Wish to See You Again taiwanese drama Episode 16 這裡發現愛

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Wish to See You Again Chapter 16
[Lu Yi]
Vice Boss.
You're here?
How're you doing today?
I get a little better everyday.
Today's Christmas, don't you need to work?
I asked for two hours off.
I'll put in some overtime tonight.
Vice Boss,
Merry Christmas.
Yes, you used to say,
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away."
You still remember?
Of course.
In fact, it was because of apples
that I met you
and became your assistant.
That's right, isn't it?
The weather's pretty nice today.
Would you like to accompany me outside?
I got apples for Christmas.
Apples are really great.
It's too bad Xu Le doesn't like them.
Why doesn't Xu Le like apples?
When he was in the orphanage as a kid,
someone gave him rotten apples
with worms inside.
Since then, every time he sees apples,
a fear rises up in him.
Were you the one that told Xu Le I was here?
Have you guys made up yet?
I really envy you and Ah Hao.
You two know how to get along with Xu Le.
He's just a silly loner.
It's actually quite funny.
How is it so?
How's Xu Le being funny?
Don't you think his holing himself up in his own world
every now and then is weird?
Think about how you met him.
Don't do anything stupid!
Think of the people who love you.
Think of Ali Mountain. Think of Sun Moon Lake.
Is it Sun Moon Lake?
How am I supposed to go with you standing there?
That hurts!
Door... Door!
The door!
I want to go to Ali Mountain!
I want to go to Ali Mountain!
I've never been to Ali Mountain.
Seems pretty accurate.
He's not just funny, he's also super uncoordinated.
I remember when we were in high school...
whenever we'd climb walls, he'd fall.
We'd all call him a loser!
What's wrong?
Is it because my body is messed up?
Don't worry.
The chair I'm sitting in is great.
I will definitely find a
sexy new leg.
My dad told me
he wanted me to go back to England.
He said he found an amazing doctor.
Then why haven't you gone back?
I don't know.
Even though
I haven't seen anyone,
I still feel like we all are living in the same place
and are close to each other.
That's better than nothing.
Vice Boss.
I want to do something.
What is it?
Take me away from here for one hour.
You'll have to turn in the plans then.
Thank you.
At our next meeting, you can prepare some notes.
No problem. We'll deal with it the same way.
Next week...
She lost weight.
She's even skinnier than before.
But she's still just as beautiful as ever.
Just as breathtaking.
This Christmas Eve, I'm very content.
Neng Xian.
Thank you.
This is enough.
Are you still not going to see her?
You said...
that the day I left, she came for me?
She... Did she say anything?
She said...
"I can't let Xiao Ma leave just like that.
I have to tell him,
I'll wait for him.
I'll keep waiting for him."
Did she say she'd keep waiting for me?
I must stand again.
Because of what she said,
I will stand before her once again.
Vice Boss.
Tell her right now.
Tell her right now, okay?
Neng Xian!
Don't. Not right now.
Vice Boss.
Don't make her wait.
really takes a lot of work.
Lu Yi!
Xiao Ma is over there!
Xiao Ma!
Xiao Ma!
With the next sunrise leaving a footnote behind.
Worked so hard but the regret couldn't help but come,
I have no reason to reject a reason for going forward.
Xiao Ma!
Xiao Ma!
Xiao Ma!
What are you doing?
you should hear her out
and listen to what she has to say.
You won't forget will you?
The destination of this promise.
The beautiful clear day has been rained on.
The promise of a smile.
Xiao Ma.
Hi. Lu Yi.
Get out of the car.
I have to talk to you.
I'm in a hurry. Let's just talk like this.
I only
rejected your proposal,
because I thought
I couldn't get over Ah Hao.
Ah Hao?
I was Ah Hao's fianc?from the States.
Xu Le asked me not to tell you.
So he learned how to lie, did he?
He thought that if you knew,
you'd let me go.
That's not a certainty.
Maybe Ah Hao and I would've had a fight,
so the winner would stay with you.
How about you?
Ah Hao left, but you didn't go with him.
when we were at Sun Moon Lake, you said
this year's fireworks display at Taipei 101 would be spectacular.
You said...
you wanted to be with me,
to watch the fireworks together.
Spend the last moment of the year together,
welcoming the new year together.
I did say that.
But things changed.
I'm going to England tomorrow.
Are you sure?
Are you sure you won't change your mind for me?
Because of you,
I've become more brave.
Because of you,
I've learned how to give.
So beneath the fireworks of the 101 building,
If you don't come
on that day,
I'll bless you.
