Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2012: Helga Stephenson

Uploaded by tiff on 06.03.2012

I have a big background in film festivals and I was one of two people,
who brought Human Rights Watch to Canada.
And of course, you know there's an old saying that film is the most,
powerful medium and I happen to ascribe to that theory.
And so does Human Rights Watch, an image is worth a thousand words.
It's very strong in their testimony and their witness to the abuses that,
are happening around the world.
And so when the committee began to form in the very early days,
they said we'd like to have a film festival and there were about 20 eyes,
that looked at me because that was my background.
So, the part about film festivals that I've always loved is that it gives me,
a window into the world that I don't know.
And it gives me a window into the world told by people from those
countries, not being filtered through by a journalist
from my side of the world, so I like that too.