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Sanjay, I've troubled you a lot.
But before leaving, there is something I want you to do.
What are you saying?
There are some pages which hides the bitter truth of my life.
If possible, try to have them published.
So that the world may know why an Indian woman had to take up arms.
I was born is such an environment. . .
where girls are taught to serve their husbands.
When I got married, I moulded myself in my husband's shadows with ease.
His joys were my joys ; his sorrows became my sorrows.
And then came the elections. The elections was in the air.
Why don't you tell me? Why do you need me all of a sudden?
Master, you taught me how to walk on the path of politics.
Now I've tired and fallen. Only you can lift me up.
What's the problem?
My opposition has the government's backing, money, police.
He can do what he wants. All we've have got are some workers.
Today, there were beaten up when they went to put some posters.
Tell me how can I win this election?
You are my disciple. And, I've always sent a hawk to hunt a sparrow.
How is that?
Have to think about it.
Easy! Bring it in carefully!
Did I not tell you to be careful? Saw! You dropped it!
What if it had broken? - Varsha, what's all this?
Look at our son's cradle. It's even got a rattle in it.
To hell with your cradle! We are busy discussing. . .
important politics here and all you care about is your stupid cradle!
Go into your room!
I am sorry!
You have won the elections. - How come?
I'll explain. It's politics, you know.
I am sorry to have yelled at you before all those people.
I know it's bad. I am sorry.
Now get ready. I've to attend a very important election meeting.
What's my business in your meeting? You go ahead.
Don't talk nonsense. I am waiting for you. Just come down.
Listen, I am pregnant and I don't like going out in this state.
Much better! If you attend meetings in your condition. . .
people will appreciate you for understanding politics.
Now, don't be late. I am waiting for you in the car. Get ready fast.
Hey, clear the path !
Down with Mr. Singh !
Today is the final day of election campaigning.
When me and my wife left home to attend this function,. . .
we were attacked by some henchmen from the Opposition Party.
They attacked the unborn baby of this new era.
And who has nothing to do with politics.
Do you see these stains on my wife's body.
These have splattered on the civilization of this country.
These have splattered on the women of your families.
So, what is your answer to this?
Show this nation that you not only worship peace and harmony. . .
but you also know how to respect the women in your society.
These stains have not splattered on my wife's clothes. . .
but shall nail my enemies in their graves.
But, don't you lose your hopes.
Good, you have come around. Do not worry!
You have suffered just slight bruises. You'll be better in no time.
My baby. . . !
You are young. You will get more chances to become a mother.
Doctor, my baby?
Mr. Singh has won !
The patient Mrs. Singh is complaining of breast pain.
She is lactating and the suckling baby is no more.
There is a baby in the maternity ward born just yesterday.
Give it to Mrs. Singh to suckle.
Where are you taking the baby? - To his mother.
Give the baby to me. I am his mother.
You go back to sleep. I'll bring him back tomorrow.
I say, hand it back to me! I am his mother!
Stop right there! Hand the baby back to me! I am his mother!
Stop! Give me back my baby!
I'll kill you all ! Give my baby back to me!
Let go of me! - What are you doing?
My baby! - It's okay. . . !
I'll kill you all ! - The baby will be back.
She is taking away my baby! Let go of me!
You are aware of the prevailing condition of the state.
I have responsibilities.
It's impossible for me to come to the hospital in such a condition.
Your wife's condition is worsening. She is becoming mad.
We have to take a decision fast. - What kind of a decision?
To give her an electric shock. - Who's the doctor? You or me?
But, we need your permission. - No need for that. Do as you like.
Hello sir! - How are you?
I fulfilled my promise. I got you the seat of state.
Are you happy now?
There's sorrow in this joy. I lost my baby.
Wish he was alive.
You gain some, you lose some. - But why?
'Cause, I didn't make this world. He did.
Believe me!
If I had created this world, no one would have to cry for joy.
Night would not follow the day.
No police will hurt anyone. Get back!
Stop! Do you want to hit me? Go ahead !
I promise you, no cops will retaliate. Go ahead and hit me!
It's been 37 years since this nation has been independent.
For 37 years, another government was ruling over this place.
For 37 years, your community faced oppression.
And for 37 years, you remained silent. Never uttered a word.
And now, when a new government body has been formed. . .
you come and question us for those oppressions which we never did.
I am the Chief Minister but of all classes and castes.
All of you rule over this state, understand?
Give me way! Give yourself the way.
