Hunting YouTube - The tribal one

Uploaded by fieldsportschannel on 26.12.2012

This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos
that YouTube has to offer, at this festive time, from all over the third world.
In western Mongolia, an ancient tradition of hunting with golden eagles is still alive,
and it makes for popular films on YouTube. In this film, the Mongols are launching eagles
at wolves.
Heading to North America, I spent a happy summer in northern Labrador, based out of
the mainly Inuit town of Nain. The Inuits are avid hunters. Here is a film showing a
whale hunt with Native Iñupiaq hunters on the other side of the continent in northern
Alaska. Like the Mongols and their eagles, the Iñupiaq people have been hunting whales
for thousands of years.
Earlier this year, I learnt to hunt dangerous African animals by throwing sticks at them.
Next up, we're hunting with the Hadzabe tribe of Tanzania. Don't expect lions. They kill
three birds and a squirrel, cook and eat them and then show how to use their bows and arrows.
On the fishing front, as a serial prawner, I am struck by this simple shrimp fishing
film from Thailand. Google translation into English from Thai is "Naturally fall under
the coconut shrimp". Love it.
Let's go spearfishing in the Amazon. This guy is incredible. We're in the Pacaya Samiria
National Reserve in Northern Peru. A local guide and fisherman spots a fish and kebabs
it. What a shot.
Staying in South America, a couple of National Geographic filmmakers made this short film
for their YouTube channel with the Kaapor people of Brazil. It's subsistence stuff - they
are after tortoises.
Think Australia and you think roos. Here the aboriginal people in the Pilbara, Western
Australia, are after kangaroos to feed kids at a local school. You can pick up kangaroo
cooking tips from this film, too
Finally, just to show that with most third-world hunting, a big calibre is better than a blowpipe
or boomerang, here is Giant Crocodile Hunting, River Nile, Africa by Ezz El-Rifaie
Well I hope that wasn't too tokenistic a romp. You can click on any of these films to watch
them. If you have a Youtube film about any kind of hunting or fishing you would like
us to pop into the weekly top eight then send it in via Youtube or email me the link at