The Coverup of Zionist Organized Crime!

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Israel: Promised Land of Organized Crime!
The Godfather, Goodfellas, Sopranos and thousands of other Hollywood films and TV programs create
in us strong associations between organized crime and Italians so much so that...
Even traditional sounding Italian-style music such as in this short music clip
can easily evoke a pavlovian association with organized crime.
This documentary reveals that the world champions of organized crime are NOT Italian.
In fact they are the same tribal identity of the Hollywood and mass media bosses who
have covered up the true origins of organized crime
Through the power of Hollywood almost every person on earth has received thousands of
powerful images of organized crime. From the award winning films, The Godfather and Goodfellas,
to thousands of lesser films and documentaries, organized crime has been so associated with
Italians that Italian music, and even spaghetti bring an almost instant association with organized
crime. In actual fact, Italians constitute only a tiny fraction of organized crime in
the Western world. One of the most shocking of the leaked Wikileaks cables comes from
the American Embassy in Jerusalem. It is titled, Israel: Promised Land of Organized Crime,
and it warns American law enforcement agencies about the severe threat of Jewish organized
crime to America. I learned about this from a Jewish publication The Jewish Chronicle
which calls it quote a real Wikileaks shocker. Jews are allowed to know about this shocker
but just about the whole rest of the world doesn’t have a clue about it. You won’t
learn about this on CNN, Fox News or the BBC. Today, I will discuss the cable detailing
extensive Jewish involvement in organized crime and tell you the history of organized
crime you don’t learn about in the mainstream media. Today you will learn the hidden truth
about organized crime, the truth the media bosses hide from you.
Of the thousands of cables embarrassing to the United States, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia,
Iran, Turkey and other nations, a number of commentators have noted how few of the hacked
diplomatic cables expose Israel and the Zionists. Considering the fact that the hacked cables
span the period of the Israeli mass bombing, murder and maiming of thousands of Palestinians
women and children in Gaza, and the fact they are from the same time period that included
the Israeli forging of British, European and other passports and the Zionist bloody assassination
of Israel’s enemies in third countries, you might wonder why only a few Wikileaks
released cables deal with these major human rights crimes of Israel, and violations of
International Law? Some have suggested that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is in cahoots
with the Mossad. Maybe so, the verdict is not out on that yet. But here’s what Assange
himself said in a recent interview with Al Jazeera. Now remember that Assange is no critic
of Israel, in fact he has strongly supported Israel. Assange said that only a meager number
of files related to Israel had been published so far because the newspapers that paid for
exclusive rights to publish the secret documents didn’t want to publish damaging information
about Israel. Quote: “There are 3,700 files related to Israel and the source of 2,700
files is Israel. In the next six months we intend to publish more files depending on
our sources,” … “The Guardian, El-Pais and Le Monde have published only two percent
of the files related to Israel due to the sensitive relations between Germany, France
and Israel.” He goes on to say this very revealing statement: Quote: “Even the New
York Times could not publish more due to the sensitivities related to the Jewish community
in the US.” Unquote. Consider his words, quote “due to sensitivities related to the
Jewish community” unquote, they held back thousands of documents on Israel. If you want
to know who controls the world’s press. Here’s proof of the real power in the media.
The press can publish thousands of Wikileaks cables can offend the United States, Britain,
France, Turkey, Iran, but for God’s sakes, they won’t dare offend the Jewish State
of Israel. No matter how sensational, no matter how damning these documents are about Israel,
you are NOT allowed to know that most of them even exist! Notice what was revealed. Documents
such as Saudi Arabia supposedly giving the green light for an attack on Iran was on the
front pages of the press in the broadcast media of every nation. Of course, the international
media has long had a powerful Jewish influence in both ownership and management of mass media
organizations. They show the American people cables that supposedly build up the case for
attacking Iran, for instance cables saying that Arab states want Americans to attack,
but the Jewish-owned and run NY Times will not allow Americans to see cables from our
own government officials called quote: “Israel: Promised Land for Organized Crime.” Americans
aren’t allowed to know about the real and present dangers to our country from Israel’s
gangsters. Now let’s get to the heart of the cable. In the next few minutes I will
give you a view of organized crime you won’t get from either the news media or from Hollywood.