Come in my and stop me and you'll be stopping this nation from progress.
What are you doing over here?
I. . . I want to go home.
Didn't anyone come to receive you?
That's very strange! Which house do you wish to go to?
My house.
Aren't you Mrs. Singh, Mr. Singh's wife?
That's right. - Oh ! Now I get it!
You and Mr. Singh was attacked.
The outcome of which was, you reached the hospital and he, the Raj Bhavan.
Everything's changed so fast.
Hop on ! I'll drop you home. - I'll manage.
You will what? Thank God that only I spotted you.
If someone else saw you here, it will be a disaster.
Come. Let me drop you home.
This is your new house. C. M . 's residence.
Hey, who are you? Get out of here!
Seems you haven't recognized her. She is Mr. Singh's wife.
She was in the hospital at the time when he became the C. M .
Will you just stand there and stare or let her in?
I shall take your leave now. - Atleast have the tea.
You owe me one. Maybe next time.
I'll even meet the Chief Minister. Who knows when I might need him.
Thank you very much. - Take care!
Don't feel bad that I didn't visit you in the hospital.
But it's not that I didn't keep myself informed about you.
Did you check out the new house? How did you find it?
It's so beautiful and so big.
There are so many room but no room for the baby.
There will be one when the baby comes.
Shall I tell you something?
You look more prettier after coming back from the hospital.
Yes Saxena ! No, I can't meet today. Keep the appointment for tomorrow.
Can't meet you today.
Are you drunk?
So what? As if I haven't drunk before.
Leave me! I don't like it.
You have come back from the hospital after so long.
I don't feel like it.
So what? I feel like. You're my wife. My wish is your command.
I know it! But today, let me have my way.
After losing my baby, I have begun to feel incomplete.
I'll gather myself in a few days.
What will you gather? What's this madness? What nonsense!
Are you the only woman who's had a miscarriage?
Millions of babies are born and millions get aborted.
This incompleteness. . . not able to gather yourself?
What nonsense is this?
That. . . That's not what I meant.
You can do what you like, how you like. - I don't feel like.
I don't want charity. . . especially from you !
Are you taking your medicines on time? - Yes.
Were those who attacked us caught?
They will be. We lost our baby in an accident and this happens everyday.
But this happened to me first time. And, that was no accident for me.
If you hadn't forced me to come alongwith you. . .
Then, why don't you say that I am responsible for his death?
Me, his father!
What kind of a father are you?
Our baby was killed and you being the Chief Minister couldn't do anything?
But if I happened to see that murderer, I'll surely kill him!
I think, you should start wearing glasses in your ears too.
You can't see a thing. And now, you've even gone deaf!
I am very busy at the moment. I've to submit this report by evening.
Don't waste my time. Now leave me alone!
Have you no manners?
You'll be more comfortable on the chair and give me back my glasses.
Then have you any manners? Is this how you behave with your guests?
Can't you be more hospitable?
Can't you ask me why I am here? - Why are you here?
Today is my birthday. I've invited all my friends. You are also welcome.
I am sorry. I am very busy. I've a lot of workload.
I've told all my friends that you will surely come.
You lied. So you face the music.
So, you won't come, huh? - Never.
Fine. I'll shatter these glasses right now.
It will break! - So, are you coming?
I have a lot of workload and am very busy.
Are you coming? - Okay. I'll come.
Spare the rod and spoil the child.
What a rodent! - Excuse me?
I said, I'll come. Dare I say anything to you?
Come on in !
Looks like I am the first. The guests have yet to come.
I haven't call anyone else. This party is just for you and me.
So many desires, loads of hot passionate breath. . .
Do we need anyone else? - Is it really your birthday?
Of course! Today is the first day of the rest of my life.
You haven't grown up yet.
This dark night lies between my adolescence and adulthood.
Hold my hand and take me across this dark night.
You can go ahead and your passionate desires. I'll be leaving.
''My locks have entangled,. . . ''
''Do make them untwined''
''An icon of love that I am''
''Encase me in thy heart''
''Alone am I do take me in thy arms''
''No one else is there in the house''
''Never will we ever find''
''Such a fiery night again''
''I am thirsting for thee''
''Do not leave me pining''
''An icon of love that I am''
''Encase me in thy heart''
''Away from you no more can I''
''bear to live any longer, oh my! ''
''The right time, the right weather''
''And yet no peace can I find to please''
''One night is all I ask for''
''Just one night do spend with me''
''An icon of love that I am''
''Encase me in thy heart''
''My locks have entangled,. . . ''
''Do make them untwined''
''An icon of love that I am''
''Encase me in thy heart''
''My locks have entangled,. . . ''
You are the limits! Let go of my hand !
