How to Apply Makeup : How to Apply Mascara

Uploaded by expertvillage on 09.11.2007

Hi! My name is Nordia on behalf of Right now we’re going to be applying some
mascara to Lorene’s eyes. Because this is Lorene’s mascara it’s okay to go ahead
and use it directly to her eyes. If you’re ever at your girlfriend’s home or anywhere
and you really do need some mascara, never just use it directly from the same container
that your friend used it from. That is transferring of germs. So start by brushing the lashes
down toward the face; down and in a rolling motion, then go up. When you’re going up try to
separate the lashes that way there will be no clumps. Down and then up. Up, then do a
sort of windshield wipe, back and forth. We have a little bit of a mess right here. Not
to worry, things like this happen. You don’t have to do everything all over.