The cable came from the American Embassy in Jerusalem, The report is titled: Israel: Promised
Land for Organized Crime and it shows that Israel is the world center for many criminal
syndicates. And It shows that there are still at least a few loyal American citizens left
in our government. . Quote: “Organized crime (OC) has longstanding roots in Israel, but
in recent years there has been a sharp increase in the reach and impact of OC networks…
Organized crime in Israel now has global reach, with direct impact inside the United States.
Post is currently utilizing all available tools to deny Israeli OC figures access to
the United States in order to prevent them from furthering their criminal activities
on U.S. soil.” The report goes on to show that organized crime reaches into the highest
echelons of Israel’s government. “Just last month, Israeli politicos and OC figures
came together for the funeral of Likud party activist Shlomi Oz, who served time in prison
in the 1990s for extortion on behalf of the Alperon family. A powerful organized crime
family. Among those in attendance was Omri Sharon, son of former Prime Minister Ariel
Sharon...” No you wouldn’t know it from the Jewish Hollywood movies, but Jews have
dominated organized crime all over Europe for hundreds of years before there was any
Sicilian Mafia at all. Nintey nine percent of you watching this video have now idea that
even in the United States in the twentieth century, Jews, not Italians led the most powerful
and murderous crime syndicates. The Fountainhead of organized crime in America for the entire
20th Century was Murder Incorporated. It was an overwhelmingly Jewish organization, the
fountainhead for organized crime in the United States for the rest of the century. Murder,
Inc wasn’t Italian and it wasn’t a mafia. It was as Jewish as Gelfilte Fish and Matzo
Balls. From this single organization came the biggest organized crime bosses in American
history. The most powerful organized crime figure in America in the last century was
not Al Capone. It was Meyer Lansky, one of the original leaders
of Murder, Inc. The fact is
that he gave Israel and
Jewish causes millions of dollars. This was also the most ruthless, murderous, evil crime
organization ever to exist in the United States of America. They killed hundreds of people,
from fellow criminals to many innocent individuals. Their specialty was to kill people slowly
with ice-picks or by hog-tying people in such a way that as struggled to breathe or to free
themselves they would slowly strangle themselves, nice huh? The organization was overwhelmingly
Jewish much like the leadership of early murderous Bolsheviks in Russia. Here is just a partial
list of their members with some of colorful nicknames for these bloody killers. Max the
jerk Golob, Louis Lepke Buchalter, Abbadabba Berman, Frankie Teitlebaum, LuLu Rosenkranz
Lou Cohen, Mickey Cohen, Tootsie Feinstein, Izzy Farbstein, Pittsburgh phil Strauss, Bugsy
Goldstein, Bugsy Siegel, Gangy Cohen, Tick Tock Tannenbaum, Arnold Rothstein, Meyer Lansky,
Big Greenie Greenabaum, Sholem Bernstein, I could go on and on. By the way they sound
like the names of the bosses of the Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund and the
World Bank don’t they, and for good reason. The name of Ben Shalom Bernanke’s name or
Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs could fit right in. And by the way, the Blankfein and
Bernanke are crooks that make the Murder Inc. look very small time. Ironically these Jewish
killers murdered another Jewish killer that millions of Americans believed was German.