Dad's here! - Oh really!
Good ! I can meet him too.
Where is he? - Why don't you understand?
He'll kill us both if he catches us in this condition.
You'd better hide! - Why? I am no thief! I shan't hide.
I am the thief. I stole you. Now please hide or he'll kill me.
Please hide! - What's your problem man?
Take it.
We are such good friends, but we happen to meet only on Fridays.
That's too bad. - It sure is.
But, you have a very big hand in getting me this seat.
Public thinks I am your arch enemy and want to remove you from office.
They are fools! They believe anything they want.
And that's good news for us.
Everyone is doing this. Let's drink another round to that.
But Swami Haridas never even touches a liquor.
You too don't drink in public.
But, what were you doing there?
Actually, Mr. Haridas's daughter Alpana is a friend of mine.
I get it!
Well, if you want to clash with these two titans. . .
then, you need proofs for that.
We can't print your story without evidence.
Open the door! - Who is it?
Open up the door! - What do you want?
Who's inside? - Go away from here!
Open the door or I'll break it!
What is it? What do you want?
Who's inside? - Nobody. Get out!
Who is she?
I am your wife and I've full right to know who's in bed with you.
You really want to know?
Meet Asha, my friend and secretary.
And meet my wife Varsh.
I can understand her greed.
But, have you no decency to bring home a whore?
I am a respectable woman from a respectable family.
Then, what is a respectable woman doing in bed with a married man?
Ask your husband.
Just because you are a Chief Minister, does that mean you can do anything?
Yes, I can. My life, my requirements, my responsibilities. . .
are different from an ordinary man.
You are sick by both your body and your mind.
You may be my wife in public. But, I have my carnal desires.
If you don't satisfy my lust, I'll do so somewhere else.
But, this is against the religious code and social conduct.
I set the codes and conduct for the world and for myself.
I'll do what I wish !
Are these codes and conducts that you have set for this house. . .
applicable only to you or to the rest of the family members too?
What the hell do you mean by that? - What I mean is, I am a woman.
I too have my sexual needs. If you happen to fall sick,. . .
can I too bring home a stranger and satisfy my lust?
How dare you !
Come with me! Come to where your true status is.
There can be no improvements in your life.
This is where you live and die, get it!
Hello sir!
How is Varsha? - She's okay.
She didn't take in too much water. When she jumped into the water,. . .
luckily this young man was nearby and he saved her life.
Don't worry. She'll be better after some rest.
Mr. Sharma, take the doctor home. Excuse me, gentleman !
What is your name? What do you do?
Name's Sanjay. I am a newspaper reporter.
Thanks a lot for saving Varsha's life.
You may know that we were murderously assaulted in the election meeting. . .
in which Varsha lost her baby. Ever since, she's lost her sanity.
I'd be very grateful if you did not mention this in the papers.
I can understand your condition.
But, can I know how did you punish your assaulter?
How do I punish the guy whose face neither me nor my wife saw?
What folly was that? Do you want the press to publish that. . .
that the C. M . 's wife tired of her husband's cruelty attempted suicide?
Do you think I'll lose all that I've gained with such effort so easily?
Get one thing straight. Do this again. . .
I'll see you rot for the rest of your life in a mad house.
Don't know whether I should thank you. . .
for saving my life or get mad at you.
Why did you stop me from putting a stop to my sorrows?
Life is God's gift. You don't lose it yourself.
Must be, definitely for some people.
But for a mad person, it's a curse. - Who says you are mad?
The doctors, my husband. . . all the time. . .
that I've lost my sanity after losing my baby.
Shouting with pain after being hurt ; moaning in agony after being wounded. .
or to grieve after losing something is but natural.
It's but human nature.
If you hadn't grieved after losing your baby then. . .
then I'd believe there was definitely something wrong with your mind.
Do you know what's the biggest problem of this world?
People have become so insane at the hands of greed, power, and hatred. . .
that they see a sane person as insane.
I don't understand what you say.
