Secretly Exposing Americans To Chemicals

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there is a long long history in the united states
not the kind of history that you learn in college textbooks
to which Americans were subjected
I'd like to read you just a few of them
in nineteen thirty one Dr. cornelius roads under the auspices of the rockefeller institute
for medical investigations
infected human subjects with cancer cells they were not told about it
he later went on to establish the US army biological warfare facility in maryland
utah and panama and then was named to the US atomic energy commission
while there he began a series of series of radiation exposures
experiments on American soldiers and civilians in hospitals
in nineteen forty two chemical warfare services began mustard gas experiences
on approximately four thousand servicemen
the experiments continued until nineteen forty five and made use of the seventh day
adventists who chose to become
human guinea pigs
rather than serve on duty
nineteen sixty five prisoners in %uh in prison in Philadelphia where subjected to
dioxin is so toxic it is a byproduct of
chlorine when it breaks down whether it's in
clorox or in tampons and a teaspoon could literally kill the entire planet
is a carcinogen
and it's part of agent orange
%uh that was suspected even before %uh
the military used it
%uh for %uh
desert storm
in nineteen ninety six the department of defense admits that desert storm
for all of the military they were exposed to chemical agents including
%uh agent orange
so I have questions
questions that have to be part of an urgently needed public
discussion and outcry when is this going to stop
obviously you don't know and I would urge you there outside there are %uh there's a
%uh of web sites
that you can go to not to Clifford but this is the most
his web site is the most well-documented one with lots of medical information
I've talked to over a hundred doctors just in this past six months
naturapaths MDs
%uh also to people in health care and
there we have staggering rates of
upper respiratory and cardiovascular problems that we never used to have
there's a brand new emerging
field and that's called environmental cardiology
%uh and they're not even dealing with the issues of of weather modifications and
I'd like to know how are the real drought conditions by nature
exacerbated by a constant spew of aerosols
in the chemtrails
how much of global warming or climate change is actually caused
billions of tons
of these aerosols
that have been sprayed over us for the last eight years without our permission
it's not just CO two emissions that we have to deal with but we have to deal with weather
how is weather modification by the military destabilizing our planet's natural
natural weather
a controversial weather modification bill was just passed Bush just
signed it to the
hundred and ninth
%uh %uh congress
there was no public discussion these bills did not include
any agricultural
water EPA or public representatives
and did not have any provisions for congressional state county
or public oversight
of either expenditures medical and or environmental consequences
in other words we've really been guinea pigs for at least the last eight years with literally
every breath we take