Dutch Schultz. Now that’s one hell of a pseudonym, This incredibly evil killer wasn’t
Dutch and he wasn’t German, his name was Flegenheimer and his lineage was 100 percent
certified kosher. Jewish writer Brad Greenberg writes about these Jewish murderers in a column
about a book titled “Tough Jews” by Rich Cohen. Greenburg to his credit criticizes
Cohen because his book makes heroes of Jewish murderers but his commentary is also very
revealing. Quote, “These gangsters were tough..., and when I discovered this fact
at the age of 12 or so, it thrilled me. This reaction is easy to understand: I was, at
the time, facing the oppression of anti-Semitic schoolyard thugs, and in my revenge-fantasies,
Bugsy Siegel and Gurrah Shapiro were lining up on my side, blackjacks in hand…” “For
Cohen, a writer for Rolling Stone magazine, the Jewish gangsters are the purest expression
of the Jewish spirit and the means through which he defines his own Jewishness.” So,
Cohen can say for his Jewish readers that the Jewish gangster murderers are the quote
purest expression of the Jewish spirit, but if I said that, My God, I’d be boiled in
oil. Meanwhile, Jewish Hollywood studios have churned out movie after movie about the Italian
Mafia, and very little about the Jewish syndicate. Every American has heard of Al Capone an Italian
Chicago gangster. But Compared to Murder, Inc. Capone was a pussycat. And Capone didn’t
amount to a pimple on the evil face of and the biggest crime boss of national and international
organized crime, in the twentieth century the infamous Meyer Lansky who was once a leader
of Murder, Inc. Law enforcement personnel agree on that. And they also agree Lansky
was a big Zionist. This is how Newsweek put it: Each year, Lansky and his underworld associates
pour vast sums into the Israeli bonds and Israeli philanthropies. As the daily Haaretz
saw it, the government seemed afraid of losing the millions of dollars in illicit money first
“laundered” in mob-controlled institutions and then funneled into Israeli business and
industry. Investigative reporter Jack Anderson talked about the issue in The Washington Post:
This underworld boodle — much of it raised from nefarious enterprises in the U.S. — is
“laundered” before it arrives in Israel. In the book, Lansky, Messick reveals the relationship
between Israeli and American Jewish gangsters Quote, Certainly Jewish gangsters have long
and openly supported Jewish causes and the state of Israel. On the night Lansky’s ex-partner,
Bugsy Siegel, was executed, the Flamingo was taken over by Moe Sedway. When asked how he
so conveniently happened to be in Las Vegas, he explained that he was there to arrange
a United Jewish Appeal fund drive. The same Jewish media that has consciously and relentlessly
created an Italian association with organized crime actually forced publishers of Messick’s
book on Lanksy to change the cover of the book, Lansky, to drop mention of the Jewish
role in a organized crime. Here’s the Old cover and the new cover side by side. You
see, it is great for the media to lay on the Italian organized crime connections incessantly,
but they can’t one little book subtitle about the real leaders of organized crime.
To show you that the media deception about organized crime is no accident, take for instance
the ADL, the anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith. The ADL is a huge Jewish
organization meant to defend Jews from defamation. The leader Abe Foxman is considered a great
authority by the press and he has met and praised by just about every American President.
Yet, this same organization meant to shield Jews from defamation was itself financed by Jewish organized crime
killers. The ADL ,for instance, got millions of dollars from crime bosses such as Moe Dalitz,
the Organized Crime Godfather of Las Vegas who ran the notorious "Purple Gang" in Detroit,
an all-Jewish gang involved in smuggling, White slavery, and contract murder. And the
ADL, the leading Jewish organization supposedly defending Jews from defamation, gave this
vicious criminal their highest honor, the Torch of Liberty Award.” Now isn’t that
the height of irony, the leading organization that is supposed to defend the image of Jews,
is itself is funded by Jewish murderers and some of the biggest criminals in America.
