dōTERRA Leadership Retreat 2013—The Secret is Out! (Updated)

Uploaded by doTERRAcorp on 08.01.2013

Hi this is Eric I just found out the executives here at dōTERRA are having a meeting this
afternoon to talk about leadership retreat. So what I did was I planted a mic in there
and I want to get you inside scoop on what's happening.
Come over here. Lets take a peek and see what they're talking about for leadership retreat.
It's the most amazing product that we have ever launched at dōTERRA.
It is going to be better than restoring hair on bald men.
Rob Young: "What's wrong with bald men?" There's nothing wrong with bald men but this
is going to be more powerful than that. You cannot say anything to anyone this...
Emily... cannot get out okay! Hey! What's he doing!
Oh my goodness! I gotta go! I'll see you at leadership retreat!