Add a Road, Path, or Bike Route in Google Map Maker

Uploaded by GoogleMapMaker on 15.01.2013

Hi, Map Makers!
Is there a road, path, bike route or other type of linear feature in your area that
needs to be added to Google Maps?
Using Google Map Maker, you can!
For now, we will be adding a road as an example.
Choosing the right category ensures that the feature will be displayed correctly
on Google Maps and
will be used appropriately for driving directions.
make sure you are using the Satellite View with labels.
Next, hover your cursor over the red "Add New" button and
select "Add Road, Rivers, Railways" from the drop-down menu.
Now you can select "Road" from the category drop-down.
To begin drawing your road,
click the map where you would like it to begin
and continue clicking to place the nodes in alignment
with the satellite imagery in order to have accurate alignment.
Select done or click enter to finish drawing your road.
If this is an extension of an already existing road,
you can either "Extend the Road"
and it will have the same name and attributes of the existing road.
Or if you wish for the road to be created with the default attributes,
but a different name,
choose "Create a New Road."
Any changes made to this line feature will not change the attributes of the connected road.

The attributes panel will now appear on the left hand side of the screen,
allowing the name,
road attributes,
and bicycle/pedestrian information to be edited.
The line between two adjacent nodes is always straight.
The smaller nodes that are formed while drawing
can be moved to fine-tune the alignment
when you are finished drawing your road.
water park features, cable cars, ski or chair lifts, and roller coasters
should be added as places,
and not lines.
Airstrips and runways should be added as shapes.
You can find information on drawing shapes, Here.
For more information on using Map Maker,
visit our Help Center.
Now you are ready to add lines in your area!
Thank you for using Google Map Maker!