Corneroids - Part 1 [With commentary]

Uploaded by FieryLudus on 02.01.2013

Hey guys um
gonna be playing some
this is a free game
it's a uh... block based kind of like
uh... infiiminer, ace of spades, minecraft
you know voxel
at least I think that's the correct name for these kind of games
and uh...
it's a fairly new game it's about
you have to gather materials to make a spaceship which is driveable by the way
um... there's no sounds
there's multiplayer but i dont have anyone to play with
I'm just gonna
play some single-player
uh... i have played like
for ten minutes and i still don't know what i'm doing
I'm just gonna play
try and have some fun
so there's the uh... a mod
I installed called
darthnox's free set
or darthnox's itemset
i'm assuming that's just to be free items i dont want free items
so im going to put
and banana
can't spell im just going to put taco
and then
im going to put fieryludus
and then there we go
there's our world, let's play
there's no sound for this game
so i'm probably gonna put some uh...
uh... background music
cuz it'll be really weird without sounds
so welcome to corneroids, In this sandbox game mode you can mine, craft, build
and explore the almost infinite galaxy
some special blocks
some blocks such as thrusters and cannons require power to use
built power generators to give them power
okay so these are thrusters
ok no, these are thruster blocks
thruster blocks are used to create motion combine them with console blocks to
navigate around the space
maybe this is a cannon ,oh this is a generator, oh a power generator
and this is a cannon
can reopen the screen by pressing f1
t is for flashlight
uh... shift is for
running the fuck away
control is down, space is for going up
and then uh... c your inventory
mineral extractor i think i'm pretty sure you only get one of these
cousin last time i put them down and also go fuck her like a backup
yeah right
i don't know what happened then
dieser incident
these infinitely
which is uh... craft table furnace certainly our furnace and iron drill
if you know there's a way to upgrade their weapons now
really don't know
so uh... i don't know what that lines pointing to him okay so it's planning to
the green marker
cover their after ten a month
for now okay when i mean when it shows yellow sparks neither can mine it
but when it's great sports i mean ken
and they're really rude angle lake
paranoid families at this and what's really really all about
something different
everytime i use a drill immediately and i was thinking of uh...
battlefield bad company to still selma's
but uh... yeah
i think there's the widow of creative the drills and again
sitting at a bunch for san francisco absolutist fox with thingy
so dot that is just like that
purple the
uh... to fuck feathers uh... which can keep it that script prickly thing
ardent armor
alone and okay
so i received as before
this is a very
collecting intense game
scherzer i don't know if i'm gonna finish this
they decided
in my free time just he'll play this game record tryin
i don't think there's a finish actually this just
just play
opened hope god what is happening
well about sat down
let the fun located
was weird
replacements for those
uh... white rock or
warm up
exponential through this
fairly close
now why did you notice that it actually lights up the surrounding
blocks her area
in close now
this is something did
golf where no what i'm doing pollen on
but is this
home and
should come prepared
anita apparent real so i need to do
it's not what i want
but that they're
on there
okay no it at all
sr my shit
so reality set for you can
jets all the stuff you might need
and all your chip and then i think you can explore
um... this gives an offer though
so there's not much to do me a said there's not been that many
still pretty fun
okay so that up
grade my pistol to innocent g or
setup creator
you just get an awsome jr
not i'm gonna assume you have to get this before you can get this and so on
we had that modern uh... insult that actually adds
seeking at this time i should
you know that's better drill that's for sure
delicate a triple triple drill get this uh... think that satid panama i'm not
and others gave a speech is usually
uh... model
it's pretty cool
doing the
for better trill
and styron drill
folks offers i have to get this
tiny central okay dot that sixty nine in gets
so that means anything
a boatload of iron
is this an or
as one
iron ore equal gates i don't
iron ore
had away
is that even i don't know yet if they're going to help
as still confused about these heroes the
not sure what that is exactly
take over here
okay it now i don't even know
from upside down or backers anyway
but if you uh...
skill like
it's point was that we might be a bit
accrediting agree marker
stands nothing happens
texas in the center of at this
infy mein der
i saw someone make i'd died
on the forum
and uh...
i'm gonna post that in the description along with
to download and the model mode
uh... for anyone who's interested open of cheese
okayed shooting these
okay i don't have to spam list click
police save me my uh... fingers
prevent arthritis
it what the hell with it
good iron ore
so i have i have iron or orchids asking for
yellowknife anytime or to make a in years
i have are in order
i don't mrs
psa structures for
replace done here
oh himself
okay i've no idea what it is that right now
apparently i don't have honored or
enough iron or
here this is a
i suck at these games sis trade-up that
like even mind control
of the we'll be playing nine craft and
of people of my friends and the only thing i do
disorder unlike ted hours of gameplay only thing i do its maker wheat farm
solid just make ah...
a weak form
alikum i guess i might have shit done public slave for my friends
demand planning coquitlam
yes that's why they likely to be
in which has been
don't know what to do
you know what's good is please
and just give the flying
only cash value jet pack i mean you know what they are so many places
just realism
this is way more than the other world that i was on there's only to plan it
sounds like
movie uh... pretty badass um... thinking about super mario galaxy
others like
apply just like this but then they have lichtman little mini
uh... chunks of asteroid that you can go on in their sleep
uh... da legal staff thing now would be
pretty awesome
betrayed rather this
but i did not know what what is this
the picket line that and
and i can't
wasn't aerial
uh... sick if you're around
just points to the nearest
e kinnear screen martyred
here so i think this video is going to be very slick for this part of the
dvd-video to use whatever this is like during the now-familiar continue option
so many continued because all of the became is incomplete but i mean if you
look at my craft
i want to get all your items and
you build your house and all that stuff
there's not much to do besides he'll play with your friends which
as the product that's par for reached play with them
friends online with my or
on my friends of mine
and uh...
my friends are always the ones who can do the the cool redstone shipped back
into any of that stuff
personally i don't
i don't like it discount like failed to play dough girys mahlet require my idol
don't get that
quick expression to worker that stupid gates
if the liquid like
forty dates down and wired it incorrectly and most complicated shit
just make with the door open when you walk near its like okay
e positioning and he was like a
purple missile
made a nationalist fucken that's where i was just here
at these things rape here health region so slow
goal okay gone
gets like uh... i think one alpha breezy three-four five-second sitting
and one in five seconds
it was i mean
his little blue back on the bottom of the screen here look at the controls
coalition of them
beacon tool
parole last rel writers affirmation for for me i don't know
alaska added sent to you
us far from a ship all okay
situation change your
imperial your rotation that i thought i was stuck like this entire time
and i know that puts out
clinics started your for me