For your future to be even better than your past.
If you come,
I want you... to be the one for me, to bring me happiness.
I'm already really happy.
Lu Yi.
Please start the car.
Tomorrow is Christmas.
The whole city is filled with Christmas spirit.
It should be a happy occasion,
when people gather together.
But it seems to make me feel even more
Xu Le and I...
are we really over? Just like that?
I pray,
someone will be with me 'til the end.
The female actress retreats,
and it's silent in the black and white film.
Is there still a perfect story
that will help me be brave enough to go feel?
Go slowly,
you must believe that my hand
will be awaiting you at every turn.
Don't be afraid of missing it,
be afraid of giving up.
Go slowly.
Trust that with every question,
my warmth will be present
To be happy
there must be a moment when we meet.
Xu Le?
Thank you.
My pleasure.
Xiao Xu.
I want to say something to you.
Please do.
I know that you and Xiao Xian
haven't been doing very well lately.
Since the two of you met,
I know I haven't been very approving.
Tell you the truth,
it's because I noticed that you walk strangely.
If you don't mind,
I'd like to have a look at your back.
I'm back.
You took all morning to pick up that medicine.
What exactly were you getting?
Xu Le.
Don't say a word.
He's here for a doctor's visit.
Doctor's visit?
Come in.
Xiao Xu.
You lack inspiration not because something is wrong with your brain,
but because your alignment is off.
Look at your posture when you walk - you hunch over.
If you hunch over too long, you'll lose your confidence.
If you have no confidence, how can you have inspiration?
You must remember:
walk properly,
and your heart will follow.
If your heart isn't a mess, your footsteps won't be a mess.
[Ru Song Chinese Medical Clinic]
Xu Le. I've been looking for you.
I have nothing to talk to you about.
Xu Le...
Please give me one more chance.
And, c'mon, give yourself one more chance.
I know you...
don't like that we didn't get your permission
to publish
your high school novel "Guo Chi's Tears."
We didn't reach an agreement.
it really got a lot of great reviews.
It was the No. 1 on the
Bestsellers Charts last month.
you still wrote it, right?
It was the one turned down by many publishing houses.
If it's really good,
why was it turned down?
The readers liked it.
Not because they liked the book itself.
But because they have grown accustomed to Ye Zi's style and want to support him.
They like Ye Zi.
Not the book.
Even if that's the case,
are the readers wrong?
No, they're not.
I'm not blaming the readers.
Actually, I don't blame any of you either.
I'm just dissatisfied with myself.
I can't write a great piece of work.
I don't have any inspiration right now.
Are you happy with this answer?
You came today; is this what you wanted to hear?
Actually, I came...
to tell you,
regarding that book you spent a year
working on...
Because it doesn't meet readers' expectations,
you're not going to publish it. I understand this. I get it.
That was the projection of the company.
But I, personally, think it is a great piece of literature.
That's why I translated it into English
and turned it to the Asian Literature Awards.
...and it won!
I brought some letters
from readers for you to see.
Ye Zi,
thank you for Guo Chi's Tears.
It brought me back to the wonders of my youth.
Dear Ye Zi,
I read this book three times.
I laughed. I screamed. It really moved me.
Hello, Ye Zi.
I'm very curious,
in the story, Guo Chi's Tears,
is the character Da Xiang
the incarnation of Ye Zi?
Xu Le,
long time no see.
Are you and Neng Xian doing well?
I thought for a long time whether I should write to you or not.
The main reason
is because I can imagine
what you'd look like reading this letter,
thinking that I'm trying to provoke you.
But I want to emphasize, everything I'm writing is real.
As my friend and I were traveling everywhere, taking photos,
I've been looking for a certain person.
I really wanted to find her,
because I felt, I owed you the truth.
Who are you looking for?
I'm not the one looking.
He is.
That's not her.
That's not her!
That person got pregnant at a young age,
and because of the guy's cowardice,
she had nowhere to go.
She left her home,
and gave birth to a little boy, hiding from everyone.
But because she couldn't handle her own life,
she decided to take the boy to an orphanage.
When she had time,
she would bring some ketchup,
or use what little money she had
to buy some cheap apples,
pretending to be nonchalantly passing by,
in order to visit her son in the orphanage.
And then silently leaving.
She was like most girls,
hoping to meet someone who'd love her and protect her,
so when she did meet
a guy who pursued her,
she told him her past.
She even asked him
if they could bring back her son.
He replied that they had to wait until the right time.
She thought she had found real love.
Dressed in her wedding gown, she thought she'd finally have a home for him.
