What does a Game Master really do (WoW Blizzard Battle.net)

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Hi and thanks for watching!
In this video, I'll show you what it means to be a Game Master,
a member of our in-game support staff,
and discuss the kind of help we Game Masters offer our players.
The mission of our customer support team is to deliver epic service.
What this means to us is two things:
First, we want to be there for you if an issue occurs
and you require our help.
Second, we want to make sure you have all the knowledge you need
for a great gaming experience.
For your convenience, we offer various contact channels.
In-game help can be requested via the help menu
and should generally be used
for issues that originate within the game.
Outside the game you will find all available options
on battle.net/support.
We offer guides and troubleshooting steps
for most common issues on this page.
The search function can make it really easy to find what you need.
Also, you will find the "Submit a ticket" option here.
It's designed to guide you directly to the solution or
the right contact channel in just a couple of clicks.
For some issues, you will have the option to contact a Game Master directly
from within our Customer Support website
and talk to them using our brand new LiveChat service.
Lastly, our phone support can be useful if the issue you're facing
is very complex or involves sensitive information
such as payment issues.
Now that you know how to reach us, let me show you what I do.
At my workplace, I have a number of tools
which I use to interact with customers and help them.
For example, about a week ago, a player was unable to pick up
this epic axe he won from Yan-Thu the Uncasked.
He contacted us from within the game
and was really happy when I contacted him via chat,
verified the case in our records
and sent him the axe via in-game mail.
Together, we even found out the cause of the issue,
which was an outdated add-on he was using.
I asked him to reset his game interface
by renaming the folders WTF,
Cache and Interface so it wouldn't happen again.
While working on tickets submitted from outside the game,
I came across a customer
who had his account locked and didn't know why.
I soon discovered that someone else had tried
to access his account without authorization.
After I made sure nothing was missing from his characters,
I sent him instructions on how to secure his computer.
I also included information about the
free Battle.net SMS Protect service
that would enable him to unlock the account himself.
Besides this, we help players with wrongly upgraded accounts,
issues with paid character services, glitches in the game,
stuck characters, and much more.
For the rare cases where we can't help,
this is normally due to the request being against the game's design
or because helping out - for example, giving gameplay tips -
would give one player an unfair advantage over others.
Don't despair if we can't respond right away.
We answer all requests, which means you will get a reply.
We always try to answer requests in a timely manner
and provide the best help we can within the scope of our support.
However, once you know how, you will often be able to find a solution
or relevant information faster and in a more convenient way
than by contacting us.
Let me introduce you to some of the resources at your disposal:
Inappropriate character names, as well as cheating, botting and the like,
can be reported by simply right-clicking a player's portrait
and selecting the relevant option.
Use of foul language and spam
can be reported by right-clicking a player's name in the chat window.
This is also the best way to report players who offer power leveling
or gold for real money.
It will stop you seeing any more messages from any characters
on their account during your current gaming session.
You may sometimes stumble upon repeat offenders:
Reporting them again is the best way to ensure
they won't affect your gameplay experience much longer.
If you find a bug in the game
that doesn't prevent you from playing further,
you can report it to us using the "Submit Bug" button
in the Customer Support menu.
The great thing about all these report features
is that you can just keep playing while we investigate
and take appropriate measures.
If you ever lose an important item by accidentally destroying,
selling, or disenchanting it,
you can go to your Battle.net Account Management page
and use our Item Restoration tool
to recover that item in just a few clicks.
If you have trouble completing a quest objective,
don't know which talents to pick for your class,
or need other game-related help, why not ask the community?
Other players have probably had the same question as you.
You can try asking for help in general chat
or use our official forums
where chances are you'll find a player who is willing to help you.
And, who knows, you might even become friends!
Another way to look up game related information
is on one of the extensive websites
maintained by members of our community.
Wowpedia.org, for example, have large selections of articles,
including class guides and game lore.
Wowhead.com offers a database in several languages
with information on quests, items, achievements, and much more.
The user comments available
on the English language version of this site
can be especially useful.
Checking them may have saved my hunter the shame
of trying to shoot enemies with a staff...
Voila! You should now have a clearer picture
of our role as Game Masters.
Your silent guardians, your watchful protectors...
your dark knights!
You should also have a better understanding of other resources
that can offer a more direct way
to the help or information you are looking for.
Thanks for watching, good luck, and have fun!
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