Many of you listening to me at this minute have deeply ingrained associations of organized
crime with Italians, Italian names, Italian music and food. One can hardly think about
spaghetti without thinking about the mafia. The trick is that Jewish crime bosses had
allies that Italians didn’t. They had allies in the Hollywood film Industry, allies in
the biggest elements of the news media, and many allies in government who were beholden
to Jewish money and political influence. As the twentieth century progressed Jewish influence
in the media has become breathtaking in scope, so much so that it could shape our perceptions
of the world. Imagine if Italian relatives of the Mafia owned most of the media, and
was the biggest player in political fundraising in the United States. Pretty frightening isn’t
it. But with Jewish organized crime it is a fact of life. A perfect example is the most
vicious murderous and powerful organized crime apparatus on Earth, the so-called Russian
Mafia. I must thank some very brave Jews for exposing the Jewish nature of the biggest
crime threat on earth. It shows that not all Jews support such things. But the facts that
these brave Jews reveal that many Jewish leaders are in cahoots with the criminals. The very
courageous Jew, Robert Friedman, who died of a strange blood disease after he began
exposing the powerful Jewish role in organized crime, wrote extensively about the so-called
Red Mafia. Friedman showed that was led by Jews and operated from the earliest days of
the Jewish dominated, Russian Revolution. The fact that so few Gentiles are aware of
the long and integral relationship between Jews and organized crime is due to their enormous
power in media, the same media that does what it can to shield Jewish criminals. Friedman
shows the interconnectivity of Jewish organized crime in Russia and the Jewish media power
there. For instance, the two most prominent organized crime figures in recent Russian
history are Berezovsky and Vladimir Gusinsky. Both were also media moguls in Russia, having
enormous power in TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. Both were indicted for organized
crimes. In 1999 Berezovsky seized control of Moscow's TV-6 television station. Russia's
premiere daily business newspaper, Kommersant, was also acquired by Berezovsky and he promptly
fired its editor, Raf Shakirov, who said that "his ouster [is] an attempt to curb often
critical coverage of the tycoon's business and political activities." Jewish media influence
in America is legion but it is not total, Forbes magazine published a scathing article
about Berezovsky entitled "The Godfather of the Kremlin," with no byline for fear of violence
against its author. The magazine’s editor, James Michaels, said that Berezovsky quote:
"…stands tall as one of the most powerful men in Russia. Behind him lies a trail of
corpses, uncollected debts and competitors terrified for their lives." Here are more
quotes directly from the Forbes article. Assassination is a tool of business competition. Scores
of business leaders and media personalities have been killed ... Berezovsky controls Russia's
biggest national TV network. His control was solidified shortly after the first chairman
of the network was assassinated gangland style. Berezovsky was immediately fingered by the
police as a key suspect…” Gusinsky who also fled Russia, was a organized crime boss
and unsurprisingly a Russian media mogul. Interestingly, he was also head of the Jewish
Congress in Russia! Ultimately both these organized criminals were shielded and protected
by highly placed Jewish brethren in Britain and Spain who have political influence there
just as they do America, Britain and most nations from Ukraine to Chile. When Gusinsky
was arrested in Greece on a warrant for his crimes in Russia, Jewish organizations boasted
that quote: “the European Jewish Congress, led to Gusinsky's release within five days.
And notice that these men and the latest Jewish criminal Khodorkovsky have been ardently defended
by mainstream media. How much more dangerous is organized crime when it has a huge worldwide
network protecting its worst criminals and has ties in the press that cover up their
crimes. An Italian Mafia killer can’t run to a European nation, not even Italy, for
asylum. Even today a Jewish organized boss such as Khodorkovsky whose associates have
murdered many Russians and who stole over 300 billion dollars of resources from the
Russian people is praised by the Globalist media while Putin is condemned for prosecuting
him. He gets an incredibly light sentence of 14 years for his horrific crimes. But he
is the heavily influenced Globalist media defends him while Russia and Putin are condemned.
Here is a clip about the so-called quote “Russian Mafia” the most dangerous and ruthless international
crime organization the world has ever seen.
The Red Mafia a term covering all the organized crime groups from all the former Soviet Republics
emerged with a vegeance from the rubble. The bones of a bankrupt state were to be picked over and
a rapacious new gangster class arose, criminal millionaires minted overnight. Their power, the
speed in which they siezed it was staggering. By the mid 1990s there were more than 6000 crime groups
In Russia, 80 percent of all businesses were paying protection money and the mob controlled
most of the country's banks. The Red fellows as they are often called earned a reputation for ruthlessness
In 1993 alone Moscow saw 1400 Mob-related murders as crime bosses carved out their new territories.
The rise in homicides, kidnappings and bombings was stupendous. It was sort of a mix between Chicago of
the 1920s and a peculiar "Russian" kind of violence. The gangsters killed each other, they killed each
other's families. They killed businessmen who wouldn't submit and they even killed journalists
who reported on them, a target the most brutal American Mafioso would have considered off limits.
I have worked the Italian-American Mafia,the Sicilian Mafia, the Columbian Mafia and the "Russian" Mafia
I would consider that the "Russian" Mafia is the most fearsome, most treacherous, most violent of all the
organized crime groups that I have ever worked
Violence wasn't all that set the Russians apart. These Russian guys have masters degrees they are
engineers, economists. It's a whole different notion of organized crime than what we have had before.
