FASHION WEEK 2013 - Stripped down to Voodoo // On the Beat // eNtR Berlin

Uploaded by entrberlin on 18.01.2013

My wish for the women out there is
for them to be more self-confident,
that they accept their bodies and celebrate them.
I still love it. Where does the name come from?
Ju-ju? What do you think?
No idea. You were playing with a yo-yo
and had a huge lolly in your mouth.
"My ju-ju fell down."
Ju-ju comes from Nigeria.
A tribe of West African primitive people
and it means, you can read that on my website,
a form of black and white magic,
similar to Voodoo.
It's about enchanting men.
And about enchanting the woman, too.
I want her to be enraptured.
My female side is indeed enraptured,
especially by the great floating
'40s style diva-like quality.
No, no. I liked that the colours
were strong, vivid and spring-like.
Great colours, great fabrics.
Now she's off to Paris to the fair.
I hope you get a lot of orders.
Cool. I'm happy for you.
I'm waiting for the men's collection
for self-confident men.
With... awesome suspenders.
If I hold this up you can see...
I'd use up the entire string,
but I rarely wear women's lingerie.
I try to have a respectable appearance
and underneath I wear latex underwear.
Subtitles: Stephanie Geiges