HHI 2012 USA Finals - Junior and Varsity Divisions

Uploaded by DanceOn on 02.08.2012


What's up, y'all.
It's day two, Hip Hop International.
About to go downstairs and check out the finals.
After a long first day of preliminaries, only 6 juniors,
15 varsity, 10 megacrews, and 11 adult crews remain.
We saw a lot of skilled dancing yesterday, but that
may not be enough to get them through the finals and on to
the world dance championships.
Here's how the junior division US final shaped out.
Mighty 7, San Diego, California, 6.38.
Genex, New, York, New York, 6.40.
Recess, Houston, Texas, 6.68.
And the three teams that will be advancing to the World Hip
Hop Dance Championship are, Miniotics, the OC, 7.19.
The Prodigy, the defending champs and hometown heroes of
Las Vegas, Nevada, 7.40.
And the Rascals from Honolulu, HI, finishing out with a gold
with a 7.64.
Now let's see what's up with the varsity division.
In 15th place, Young Skull Club from San Francisco,
California with a 6.44.
New Era, Covina, California, 6.54.
The Organization, Anaheim, California, 6.56.
Double Trouble, Los Angeles, California, 6.60.
Elektrolyttlez, Gilbert, Arizona, 6.67.
True Definition, Encinitas, California, 6.87.
The Sandlot from Houston, Texas, also with a 6.87, but
with a higher performance score.
The Midas Touch, Bronx, New York, 7.05.
TM Juniors, Carson, California, 7.08.
Filthy But Clean, San Francisco, California, 7.10.
Prophecy, Fairfield, California, 7.12.
Troublemakers, Los Angeles, California, 7.16.
And the three teams that will go on to represent the US at
the World Hip Hop Dance Championship, IDK, the
defending champs out of San Diego,
California, with a 7.30.
Underground, Irvine, California, with a 7.38.
And with gold, the Bandits, big sisters of the Rascals
from Honolulu, HI with a 7.55.
And that does it for the varsity
division of the finals.
Congratulations to the top three crews that will go on to
represent the US at the varsity division World Hip Hop
Dance Championship.
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