''At times it's autumn and at times it's raining''
''All say, this is what life actually is''
''At times it's autumn and at times it's raining''
''All say, this is what life actually is''
''When Day passes, then follows the Night''
''The Night harbingers the glorious Day''
''A light dies out, a light lights up''
''There is always darkness hiding beneath the bright light''
''Darkness and light go hand in hand''
''All say, this is what life actually is''
''Those who never give up on life''
''All secrets of overcoming sorrow do they know, for sure''
''Know this is the way of life''
''One moment, victory. The next, defeat''
''Elation to frustration are linked together''
''All say, this is what life actually is''
''Who's a friend, who's a foe''
''I found this out in good time''
''If none besides, your own shadow have you''
''Atleast a particle for aid have you''
''That reflects the truth is a true mirror''
''All say, this is what life actually is''
''At times it's autumn and at times it's raining''
''All say, this is what life actually is''
The sky had cleared for sometime and again it has mantled with dark clouds.
Hey dark clouds! What will you take to leave?
No need to laugh. You can even give a smile.
What do I do? Everytime I try to divert my mind. . .
and again the empty cradle swings before my sight.
I can hear my inside cry.
Everytime the face of my baby's killer flashes before my eyes.
What? You saw his face? - Yes.
Can you recognize him if he comes before you?
I'll kill him! - What if I seek him out?
You'll be doing me a great favour.
Stop! Good you came along.
Where do you want to go?
Dad's untimely arrival ruined the birthday party the other day.
Let's go home. - And do what?
Let's start from where we left.
Only you and me? - Yes. Just you and me.
What's wrong?
I don't have time for your childish pranks.
Oh really! Then for what pranks have you the time?
You have grown up. So learn to talk like a grown up, get it!
There are many a games that only adults can play.
Then go and play that game.
But like all the games, that game too needs a partner.
Then go and find one. I am leaving. - What?
''We are such good friends, but we happen to meet only on Fridays. ''
Changed your mind so soon?
Tell me. What are you doing Friday night?
You tell me what I should do.
You were saying something about a game.
Is that a promise? - It's a deal.
But, what about your father?
Don't you worry about him. I'll handle him.
My disciple Shiva is rotting in jail for having assaulted you.
What's to be done about him? - He's not rotting.
He's having a ball.
And, what about his wife and kids? - They too are enjoying themselves.
I don't get it.
The man who murderously assaulted Mr. Singh. . .
by whose hands he lost his baby, wife lost her sanity. . .
why would Mr. Singh be sympathetic towards such a man?
Only a saint can do this. - A saint or a politician.
This can even be a political move.
If that is so then start collecting evidences.
Possibly, we might find a scope.
Hope you didn't face any financial problems.
No. I get the money on the 15th of every month.
But, this is no life living without you.
But don't I visit you every week?
Don't change the topic. I am your wife, not a concubine.
How long will we continue meeting clandestinely?
Think about me. The way I meet you now and then,. . .
seems you are my paramour and not my wife.
And what if I got pregnant? How will I face the society?
How come I got pregnant when the husband is in jail? Answer me!
Good evening ! - Good evening ! Who are you?
I am a member of Shiva's party. Am here to meet him.
Did he tell you that today he'd. . .
Yes. He told me that as long as he's in jail, I should take care of you.
Perhaps, you were saying something. - No nothing.
If you need any help, do feel free to. . .
My husband wouldn't like it if I took anyone's help.
How do you manage then? - God takes care of all.
This television seems new. - Yes. . .
Well no, it's old. Would you like to have something?
Just a glass of water. I'll take it on my own.
Wait! I'll get it for you.
Who's he? I don't know him. Get rid of him.
Thank you !
You'd better leave now. I am alone in the house.
Good night!
So, you work in the newspaper. Glad to meet you. What can I do for you?
You have a convict names Shiva. I would like to meet him.
Isn't he the one who had attacked the Chief Minister?
That's right.
Call Shiva.
How did you get hurt?
What do I say now? You'll never believe me.
If you are married then I can say for sure, your wife must have hit you.
Mr. Malhotra, intending to play cards early in the morning?
Jailor, who's the gentleman?
Forgot so soon? Didn't we meet just yesterday?
Meet Mr. Sanjay. He's a reporter in the newspapers.
I am not that fortunate to meet great men like you.
They don't let me out and you can't come in and stay.
Was this man in his cell last night.
Yes, of course! I can vouch for it.
If you don't believe me, you could check out the attendance register.
Mister, I think you saw a ghost.
Remember my face well ! I might have seen a ghost but you. . .
You are not seeing any ghost.
Have a nice day!
This is Sanjay calling. - Yes say.
I have an important work with you. Want to meet you rightaway.
Sanjay but. . .