But that hope
was soon destroyed.
The man was an alcoholic and a gambler,
and beat his wife.
She could only choose to leave.
After a while, she found a job at a gift shop at Ali Mountain.
She only made enough to live on.
She'd gone back to the orphanage a few times.
But she didn't have the courage to ask where her son had gone.
All she said to the wards was,
"If you see him,
if he's willing to forgive me,
I'll be there,
waiting for him."
she never saw her son again.
And she hasn't left that gift shop.
Do you remember I told you,
some tragic destinies are self-imposed?
It's true. It's fate.
That person who left you,
your mom,
is still hiding in a little corner somewhere,
holding onto her regret, punishing herself.
She doesn't dare to leave,
fearing that,
maybe one day,
if she leaves even for a second,
she'll miss seeing her son,
miss having him come and save her.
Xu Le.
Maybe you'll choose to throw this letter away.
Maybe you won't.
Whatever the case may be,
as someone who's once interviewed you,
as someone who was unable to befriend you,
I hope to provide you with a choice.
Because in this world there is no one
who wants to hurt the one he or she loves.
Good luck, Leo.
Do you think the whole world has wronged you?
Your biological parents
have never seen you.
Is there even the slightest possibility, that they went through hardships they couldn't overcome?
I hailed a taxi today.
Quite coincidentally,
I ended up in Xu Le's car.
I thought about it.
When you girls were little,
you may have already forgotten.
At that time, you girls couldn't even walk yet.
All you could do was crawl.
But then there come one day,
you suddenly grabbed the table
and stood up!
Your mom and I were so happy!
We kept clapping, wanting to encourage you.
But Xu Le grew up by himself.
When he took his first step,
there were no sounds of applause or encouragement.
No one probably even noticed.
August 8
Father's Day. What a coincidence!
That's not his real birthday.
August 8 was the day he was abandoned in front of the orphanage.
While everyone else celebrates Father's Day,
He is reminded
that it is the day he was abandoned.
Mostly, I love your white-colored heart
Such a simple but joyful color,
with open arms I can have it
So you're very important.
If you're Xu Le's friend,
then besides Ah Hao and I,
you are his third friend.
A very important third.
Why would your friend give you a packed lunch?
I grew up in an orphanage.
I didn't have a mom
who would make a packed lunch for me.
Xu Le Ge Ge. I miss my mom.
Look, Xiao Wu.
In front of us is Heaven.
Xiao Wu, you once said that
your mom is in heaven watching over you.
We've reached Heaven.
Now, I believe,
Xu Le is a good kid.
If you still want to be with him,
then all of us, as a family, will accompany him as he goes forward.
What are your plans for New Year's Eve?
I booked a dining room on the 85th floor
to watch the fireworks.
I booked a restaurant
with the best view.
But I'm a little worried
that watching from outside the company
might be more exciting.
You won't be able to see the fireworks from there!
By the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall!*
(*Sun Yat Sen was a famous Chinese revolution activist)
There's a huge kite!
It's such a unique one!
It looks like...
an owl!
Nancy! Where are you going?
Secretly keeping your smile
Lightly holding your hand
That way the deep love between us
Will be as natural as breathing, no need to describe it.
Oh, it's you.
Yes, it's me.
What are you doing here?
Yesterday I saw that guy you were with in
Si Zih Bay.
He begged me to fly this owl kite.
I asked him why.
He said he hoped the girl with the magic owls
would see it.
He's waiting for the day when that magic will manifest.
Manifest the magic...
Where is he?
He said something like him has to go
to the place with magical owls.
A place with magical owls...
Your simple smile has already replaced
the unruly rainbow
an ever more beautiful song
Mostly, I love your white colored world
Such a comfortable and freeing color
Deeply breathing in your warmth.
Hello, Mom?
I'm going to Ali Mountain.
You're going to Ali Mountain?
That's where Xu Le is.
I'm going to find him.
Xu Le.
Xiao Xian! Do your best!
Do your best!
What Ali Mountain? What best?
Xiao Xian is going to Ali Mountain to look for Xu Le.
Your mother
is still hiding in a little corner somewhere,
holding onto her regret, punishing herself.
She doesn't dare to leave,
fearing that maybe one day,
if she leaves even for a second,
she'll miss seeing her son,
miss having him come and save her.
I'm looking for someone.
She works in your gift shop.
She's been here a long time.
You must be looking for Xiuyun. Xiuyun Chen.
Xiuyun Chen.
Xiuyun Chen.
Only the two of us work here.