This dangerous mix of sophistication and savagry has allowed the Red Mafia to muscle in on any racket
thant can make a profit. In jsut a decade they have taken hold in the U.S. as well as 60 other countries
Of course every time the Jewish media term Russian Mafia is used, it is the biggest of big lies,
for the leaders are NOT Russian and they are not Mafia. As Robert
Friedman shows the biggest organized crime boss in the world is a Jew by the name of
Mogilevich. Occasionally, though, the truth breaks out, even if it isn’t in the movies.
The Village Voice, on May 26, 1998, ran a story called “The Most Dangerous Mobster
in the World” by Robert Friedman. He writes: “According to the FBI and Israeli Intelligence,
Semion Mogilevich rules over an arms trafficking, money-laundering, drug-running and art-smuggling
red mafia, the most dangerous mobster in the world... The leader of the Red Mafia is a
52 year old Ukranian born Jew. He is a shadowy figure known as the brainy Don — he holds
an economics degree — and he has never been exposed by the media.” Once again the truth
of the quote Russian Mafia is again obscured by the Hollywood and News Media. It is typified
by the Hollywood film Eastern Promises which is about the so-called Russian Mafia, and
stars Viggo Mortenson, the returning hero king from the Lord of the Rings saga. Not
only is he of striking non-Jewish in appearance in the film he is applied with fake huge tattoos
of the Christian cross. Not stars of David mind you, but Christian crosses. Once again
a double lie imprinted on the minds of unsuspecting Movie viewers, a depiction of the Russian
mafia as Christians and Russian when they are not either mafia or Christians. Of course
such is a vicious slander against the Russian people and a coverup of the true Jewish identity
of the most dangerous and evil criminal outfit on earth. How many times have you seen Jewish
made movies in Hollywood showing evil Italian mobsters in the Catholic church and being
welcomed and shielded by it. There is no way to exaggerate the incredible amount of human
harm that has 0:01:55.280,0:02:01.670 been done by the Jewish mob. The worst human rights
crime in the world is the White slavery trafficking of millions of women. It is dominated completely
by Jews, not by Italians, it has subjected literally tens of millions of women to unspeakable
filth, degradation, drug addiction, physical abuse, or loss of life. Imagine your daughter
or your sister subjected to such horrendous defilement. As you know by now, I love to
quote mainstream Jewish sources for what I say. A January 11, 1998 article titled “Slave
traders Lure Slavic Women” was written by Michael Specter. It was distributed by the
Jewish-run New York Times News Service and it documents the White slave operation of
huge proportions. And it documents the Jewish role in it. The piece begins with a poignant
story about how a beautiful blond Ukrainian girl hoping to escape the poverty and despair
of her village life answered an ad in a small newspaper in her hometown. The ad promised
work and opportunity abroad. She wound up a sex slave in Israel. Quote: She was 21,
self-assured and glad to be out of Ukraine. Israel offered a new world, and for a week
or two everything seemed possible. Then, one morning, she was driven to a brothel, where
her boss burned her passport before her eyes. “I own you,” she recalled his saying.
“You are my property, and you will work until you earn your way out. Don’t try to
leave. You have no papers and you don’t speak Hebrew. You will be arrested and deported.
Then we will get you and bring you back.” Specter identifies both the prostitutes and
their masters. He quotes an Israeli White slave master, Jacob Golan: The women who work
there, like nearly all prostitutes in Israel, are Russian; their boss is not. “Israelis
love Russian girls,” said Jacob Golan. . . . “They are blond and good looking and different from
us,” he said, chuckling. Of course, Israel is not the only destination of the Eastern
European women. The gangs in Russia have strong connections with Jewish organized-crime
syndicates all over the world. According to Ukraine’s interior ministry, an estimated
400,000 women under the age of 30 were lured from just the Ukraine in the past decade — and
that is just one of the former Soviet states. Specter quotes the International Organization
for Migration as estimating that 500,000 women are trafficked into Western Europe and
around the world annually. It is a human tragedy of huge proportions and one that receives
very little press. I wonder why. It is the greatest and most egregious violation of human
rights and it is the great shame of our age that more is not done to stop this horrific
crime. The New York Times titled the article, Slave-traders Lure Slavic Women. Imagine if
it accurately was headlined, “Jewish Slave-Traders Lure European Women.” If an article was
titled “Mafia Slave Traders Lure Women” Mafia being a clearly Italian derived word,
no one would have blinked twice or objected. But, the media doesn’t dare tell the truth.