I have found Shiva, the man who attacked you and your husband.
But, we can do no harm to him. - We can do nothing?
I am the wife of the Chief Minister.
And the C. M . is an enemy of Swami Haridas, but is his friend.
Shiva is in prison, but he's free!
You are talking in riddles. I don't understand anything.
This is indeed a riddle meshed in a tangle of shady political intrigue.
The one end of which starts on Shiva and ends at your baby.
Give me some time. I'll certainly solve this mystery.
Where have you been?
Out. - Out where?
You've no time from your busy politics to even find out our baby's murderer.
Don't tell me you've gone maniacal again.
So, did you find out who he is?
Why don't you say you had gone to meet that journalist who saved your life?
If you want to meet him, why make an excuse of the baby?
Are you having me followed?
No need for that. You are yourself exhibiting your depravity.
Ever wondered how young he is to you?
If I tell you that Asha too is much younger to you. . .
you'll say you are a man !
Yes, I am a man !
But, you want to prove me impotent by sleeping with that baby.
I shan't let you continue with this lechery.
You are so driven by lust, for you, a woman is just a body, that's all !
You've never looked beyond the flesh.
You call yourself a leader of this country?
I say, that boy is much greater than you.
Wish I had never been married to you !
Wish I had met a Man like him before.
Everyone knows that we've made great progress. . .
in the field of Science and Technology.
But, every class of the society should get equal benefit of it.
Either it be a man or a woman.
Everyone has got complete right to live a better life.
But alas! Today in the 2 1st century,. . .
woman is still not treated well in this country.
She is being regarded as a machine. . .
for domestic servitude and making babies.
Lechers considers her to be an object of luxury.
She is the one who works in the farms ; operates machines in the factories. . .
but is paid less than men.
A woman has given birth to all us men.
She has nurtured and educated us.
But, we are not ready to give our mothers her rights.
Her bare body is exhibited to sell products like cigarettes and liquors.
But now, time has come for her to come out of hiding.
To come out of her homes and chores.
And lend an equal hand on every front in running this nation.
This has to be. We have to do this.
And I've taken up this challenging task.
What's wrong? - Answer my one question.
I am tired of answering questions all day. No more questions please!
Just one question. - Fine. Ask.
Am I not a woman? - No doubt about that.
You are a very beautiful woman.
Then as a woman, I demand all those rights. . .
you are giving to the other women.
I gave you all that you had never even dreamt of.
Yes, you did. . . - Just a minute!
You & your family were living a life of obscurity in a backward remote area
Now, you are in the State capital in a good position.
A government house, a government job, power. . . what more do you want?
But as a woman, my status is that of a concubine.
Our relationship is that of shame. A dirty secret hidden from the world.
I want you to accept me before the society with pride.
I want the right to become a mother.
I want your name for my child.
Just because I gave you a place in my heart doesn't mean you rule over me.
Neither am I your slave nor do I wish to become your queen.
I am a woman. When you love me, show it to the world. That is all I ask.
You know I can't divorce Varsha.
My image is more important than me.
My party is more important than me. And I can't betray it.
Fine. Until then, you can't toy with my body too.
Sir, I am Deepak speaking. - Why did you have to call home?
You only asked me to.
Fine. You'll give me all the information about Varsha.
Where she goes? What she does? Whom she meets. . . everything.
And especially with that journalist.
And if possible, tell me what they talk about.
I'll find that.
Give me the report in the office and not at home.
What's the matter? You look worried.
Are you searching for someone?
My husband is having me followed to keep track of my activities.
Do you see two men behind me?
Yes and they even have binoculars.
Can you put on a little act? - Excuse me!
You can put on a little act, can't you? - What are you saying?
I can't even lie properly. - You don't have to do anything.
What's to be done now, I'll do it.
You just play along, okay? - Okay.
''I have found life! Found bliss and ecstasy''
''Everything's changed so suddenly''
''When had I ever thought such days would ever come''
''Withering flowers would ever bloom back to life again''
''I have found life! Found bliss and ecstasy''
''Everything's changed so suddenly''
''When had I ever thought such days would ever come''
''Withering flowers would ever bloom back to life again''
''With my own hands shall I write my destiny''
''From all fetters of oppressions shall I break free''
''With my own hands shall I write my destiny''
''From all fetters of oppressions shall I break free''
''No more do I wish to live like this''
''No more do I wish to suffer like this''
''My wish shall some day will come true''
''When had I ever thought. . . ''
''When had I ever thought such days would ever come''
''Withering flowers would ever bloom back to life again''
''To challenge the wrong, to overcome misery''
''Everyone in this world got right to live their lives''
''On nails have I slept. . . ''
''What was I, what have I become''
''How come did I ever find my way''
''When had I ever thought. . . ''
''When had I ever thought such days would ever come''
''Withering flowers would ever bloom back to life again''
''I have found life! Found bliss and ecstasy''
''Everything's changed so suddenly''
''When had I ever thought such days would ever come''
''Withering flowers would ever bloom back to life again''
You? - Yes, me.
