INFINITE Interview_Dream Concert 2012

Uploaded by KoreaBillboard on 27.05.2012

It is our first time performing at the Dream Concert.
We are thrilled to be on the same stage with our amazing seniors and juniors!
We will put on a great show!
Hello, I am Hoya and I am in charge of our choreography. We are going to be performing “Be Mine” and “Paradise.”
The main focus will be on the intro part where we would be showcasing our “military style” group dance.
It will be an awesome performance, so please look forward to it with your eyes wide opened!
Red pepper paste is one of Korea’s representative foods.
So we all coordinated with red, which also represents passionate and spicy!
Our third mini-album is scheduled to release very soon.
We worked really hard on our upcoming album and we’re going to hold a showcase event to commemorate it.
We are going to tour around Korea in a helicopter.
It will start off in Gwangju then continue throughout Daejun, Daegu, Busan, and Seoul. We are extremely excited and counting down the days,
so please look forward to the event as well as our new song and performance!
We are going to be performing at the Dream Concert today! We promise to become the hardest working group! Thank you!