One doesn’t have to go to the very depths of organized crime to see the huge criminal
thefts of the Twentieth Century. In America the biggest thieves in history were the Michal
Milikin, Irvin Boesky and Wall Street swindles of hundreds of millions of dollars. They received
punishments equal to a thief stealing a pack of gum. Another was Marc Rich and his theft
of hundreds of millions of dollars and the Jewish, inside political influence that got
him a Pardon even while skipping bail and being a fugitive. Now that’s a first, charged
with the theft of millions, you are a fugitive, and you are pardoned while you are still on
the run. And the twenty-first Century goes on in the same way. It was Bernie Madoff who
stole billions and his crimes were seen as especially horrible because some Jews numbered
among his victims. In fact, most of his victims were Gentiles. But of course Jewish victims
got all the media attention. To show you how crazy it has gotten, Madoff got severe criticism
in the media for robbing from his fellow Jews. Imagine for one minute if a Gentile has defrauded
Jews of Billions and his biggest criticism was the fact that he stole from fellow Gentiles
and how that would makes it much worse than if he had stolen from Jews! Yet, Madoff’s
biggest criticism came from the fact that he also stole from Jews. Forbes magazine wrote
that among the 11 top oligarchs, the criminals who murdered,extorted and embezzled
an incredible 50 percent of the wealth of the richest nation on earth, 9 were Jews.
These criminals did not have names like the Sopranos! The criminal Oligarchs who have
been prosecuted for their crimes have been sheltered in other nations by men and media
of huge influence. The only thing that perhaps exceeds the financial crimes here mentioned
are the recent crimes of the leading financial criminal bank in the world Goldman Sachs,
by Mr. Blankfein and Mr. Cohn, and the even bigger robberies of the Federal Reserve itself
under Ben Shalom Bernanke and Janet Yellen. The FED recently stole over 20 trillion dollars
from you in the so called bailouts of criminal international banks. But, you and all of our
people are learning the truth very rapidly. We must expose the organized crime corrupting
our world and destroying the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Imagine if your daughter
was one of the millions kidnapped in White slavery, or who had her life ruined because
of the promotion of drug abuse by the Hollywood movie Industry and the international criminals
who are aided by the Hollywood filth that make drug and alcohol abuse fashionable. Your
safety and security and the future of all you hold dear is in your own hands. I leave
you with the image of organized crime presented by the controlled media, Return of the King
actor, playing a Russian mafia criminal covered with the Christian cross, and compare this
to the real life faces of the real criminals who cause unspeakable human suffering and
misery We can destroy organized crime, but we must destroy its underpinnings in media
and government corruption. It just like during the days of prohibition when Jewish Hollywood
promoted alcohol relentlessly at the same time the biggest organized crime bootleggers
like the Bronfman’s, smuggled it in and sold it. 0:08:57.790,0:09:04.790 Bronfman
himself became a media mogul. Now you know why some of my videos are censored, because
I expose the lies of the media and I offer you short glimpses, like in this video, into
the real world. Keep looking and keep learning if you are courageous enough. For a more in
depth, fascinating and well-documented look at the issue, read my books: My Awakening
more and more people are waking up to the truth, we have our own media now and we can
expose the facts that anyone can discover for themselves. In spite of the fact that
even if they control 90 percent of the media, the 5 percent that we create can affect 90
percent of the people just as all my documentaries get an over 90 percent thumbs-up from the
public Now you know why that until now, you did not hear about the Wikileaks cable Now
you know why that same media who censored that cable, lies to us about the real leaders
of organized crime, and why they try to defame and censor me. Is it any wonder the ADL says
what it does about me. But I will press on as long as I am able, as long as I have breath
in my body. I will stand up for what I believe in, what I believe to be true and just--But
I need your help in this fight for the future of you and your children