Pico De Gallo News - Episodio 1 - La Gran Royal

Uploaded by nuevon on 22.05.2012

Feather trend alert, macaws in danger of extinction!
Studies found the health benefits of “spooning”
Thanks to aerodynamics, golf balls made with kangaroo testicles in the Sydney open …
Boo to Danny De Vito in the Cannes Festival
Detained as leader of illegal dwarf trafficking rink…
Welcome to PICO DE GALLO News, with jalapeño sizzle!
Study reveals that 95% of the wigs on the world
Are made with bum hair…
each mane is sold for hundreds of dollars…
of which 90% is reinvested in the crack market!
The government issuing new drunk driving licenses…
Finally the first tex-mex restaurant launches in China
Tasty dumplings…
The owner of Chinese-Mexican ancestry
claims patent of how to eat tacos with chopsticks!
Check Bin Laden Reef, the new tourist destination on the Red Sea
The main attraction is the corpse of Osama Bin Laden
Stuck between beautiful coral reefs…
Now let’s go to our special reporter Posadas-Piñata
Thanks Pico, time for our Gadget Segment…
“Booty Fighter” is the first Phones App devoted to famous ass fight
Street Fighter style…
Users may choose between the asses of Kim Kardashian
J.Lo, Shakira and Beyonce, among other celebs
Each ass has a different power levels and may progress to unlock
the famous Selena buttocks
In Washington it was decided unanimously: the $1 bill will be translated into Spanglish
This week polls open to choose the new face of the bill…
Daddy Yankee… Sofia Vergara…and Dany Trejos are the most popular candidates!
devys Auction House sold for $600k, the Marco Antonio Solis –Buki Mullet…
The mullet was transported through a high vacuum…
In a Learjet 85 accompanied by trumpets and fanfares…
Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, decided to convert to Judaism
But the Jewish community does not allow you to keep the name “Christiano”
So The Portuguese star registered his name in the red sea as “Jacob Ronaldo”
The traditional circumcision will takes place on the Wailing Wall
and we are all are invited
Back to you Pico, Greetings!
A social network circulated a porn video by Cristian Castro
Where it appears the Mexican singer is having an erotic encounter
with an inflatable doll of…himself…
Wikileaks found that Castro himself infiltrated the video…
To get some attention
The Vatican finally accept that Sico brand condoms to sponsor the Pope Mobile
The campaign will have the slogan “Sico, divine protection!”
The NBA decided to lower the baskets on all fields
Due to the importance of the Latino community in the U.S.
The association explained they want to make better use of the Hispanic market that is shorter!
The federation said that the most popular sale of basketball shirts is size CH, or of CHOLO!
This was all now in Pico de Gallo news
Remember to tune the next week and remember whatever happens stay cool dude!