Yunus-Bek Yevkurov is happy with the results of 2012

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Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, President of Ingushetia
First, I would like to congratulate everyone with the coming New Year
and wish happiness, health, success to you and your families, to all our listeners
and all those who read our news.
In brief, I would say that I am happy with the results of 2012.
About 80% of our plans, promises and tasks that we set for this year were fulfilled.
We had wonderful events and represented our republic in a proper way
in all the anniversary events.
We completed several important social and economic projects
that allow to considerably reduce the lack of places in schools and kindergartens
and in some way reduce the unemployment that is the main problem of our region.
We are trying to stress the social sphere and economy but the main direction,
the main target of the attack, as they say in the army,
I believed to be the objects of spiritual and patriotic education. We succeeded.
The most serious object is the Memorial of the memory and glory of the Ingush people
that concentrates all its 243-year history after it voluntarily became a part of Russia.
All this history is concentrated on a relatively small lot of land.
It is very important that we fulfilled our plan for cultural and sport objects.
These are strategic tasks,
and the number of people connected to the traditions and cultures grows,
and it is not only the culture of the Ingush people, but also of the other people
that live in the territory of Ingushetia.
And then sport question.
The number of young people dealing with Olympic sports
or simply caring about the healthy life style grows.
It is very good.
In general, concluding 2012 I would like to say
that we have serious and ambitious projects and tasks for 2013
and the confidence that they can be implemented.
I would like to thank the year that is going away that it was so successful for us.
In North Ossetia the deputy mufti Ibragim Dudarov was killed.
In connection to this, what has been done to protect the Muslim clerics in Ingushetia?
Maybe, some conclusion will be drown from that murder? Thank you.
I can talk not only about the clerics. We should not concentrate only on them or on bureaucrats.
We are all citizens, we all will die.
Of course, we take certain measures to ensure the security of the clerics.
Some say that the clerics in the mosques should condemn the bandits. I am against it. Why?
Because they should have a calm, quiet, modest sermon to convey to the people the message
that both a bandit and a loyal citizen will understand.
This is also the form of protection.
Because it is not very difficult to make the clerics condemn somebody in the mosque
but it is more difficult to protect him afterwards.
This is also a form of protection.
Our Muslim clerics, not only in Ingushetia but also in the neighbouring regions,
clearly condemn the illegal activities from the religious point of view.
We do not allow them to be too tough
but, of course, we reinforce it with operation assistance.
We cannot provide security guards and special cars to all the clerics.
It would actually be bad because the people would turn away from them.
Because he is a priest and not a bureaucrat,
although the bureaucrats should not go like this either.
It is too much.
But support and operational assistance, prevention of danger...
Last year three times we had information about the planned attacks on the clerics.
Then we of course immediately took them under the state protection
and tried to prevent the attack. These are our measures.
Then again we fight against the bandits who can organize such things.
This is also a kind of protection, although it concerns not only the clerics
but all the citizens.
Another form of protection is that we prevent a lot of crimes. It brings positive results.
I can say that this year the criminality reduced compared to 2011.
This is also a good dynamic. These are they ways.
Of course we cannot give a car and a security to every cleric. We do not have such possibilities.
At the end of November a new ski route was supposed to be opened in Ingushetia.
I would like to know more about the projects for vacations in Ingushetia.
I would like to say that the project of the skiing route is ready,
I discussed it this morning because I expected this question.
You know that the weather did not allow us to start the project in November
because it was too warm.
But in the middle of December when the temperatures were low enough
it did not make sense because the people whom we wanted to invite
already could not attend the event because of the different New Year events and reports.
So we had to postpone it until January 15-20.
We are implementing the tourism projects but we still did not get the money.
I hope to have them in 2013.
But we are still doing something,
for instance this skiing route was financed by the investor and our regional money.
The spheres that we develop include construction and infrastructure.
We created several sports federation.
You know that we have an agreement with M-1 for no-rule fighting.
This is also a tourist brand.
Plus we worked together with the swimming federation
and we are making three standard 25-m swimming pools.
Today there is a big problem with team training in several sports
because there are not enough places for that.
We will have the upper swimming pool at the altitude of 1600m
and the second at the altitude 1300 m. These are the conditions.
We are looking for the ways to develop tourism and for providing training places
for our regional and national team or even team from abroad,
because it is a very good project.
It needs to be launched, and then in summer people can already be training there.
This ski route can also be used in the summer.
In winter the pools are used for artificial snow and in summer these are just swimming pools.
The upper has a springboard.
These are our programs and I am sure that we will develop them further.
Do you have any information about the location of Doku Umarov?
We have information that he is migrating between ours and the neighboring regions,
so it can happen that he is in the Ingushetian territory, we do not exclude it.
He has many bases in the mountains. We are working in this direction.
Once in a while this kind of information appears.