot of Americans too. These Zionist
spawned wars cost 100 times the American lives lost in 911. It's moral degeneracy an anti-real
art and anti-family spreads like the virus across America and the entire world.
New York sits like a giant putrid , obese leech sucking the life out of any American
business that actually produces real value, and it crucifies millions of American workers
and American stay at home companies on the altar of free trade. NY is home of the master
swindler, Zionist Bernie Madoff - but Madoff is really a small time crook compared to the
Zionist thieves at the Federal Reserve such as Ben Shalom Bernanke and the former chief
thief, Alan Greenspan. New York is the lair of the predatory, criminal banking houses
epitomized by the most powerful criminal bank in the world, the Zionist Goldman Sachs run
by the vulture-nosed bottom feeder Lloyd Blankfein. NY has the key offices of the Zionist-controlled
World Bank and the Zionist controlled International Monetary Fund which was led until recently
by Zionist super predator Strauss-Khan. In his interview with "Tribune Juive" (The Jewish
Tribune) he said "I wake up every morning and think about how I can help Israel." We
also know that he thinks a lot about how he can seduce his next shiksa. Alleged rapist
Strauss-Kahn got off scot free. Now how did I predict that would happen. Well, let's see,
Christian cops make the arrest but Zionist prosecutors, Zionist Judges and Zionist media
totally control the case and what is said about it. Could there really have been any
doubt about the result? Not in New York. The truth is that this conman, strauss kahn, has
financially raped millions of people in America and all over the world, but that's no problem,
hey he's one of the chosen. As a former Republican member of the House
of Representatives, in Lousiana and former elected chairman of the largest Republican
District in Louisiana, there is only one thing I despise more than New York City. Republican
politicians who have sold their souls and their people out to these Zionist criminals.
And you poor deluded Democrats, you should be even more angry than I. What was Obama's
slogan, Change you can believe in. Wake up, why don't Americans even know that Obama's
biggest corporate contributor was none other than Goldman Sachs, led by the aesthetically
challenged crook, Mr. Blankfein, Oh I'm not letting republicans off the hook, half of
McCain's biggest contributors were also Zionist international banksters. And the Zionist media
tells us of the political power of big oil every day. But not one oil company was in
the top twenty contributors of the two candidates for President! But plenty of predatory banks
were. The naked truth is that real political power is held by AIPAC and the Zionist money
kings. Now the Zionist media has their paid whores
condemning the demonstrations across America against these criminal banks and Wall Street
insiders. Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, and all the rest on the controlled goyishe conservatives
on mainstream media tell us how we have to defend Wall Street and defend these criminal
banks! Well, not this Republican. I cheer the men
and women on the streets condemning the International Banks that hold America financially hostage.
These Wall Street Banks are not a product of free enterprise, they are a product of
crime. The fact is, and any Wall Street expert can tell you this, the insiders manipulate
the market and make the real fortunes on Wall Street, and the huge losses are paid for by
the average American hoodwinked into trusting the Insiders. Firms like Goldman Sachs manipulate
the ups and downs in the market. They can make trillions a year whether the market goes
up or down, and when it does down, who are the losers? I know many, Americans who after
50 years of hard work have lost fifty percent of their savings in the market crash. This,
while the Zionist owners of the predatory banks like Goldman Sachs made more shekels
than ever The media and congress had to debate for six
months about a 30 billion dollar loan to general motors which was critical to 10 million American
jobs and 10,000 American companies. But a 100 times bigger bailout of the criminal Zionist
banks took just a few days. And since that time the Federal Reserve great rebbe, Ben
Shalom Bernanke, with a stroke of the pen, gave away over 20 trillion of the American
people's money, American taxpayer's money to these predatory mostly Zionist banks who
in turn give the campaign funding for the corrupt politicians.
Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Hannity, even Mr. Ron Paul, you are dead wrong! We need not only more
regulation of the international Banks, we need criminal prosecution of them. Just like
on a football field, we need referees who are fair that make sure that the rules are
followed and the truly best team wins. that's the real American way.
Yes, occupy Wall Street, occupy the Federal Reserve Bank in New York and Washington, bring
the biggest criminals in the world to justice, finally Americans are rising up and it feels
great. When Manhattan was bought from the Indians
for a sack of beads it was said to be the best bargain in history. Well, sometimes you
get what you pay for. For the benefit of the rest of New York, of America and the world,
it's time to give New York City back to the Indians.
If we can't do that, then let's at least put these banksters like Blankfein, Bernanke,
Greenspan and Strauss-Kahn in prison where they belong.
This has been David Duke daring once again
to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.