Décorations de noël par Armel le Cleach sur Banque Populaire Vendée Globe 2012

Uploaded by lepotiron on 23.12.2012

Hi everybody, we are December the 23rd, in two days it's Christmas
so we've decorated aboard the boat
So I'm going to show you, we've got little Santa Claus
hanging, sticked, ...
we've even put the tinsel
here, little stars
littles Santa Claus
here, happy Christmas
we've even got the Christmas tree
ready for the 25th
so we'll put the boots next to the tree
to see if Santa Claus will pass
that's it
everything is ready
Santa Claus, we're waiting for you
we've put ...
ropes and hooks on the mast to help you coming down
don't hurt yourself !
well, we hope there will be little gifts in the boots
the morning of the 25th
well, happy Christmas everybody, see you soon
ciao ciao !