What have you come here for? - I've come to meet my beloved.
No one as such lives over here. Go back to that witch !
Alpana, you are highly mistaken.
She is a married woman and a very faithful wife.
And I have no such relation with her as you think it to be.
Oh really! Then, what relation have you with her?
What do I say now? We are just good friends.
How would you say it?
She is young and beautiful and upon all, C. M . 's wife.
She can be very resourceful to you.
Whatever you have seen or heard can even be wrong, you know.
Everything hearsay. . . - Don't touch me!
I don't trust you at all ! You are a very self-seeking person.
You can do anything to achieve your object.
Will you be leaving quietly or should I have you thrown out?
Do you have the guts? - Yes, I do.
Relax! Come to your senses! - No. . .
Come to your senses!
Did you promise to meet someone here? - Excuse me!
I am talking about Sanjay.
Well, not exactly promise. But yes, I am waiting for him.
It's not nice to wait for a stranger.
How can you tell if he is a stranger or not?
How is he related to you?
Are you his mother, sister, wife or inamorata?
Does a man and woman's relationship fall only into these categories?
Yes. If you know what's in your mind.
How is Sanjay related to you? - He is my boyfriend.
Don't you trust him? Don't you trust your love?
Frankly speaking, it is you I don't trust at all.
Why is it that when a man and a woman are not related by blood. . .
they have but one relation between them? That of an animal?
I don't know how much experience you have of life.
But, you might be aware of a teacher and student relation.
Of a relation between friends.
You must be aware that there are some relations that have no name.
We women always complain that men don't understand us.
But does a woman understand a woman? Do you understand me?
Woman has suffered much at the hands of another of her kind. . .
than has she ever at the hands of a man.
I give you my word. I'll never meet Sanjay ever again.
Is madam in? - She doesn't wish to meet you.
Is this her orders or her husband's? - Madam's orders.
I want to hear this from her mouth.
Sanjay, I told her that. - But why?
What's my fault? Where did I go wrong?
Did I hurt you in any way?
No. You have done me a great favour. You showed me my face.
Acquainted me with my true self.
Then, why this decision not to meet me?
It was imperative to take this decision,. . .
for you and your girlfriend. For me and for this house.
What never existed between us,. . .
people gossiping about it could be damaging to us.
Besides, my husband is a public figure.
I don't want any harm come to him because of me.
Therefore, it would be best if we never met again.
If that is what you wish then, I shall oblige.
But, whenever you feel the need for a friend, do remember me.
See you then !
Today you seem rather preoccupied. What's the matter?
House tension, outside tension, now else what do I say?
Famine has struck Himmat Nagar. Opposition is holding me responsible.
Be it famine, flood or quake. Why is the C. M . blamed for everything?
Is that all? Rule in peace and leave the rest to Swami Haridas.
What will he do?
I have such a formula that will make people forget about their worries.
And, what about Shiva? The press has sniffed him out.
I think, we should liberate him. He has suffered a lot.
His house too is in Himmat Nagar.
Alongwith the residents of Himmat Nagar, he too shall attain salvation.
And what if by then something happened in Himmat Nagar.
What will happen? Find out.
Do you realize what you are saying?
All I was saying, your daughter is now nubile.
You should get her married. If you ask me, Sanjay is not a bad suitor.
You are calumniating my daughter's character.
Then you tell me. How come what's said between you two reach my ears?
Will you be dealing with this boy or should I deal with him myself?
I too have an old score to settle with him.
No. You don't fall in between.
My house is on fire. I shall put out this fire.
Alpana, leave him! Finish him! You go inside!
Pick this wretched cur and dump him outside!
Break his back and bone if you ever see him around again !
No. . . please don't kill me! My baby!
No. . . ! Help!
I will die! Help!
Help me!
Help me! Someone, help me out of this place!
Reward of half a million for what you did in Himmat Nagar.
