2011 Engineers of the Year Awards Ceremony for the Forest Service

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My name is Emilee Blount and I’m the Director of Engineering and I have
the utmost pleasure and pride in being here today to recognize four of our
outstanding engineers- the 2011 engineering award recipient
The date- May 14th.
Location- Washington, DC. Forest Service luminaries gather to honor outstanding
achievement in agency engineering. Engineering has always been a core part
of this agency.
It’s always been those skills that profession is what we have relied upon
to be able to carry out our mission.
Here are the 2011 winners.
Engineering Technician of the Year from Region 2,
James Statezny.
and you’re recognized for your outstanding support of the long term stewardship
and legacy and roads and trails program.
Technical Engineer of the Year from Region 9,
Scott Peedle,
automatically entered into the running for Federal Engineer of the Year.
And I know you had some additional challenges with the storm recovery
that we had last year, so I want to thank you
for a job well done.
And this is a very very well-deserved award. Thank you.
Managerial Engineer of the Year, from Region 10, Larry Dunham
traveling all the way from Alaska
for this awards ceremony. And I can tell you, Larry, from being up there a
little bit I can understand the challenges you have. They're a little bit
different up there on the Tongass than a lot of our other National Forests so
job well done and thank you so much.
And Engineering Technology Applications Person of the Year, from Region 2, Mark
not afraid to say
he loves his job.
So congratulations,
and I appreciate the work you're doing for us. Thank you.
I think I have the coolest job in the Forest Service.
You have the coolest job.
It seemed affinity for the profession was a familiar theme among the
2011 winners.
I’ve been with this outfit for 32 years and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.
I grew up in northern Wisconsin in the heart of the National Forest.
So it just seemed like, to me, that would be
the coolest job in the world to be able to drive that little green truck.
And what do you think about the fact that you did that and you won this award?
You know, the award humbles me a little bit. But I still, even now, I guess I can’t
wait to get back to work for the public.
So, I think this year’s award winners reflect
the times. They just went through a transformation effort to try and
utilize the skills that we have in the agency the most efficient way
by sharing expertise.
So this year’s recipients I think reflect that kind of innovation and ingenuity.
Our engineers are well-rounded.
Odell Sanders organized the ceremony and served as a judge in the four person
selection panel.
We actually established six criteria
that cover
what they've done and accomplished within the last 18 months and then we also
take into account what they've done over the course of their careers.
I was the Manager of the Year award recipient in 2002
and for me it really did jump start my career.
And a year-and-a-half after winning, Ed James got promoted and moved from
Region 5 to the Washington Office.
There are about 1000 to 1200 people in engineering in the Forest Service and
to be one of four people to win that each year, it’s a nice honor.
I was very pleased and
very humbled to be recognized.
In these times when we've been having budget cuts and
and lots of challenges across the Forest Service, it is so important that we
continue to recognize the individuals who have raised to this level, and
who have succeeded, and have been acknowledged at this level, and to
bring them out here to DC.
And I can tell you that one of the
best parts of my job
is to be able to really recognize and see a everything that we do get
accomplished day in and day out.
And, says Chief Tidwell,
the future looks bright for the agency's ability to attract the best and the
brightest to National Forests for generations to come.
One benefit that we have is we're able to attract some of the very best engineering skills
in our country today because of our mission. So you’re an engineer. You don't get
work inside an office. You actually get to go out and work in
some of the most beautiful places in the country. So that's the advantage that we
have when it comes to being able to attract
some of the best engineering talent in this country.