How to Body Paint HALO Master Chief FREE VIDEO!

Uploaded by RoustanBodypaint on 24.07.2012

Hello, this is Paul Roustan and welcome to my tutorial on how to body paint Master Chief
with Airbrush.
I will be using European Body Art's Vibe Gold, Black, Green, and White Water Based makeups.
The airbrushes used will be the Badger Omni 3000 & Vega 2000.
Mixing a 50/50 Ratio of the green and Gold will result in a slightly brighter metallic
Freehand Airbrush this new metallic green color as a base coat in all the areas you
plan to show as green armor.
Do not worry about the edges at this point, as we will define them momentarily with the
color black.
All you should be concerned about here is getting nice even coverage of the color as
a base coat.
Using a straight edge, made from acetate, mylar, cardboard, drawing board, or pellon,
begin to define the edges of the armor and fill in the empty spaces with a solid base
coat of black.
You may notice that my shield has one side straight and one side curved. This gives you
more options with creating shapes.
Now, using the same shield, begin to create form and dimension by creating shapes onto
the armor. Think 3 dimensionally and try not to be too random.
You will need to become comfortable with painting with the shield to understand where the paint
overspray will begin and end. So practice on a piece of paper or news print before hand.
Continue to do this step on the remainder of the green basecoat. Get as creative
as you like.
Notice how I use repetitive patterns against standout shapes to differentiate the design.
This contrast gives the result a more unique look than just using the same pattern all
over the armor.
Also, don't concern yourself too much with perfection. Think 'suggestion' as the viewers
eye will be looking at this illusion as a whole, not in detail.
Now, using European Body Art Vibe White, and a fresh shield cut with a unique polygonal
shape, I begin a repetitive pattern over the black base coat.
I differentiate the black armor shield work by keeping the white detail predominantly
horizontal lines. I envision this material to be flexible because it is built in sections
with numerous joints.
Continue this process on the remainder of the black base coat. Be very careful not to
overspray onto the green armor, as this area is intended to appear underneath it.
The final step is adding subtle highlights. Still using the vibe white, create pinpoint
bright spots onto the body painting. Be careful not to overdo it.
A great way of understanding good placement of these points is to imagine which corner
of each three dimensional object is nearest to you. Try and imagine one set light source,
and keep it as accurate throughout the body painting as possible.
And that's all there is to it. Now get creative! How can YOU apply these same techniques to
other body paint ideas?