If you're not looking for me, then it must be her.
Are you sure it's her?
She just left.
Has she quit?
No. She took the rest of the day off.
She's going to watch a show at Qu Gardens.
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now am found
Was blind, but now I see.
'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear
And grace my fears relieved
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed
'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear
And grace that fear relieved
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed
'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear
Are you Xu Le?
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed.
The hour I first believed.
I want to go to Ali Mountain!
I've never been to Ali Mountain.
I've been here...
for ten years now.
Ten years.
Haven't you ever want to leave?
I never really thought
I'd see you again.
The last time I saw you,
you were 16.
The teacher said you'd gotten into a fight.
That person
took my essay.
I got really angry.
I wanted him to give it back.
But he didn't.
He took my essay
and presented it as his own.
So I hit him.
Of course,
I was also hit.
A few times,
I'd sneak over to see you,
but you were always alone,
eyes to the ground,
sticking to the wall as you walked.
Looking fearful of bumping into anyone.
They said
you never talked to others.
I didn't know what to say to them.
you have no friends?
Later on,
I made two friends.
They'd listen to me.
Read what I wrote.
Do you like writing?
Only when I write,
do I feel like
people can really hear what I'm saying.
I don't have to worry
if people will like me or not.
And I really don't have to worry,
why some people have
what I lack.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to.
I just thought,
your life would be better without me.
I wished good people would take you home with them.
Give you a better life.
No matter what the case may have been,
you shouldn't have been with me.
When I was six,
a couple came.
They said they wanted to adopt me,
but I didn't go.
I didn't understand.
Why anyone would take something
that someone didn't want anymore.
I had always thought
there must be something wrong with me,
that's why I was abandoned.
That's not...
That's not how it was!
I'm the one with the problem!
Before I got my own life in order,
I had you.
I was a coward.
An irresponsible mother.
I've regretted it every day since.
I didn't dare to face you.
I was afraid that if I found you,
you would reject me, despise me.
That's why I've hidden myself here.
What if
I'd never shown up?
You shouldn't have.
It's the punishment I deserve.
I've forgiven you.
So please...
forgive yourself.
Forgive myself?
Forgive yourself.
There's this thing in the world
called destiny.
Destiny made me who I am.
Because of destiny, I was abandoned.
But destiny...
has also allowed me to gain, too.
I don't want go around carrying hate, or everything I've lost, anymore.
I just want to cherish what I have now.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Right now I have more
than the in last 40 years put together.
So much more.
May I
hold your hand?
Why didn't I keep holding onto it?
Hold it tightly?
I'm so sorry!
I'm so sorry!
I'm so sorry!
Hey! Where did you guys go?
To buy stuff.
Where did you go to buy stuff?
Behind you.
This is magical.
It represents wisdom, knowledge,
and truth.
Out of all of these,
this is the most magical animal.
After all, what good is a Happiness Guardian who can't do magic?
do you have anymore owl shot glasses?
We're sold out.
Will you be getting more?
They were a limited edition, so there are no more.
Can you order more?
My apologies. There's no way.
Thank you.
You know where to go
from here, right?
Yes, I do.
Oh, that's right...
I have something for you.
Thank you.
No matter what one eats,
as long as they use some of this,
it'll taste good.
So then,
do you intend to stay here?
This place is good.
I think I will stay here.
How about you? Where are you going?
I've got to find someone.
very important to me.
Does she like your writing?
doesn't really like it much.
But she's given me a lot of inspiration.
That's good.
Then... I'm off.
Good bye.
I'm going.
Xu Le.
Do you like yourself?
More and more so.
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.
I'm going.
Auntie Xiuyun,
thank you for telling me your story.
If you see the person in this photo,
ask him if he likes himself.
Happy New Year!
Let's toast!
Happy New Year!
Long Ge! Happy New Year!
Someone is texting me!
"Happy New Year.
Whoever is the first person to text you is lucky.
Is it me?"
Oh, please!
Mine's the lucky one!
It says, "For a New Year you, need a New Year's resolution!
Get new clothes, new car, and a new girlfriend!
What kind of resolution is that?!
A dog's mouth can't spit out ivory teeth.*
[Note: meaning - Nothing good can come out of something foul.]
Are you saying I have a dog's mouth?
Fine, you say something "ivory teeth" worthy!
What about moving into the New Year? You have to overcome your obstacles!
Overcome your troubles.
May next year be filled with joy.
That's what I call an "ivory tooth!" Get it?
Alright. Alright. You're cool! I'll toast that!
