Brazil travel advice -

Uploaded by dfat on 22.11.2011

Hi, my name is Therese and I have been working at the Australian Embassy in Brasilia for
a little over a year. Brazil is a wonderful place to visit. There are so many great things
to see and do - and will be very exciting over the next couple of years in the lead
up to the World Cup. People here are friendly and welcoming and most travellers have a great
holiday without any incidents. There are a couple of things you need to be aware of when
you are planning a trip to Brazil. Firstly, you need to have a visa before you get here.
They don’t issue visas on arrival - so you need to plan ahead. Secondly, crime is more
of an issue and in major cities its slightly more dangerous than what you might be familiar
with in Australia. So you need to be aware of your personal belongings at all times.
Especially if you go to the beach do not leave your valuables lying around on the sand. As
well, credit card fraud is an issue for some travellers. So make sure that if you are using
your credit card in Brazil you check your statements regularly or as an alternative
use an ATM at a bank. Finally, you should always check the Smartraveller website before
you leave Australia when you are planning a trip. Firstly check the travel advice to
see if there is any updated information as well as register on line with us. Before you
go anywhere as always make sure that you have adequate travel insurance in case of any emergency
while you are overseas.