Blowguns, Blowpipes and Darts

Uploaded by MrMyvids4you on 19.03.2012

Hello everybody welcome to my channel, have you seen those movies where a Ninja
hides underwater, breathing through a pipe,
and at the same time sneaks into position, and shoots there's enemies
right trough the neck, with a Blow dart! or a nature show, where
primitive tribes and there hunter's moving through the rain forest,
with blowpipes and tipped poison darts.
With this in mind,
I made a couple of blowpipes and a few darts that I want to share with you!
I'm gonna use some of these materials for the darts,
nails, barbecue skewers, ear plugs, glue and some paper.
first i'm gonna make a paper cone similar to this one,
I'm using this guide to wrapping the paper all the way around,
I have my paper with some glue in one side,
and it's done.
Now I'm gonna trim the cone.
To glue the paper cone on the stick, first I'm gonna cut the tip off,
then inserts
the paper cone
I'm gonna turn and and check to see if it's concentric
then with super glue, just a dab
on the outside
and two drops inside.
There's the ear plugs that I use for fletching,
it's a spongy material, but very tough!
with the torch I heat up the tip of the nail
and with this little jig,
I burn a hole right on center, for the dart to fit in.
I'm gonna use some nails to make some more darts, first I'm gonna cut
the head off, to reduce the weight on the back side of the dart,
and sharpen the tips.
Using this old blade, I'm gonna make a mini hacksaw, that i'm gonna use to
cut a small groove
at the tip of the bamboo dart.
With the mini hacksaw I'm ganna cut the small groove
to install the broadheads.
That's my drill press machine,
it's on the vice
from a drill press machine
is a lathe!
It's great for small parts, I just turned this small plug, that I'm gonna show you in a
minute, what I'm gonna do with it.
For the tool rest
just a leftover from a broomstick,
bolted on the table,
and that's my lathe!
This is the pipe that I used to mark the cones,
with the wood plug that I made earlier, I added this screw
and i'm going to use this
to trim the paper cone to final size,
I lock the bamboo shaft
with this screw,
and with a knife I trim.
I used Google Sketchup to design the broadheads, once I transfer the printout
onto the sheet metal, I'm using point seven millimeters thick stainless steel,
I cut it with the hacksaw.
And now I'm gonna taper the ends of the shaft.
With this piece of wood, I'm gonna make the mouthpiece, for the blowpipe.
I glued a eight-millimeter screw
using two parts epoxy
so I can hold it on the drill chuck.
To achieve an ergonomic shape, I removed some material from this area.
Next I'm gonna stain it and give a couple of coats of varnish.
And there's some of the darts I made,
The new pipe, with the mouthpiece,
is made from aluminum, wrapped with twine and then varnished,
this one is a copper pipe wrapped with rope.
Well after all of this work, the darts are ready and the pipe is done, so it's
time to do some shooting!
I went to a local supermarket, I got some fruit and some vegetables,
don't take me wrong!
I like fruit and love vegetables, but they make great targets too!
right now i'm on a quiet location, and I gotta say this.
If you decide to buy or make your own blowpipe and some darts, be very careful,
they're lots of fun, but can be very dangerous, so choose a quiet location and be safe.
In a moment I'm ganna show you my setup, I got some
targets, some vegetables a couple bottles of water with food coloring
just to give a little bit more visual!
So is time to do some shooting, let's go!
there's all the darts and pipes, I made this ficture to hold the camera,
I hope it gives good fotage.
I'm at ten meters from the tip of the pipe to the target, it's quit windy,
let's see how this work's out!
Let's go take a look at these shots, with this wind and at meters, ther not great,
far from it!
there's the first shots
moving to the bottom
I'm going to get closer, I'm gonna move to five meters, and see if get's
any better.
So I'm at five meters
from the tip of the pipe to the target.
It's getting better at five meters
I got some of target
let's go take a look.
I'm at ten meters, and i'm gonna use the darts made from nails.
These are the darts made from nails, shot at ten meters,
they're all over the place, very tough to shoot.
With darts made from nails at five meters
let's go see these shots, there's the darts made from nails at five meters,
much better,
I actually got one right on the bullseye!
look at this penetration.
Now something softer
I have a patato, an orange and a tomato, I'm gonna shoot from five meters away.
I shot these bamboo darts at a wood
board from four meters away, look at the penetration.
I'm gonna use bamboo darts, but with broadheads, from four meters away.
No more shooting for todayday, but what a great day of shooting, to bad the wind didn't help, but hey,
what can we do! for now I gotta say, thank you for watching my videos, and I see you next time on
Mrmyvids4you, and remember don't waste any fruit or
vegetables, shoot at it, and eat it!