The Elder Scrolls Online: Developer Question of the Week #1

Uploaded by ZenimaxOnlineStudios on 30.11.2012

Hi, I'm Jo Burba, and I'm the Social Media Director for The Elder Scrolls Online. This
week, we have a new feature called The Elder Scrolls Online Developer Question of the Week.
Each week, a developer will ask you a new question, and you'll be able to respond
via YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. Some of the best responses, we'll post on our social
media outlets or on our YouTube site. So with that, we have Greg Roth for our first Developer
Question of the Week.

Hi, my name is Greg Roth, and I'm a Senior Content Designer here at ZeniMax Online Studios
working on The Elder Scrolls Online. Mannimarco has been a villain throughout the Elder Scrolls
series appearing in games like Daggerfall and Oblivion, and he's also making an appearance
in Elder Scrolls Online as one of your primary antagonists. Who is your favorite villain
in the Elder Scrolls series, and why?