What was the need for this? I've only done my duty.
Me too. See you later.
What's this? Just a 500,000 for 500 lives?
That means, only a 1000 for 1 human life?
Remember last week, you had a tooth implanted?
Dentist's bill was for Rs. 2000.
That makes a human life much cheaper than your tooth ! ?
You have no grasp for politics.
This was a nation, is a nation and will always be a nation.
People will be born and will die.
History has been by their blood and shall continue to be written.
It's nothing new, not a big deal for people to be sacrificed for politics.
Not even when a Saint like you write history with pen dipped in blood?
Who am I to kill anyone? I only preach.
But it's God who gives and takes life.
Death was in their destiny, so they died.
If not in a riot, they'd have surely died a terrible death of starvation.
In a way you made it easier for them, am I not right Daddy?
Tell me something. Do you know how and when will your death occur?
Only God knows. - Even I know.
I am your daughter. I've begun to understand religion.
You will die very soon.
Not by any disease but you'll suffer death.
Either you'll fall victim to a bullet. . .
or on the gallows.
What's this I hear? Didn't the Swami say that. . .
until the completion of my term, I can't go anywhere?
Then why this sudden favour?
Shiva, there's a bad news. - What happened?
We are releasing you on parole. - Is the Swami okay?
He's fine. - Then, what's the bad news?
Your wife and kid burnt to death in the riot.
NO !
NO !
You? - Recognized me?
Aren't you the media wolf who goes sniffing around for human blood?
Me and the families of all those like me,. . .
their death is but a story for you which can be sold.
Which can make headlines.
But my tears and helplessness are a sign of victory for you.
Not so, my friend. We media people are not that bad.
We might not be able to stop natural calamities.
But we sure try to stop the calamities created by man.
I'd have succeeded in saving the lives of many like you and. . .
their families if only you hadn't taken me for your foe.
Do you know who is the killer of your wife and kids?
Who is it? - You. . . Swami Haridas.
I am already psyched out. Say more and I'll surely kill you !
I say nothing. Hear what Swami Haridas and the C. M . says.
I have such a formula that will make people forget about their worries.
I think, we should liberate him. He has suffered a lot.
His house too is in Himmat Nagar.
They are probably celebrating the death of all those innocents right now
Now I understand why the Swami asked me to aim at the womb of C. M . 's wife.
Will you do a little job for me? - My life is thine to have.
That you've already given me long ago. Now I ask for your fealty.
You have it sir. I sacrifice my faith for you too.
Then listen carefully.
Tomorrow when Singh will leave with his wife to attend a public meeting. . .
then you alongwith your men will attach them.
Should I finish them off? - No.
Singh and his wife should suffer superficial injuries.
But his wife's. . .
He is that monster who eats up his own baby to achieve supremacy.
Then, where do we poor count?
Swami Haridas, I won't spare you ! I shall never spare my kid's killer.
Religion and Politics work in tandem. . .
the concoction of which creates a monster with many heads.
Chopping off one head won't make a difference at all.
You have to aim at the belly of the beast.
The people have to become Rama to kill this Ravana.
And the media as Rama's weapon.
You want me to print this story!
After reading this story the people will realize that. . .
they have chosen a wolf to guard the sheep.
Whom they consider as their leader and protector. . .
have no regard for human lives at all.
In order to maintain their positions,. . .
wiping out thousands of people like insects is no big deal for them.
After reading this story, a major upheaval will come about.
You are being kicked out of the job.
You can tear up those pages, fire me but you can't save Mr. Singh's seat.
'Cause, his position has destabilized. He'll have get down his position. . .
and will have to pay the time for all his crimes.
'Cause as long as I, Shiva or Alpana is alive. . .
or till one of us is alive, Mr. Haridas and Mr. Singh are doomed.
Day and night your face haunted me.
I shan't spare you today!
I'll kill you !
Varsha, come to your senses!
Go ahead and kill me!
Come to your senses! Don't go into a frenzy!
Breaking the weapon won't do any good.
Break the hand that's killed your baby.
Whose hand. . . ? Whose hand should I break?
Do you really want to know? You won't be able to take it.
Tell me whose hand was it?
That hand belonged to the Chief Minister of this State.
Your husband and the father of that dead baby.
I'll kill him!
No Varsha. Nothing can be done.
State's law and order machinery are in his hands.
The police, the media, the witness all belong to him.
You can't get justice here. We'll have to go to Delhi.
No. . . - Varsha, don't act foolish !