- Okay, you're the best! - Now you're spitting "ivory teeth!"
You're amazing! You should read every day!
This soup is really good!
I bet no one has texted you!
Still not too bad...
What in the world do you think you're all doing?!
Long Ge!
Be nice!
No one has bothered you all night!
We were worried that you were lonely!
Loneliness can only be cured by a beautiful woman!
The night is young. Just wait and see!
I'm Long Ge!
Yeah! Long Ge!
It's because you're Long Ge
that if you get a text from a middle aged woman,
it's already pretty good, right?
Speaking of it!
A pretty girl! Over here!
Give it back!
Give it!
Let me read it!
"Since you're lonely,
come share your desires with me this New Year's.
Just dial 0204..."
You broadcasted my phone number!
Long Ge!
She's called "Never Tired."
Shut up!
Sherwood's employees wish you
"Happy New Year! Smooth sailing through life!*"
[Note: Lit. means: May a thousand situations happen just as you like]
Zhen Zhen, hurry and call Xiao Xian.
Text her!
Ask her if she and Xu Le
are eating hot pot
just like we are.
this is the first New Year's,
you haven't celebrated with the family.
Mom, Dad, our little sister, and I
are all wishing you luck.
If you find Xu Le,
tell him
we're all awaiting his return.
He's a part of the family.
"To my dear younger classmate, Neng Xian,
I miss your charming smile.
May you have vitality
in this upcoming year.
If you get rid of that crazy Xu Le,
you're welcome to come find your older classmate, Leo.
I'll give you a hug.
Happy New Year!"
"Thank you, Neng Xian.
Thank you for helping me see Xiao Ma.
I'm going to go to the 101 building to wait for him.
I wish you a blessed New Year."
Good luck, Lu Yi!
Vice Boss, good luck!
Things will work out.
Lu Yi. Where are you going?
Where's your article?
It's in my mailbox.
But the editor hasn't looked at it yet.
What if there are changes to be made?
Today is the last day of 2007.
If you want to put in overtime, do it yourself.
Happy New Year.
Lu Yi!
Where are you?
Will you receive my "Happy New Year?"
Xu Le,
magic girl wishes for you to have happiness forever.
This one's pretty good!
It's going off!
- Another one! - So pretty!
I wonder if Vice Boss and Lu Yi
are watching fireworks at the 101 building?
Xu Le. What about you?
Can you see them?
I really want to tell you.
In my heart,
there is also a firecracker.
It's the one you helped me light.
Xu Le.
Is there one in yours?
Just like that.
My love,
along with the last firecracker,
faded away.
Worked so hard but the regret couldn't help but come,
I have no reason to reject a reason for going forward.
I will wait until one day
when the blessings become fewer
The smile points inward,
a reunion of trust.
You haven't forgotten have you?
Do you know?
have welcomed the first rays of sunlight together?
The promise of a smile.
When we meet again, I will smile back at you.
And your smile...
You haven't forgotten have you?
You won't forget will you?
The destination of this promise?
The beautiful clear day has been rained on.
The promise of a smile.
When we meet again.
I will smile back at you.
And you will smile back contentedly.
Is that really him?
Or am I hallucinating?
The golden rays of sunlight reflecting off his frame
so warm,
so alive.
Is that really him?
Or am I hallucinating?
The golden rays of sunlight reflecting off his frame
so warm,
so alive.
How come you're here?
I've been here for a long time.
A long time?
I've been waiting for you here.
I have something for you.
I want to give it to this...
dumb girl.
I wonder if she'd be willing to take it
from an even dumber guardian.*
[Note: recalling his old title as Xiao Wu's "Happiness Guardian"]
Do you know?
have welcomed the first rays of
sunlight together?
Do you know, the text you sent me was written incorrectly?
No, it wasn't!
The "mo" in magic,
you wrote as the "mo," as in vague.
you did receive my text?
Then why didn't you call me back?
You didn't tell me to call you back.
Talking to you is so tiring!
You might be tired for the rest of your life then!
Why aren't you saying anything?
Are you, or aren't you willing to be tired for the rest of your life?
Is that...
a proposal?
What if it is?
Hey! What a lousy proposal!
Are all you writers that unimaginative?
Do you want 999 roses?
Or a ring inside your ice cream?
Or me announcing to the whole world
inside a hot air balloon
"please marry me!"
Or on top of Taipei 101 while the fireworks are going on underneath?
Any of those would do.
Then you'll just have to read my novels.
Aren't there any another options?
I'm the leading man.
I can do whatever I please.