Now, this war is not yours alone. This is our battle too.
Your baby can never come back.
But all those other babies who are killed even before being born. . .
we can atleast save them. - Yes.
Tell me! Will you help us?
You are not weak. Not any more.
So, will you help us? You will help us, won't you?
Sanjay, Shiva and Alpana's alliance can prove fatal for us.
If they succeed in crossing the border then, we are dead for sure.
I shan't let them step out of the border.
Alpana is innocent and young. How about you. . .
This has gone over our heads now. Get it!
Looks like we are trapped from all corners.
There's only one way now. Through the jungle.
Let's go! - From here!
Let's go! - Varsha, hurry up!
Let's hide quick!
''We swear by the soil of this land we shall lay our lives for our land''
''We swear by the soil of this land we shall lay our lives for our land''
''As long as we breath to our last this is all we'll sing, my friend''
''Truth shall always prevail''
''Truth shall always prevail''
''Truth shall always prevail''
''Truth shall always prevail''
''Every drop of blood shall we name it to our motherland''
''On the clear blue sky shall we a message of peace shall we send''
''A message of peace shall we send''
''Dreams of Gandhi and Nehru shall we fulfil to the end''
''Truth shall always prevail''
''Truth shall always prevail''
''Truth shall always prevail''
''Truth shall always prevail''
''Traitors forever shall remember the lessons that we shall send''
''Either we life or we may not, but our nation on none shall depend''
''Our nation on none shall depend''
''For the freedom of our country our life shall we happily end''
''Truth shall always prevail''
''Truth shall always prevail''
''Truth shall always prevail''
''Truth shall always prevail''
''For generations we put up with men. Now their brutal blows shall we fend''
''No more do we wish to keep quiet our rights shall we now demand''
''Our rights shall we now demand''
''How powerful is a woman this to the world shall we ostend''
''Truth shall always prevail''
''Truth shall always prevail''
''Truth shall always prevail''
''Truth shall always prevail''
''Wherever you look there's fire''
''The people screaming out in pain''
''In the land of deaf and dumbs''
''Our pleas who'll hear & understand''
''Our pleas who'll hear & understand''
''Hearts will ignite with revolution such a call we'll call in the land''
''Truth shall always prevail''
''Truth shall always prevail''
I request the teachers and students to please leave the school premises!
Because, some criminals have got into the premises. . .
and there could even be bloodshed. So please, kindly leave the premises!
The grant of 7 0 crores. . .
Sir, Sanjay and party. . . - Just hold on !
So, what were you saying?
Sanjay and party in a school at the border.
We've surrounded them. - Shoot them if they don't surrender.
But sir. . . - But what?
Mrs. Singh, I mean your wife too is with them.
Oh ! Fine, I am coming there. Till then, keep an eye on them.
Good you came. We were worried how to save Mrs. Singh from those crooks.
You destroyed my entire family!
What are you doing with these crooks? Let's go home!
No don't! Don't go home with him. He'll kill you too.
Don't listen to this boy. Why would I ever kill you?
Listen. Your mental state is not right.
No Varsha, you are not crazy. It's your husband who's a psychopath.
Don't forget he's the homicidal maniac who's caused a mass murder.
The son of a gun is lashing out his tongue too much. Shoot him!
Leave him!
He's a Monster! He's killed your unborn baby!
He does not deserves to live! He's a beast!
Okay. . . What you say is true. . .
My wife has gone insane. She can hit her husband.
She can kill him! She can burn up the entire city!
It's dangerous for her to roam free. She's gone completely insane!
No. . . I am not crazy!
Don't let her out without my permission ! Hold her!
No! I am not crazy! Let go of me!
What's wrong, madam?
Come with me!
Careful now!
You are my Sujata ! Don't leave me and go!
Ladies and Gentlemen !
Today is the 40th Birthday of our beloved leader and Chief Minister.
On this joyful occasion, the people have decided to weigh him in silver.
I request the Chief Minister to kindly proceed towards the scales.
Ladies and Gentlemen !
Whatever I am today is all because of the support of this people.
By the blessings of the people of this State. By your love!
I appreciate the honour that you've bestowed upon me today.
but, side by side, I also want to announce that all these silver will. . .
be donated towards the rehabilation of the poor people's home.
Long live Mr. Singh !
Long live Mr. Singh !
Mr. Singh !
The end of your story has changed. Yes. . . yes. . .
The Court has granted your plea for mercy. It's true. . .